I WENT FROM THE LOSS OF A JOB AND HOMELESSNESS TO BUILDING A GLOBALLY IMPACTFUL COACHING ENTERPRISE IN LESS THAN 2 YEARS... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbZ4yeiv2T4 AS SEEN ON: From: AJ Austin Douglasville, Georgia I'm Andrieka J. Austin, ("AJ"), also known as, 'The Messenger';an award-winning Master Book/Business Coach, Professional Trainer, Speaker, Storyteller and Founder ofwww.thebossof.me. I L-O-V-E helping women … Continue reading [START HERE]


According to http://www.dearauthor.com, ‘77% that start the writing process don’t finish.’ I help women self-publish and sell their story.  The #WriteNow Book Writing and Self-Publishing Process offers: Guidance Accountability Professional book writing, marketing, and sales coaching [ The following is INCLUDED before, during, and A F T E R your book comes out to help you fill … Continue reading [SELF-PUBLISH]

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Join Coach Andrieka J. Austin {'Coach AJA'} each Wednesday evening at 7:30pm EST at http://www.facebook.com/messagingmagic for quick, business-building tips to help you grow a profitable coaching practice. Email aj@thebossof.me for coaching call topics.

#Coaches…Here’s How to Turn “Free” Coaching Sessions Into GREAT Clients!

Here is my 20-point process for Coaches on how to handle those {sometimes pesky} "free" coaching strategy sessions to help you attract your ideal client, and lead to the sale: Get to know the person you're talking to Learn about his or her life, business, relationship, financial health, physical fitness goals {or whatever YOU coach … Continue reading #Coaches…Here’s How to Turn “Free” Coaching Sessions Into GREAT Clients!

The EASIEST #Speaking Gigs for Coaches!

Here is the link to the 25 minute audio training just for Coaches who are looking to land EASY speaking opportunities this year to help you grow your coaching business where I shared the 7-part MAGIC formula on: Virtual / Digital Interview Speaking Tips How to Prepare for Online Interviews What are the 4 Main Types of Digital Interviews {'Speaking Opps'} … Continue reading The EASIEST #Speaking Gigs for Coaches!