Ever Considered Becoming a Life Coach?…

When you visit bit.ly/whatislifecoaching, you will see a recent video that I, Master Business Coach, Andrieka “AJA” Austin and Certified Christian Life Coach, Tina Bailey hosted on Facebook LIVE this week where we answered questions for anyone considering becoming a Certified Personal Life Coach {especially in the Raleigh, NC area}!

An upcoming Fast Coach Training Personal Life Coach Certification class is coming to the Raleigh, North Carolina (US) area on Saturday, August 18, 2018 from 10am-7pm for a 1-Day intensive to help you {and those you know who want to become coaches} get certified! [Get more information at http://www.fastcoachtraining.com   /  Register at 1-800-269-3817 by 7/18/2018].

When you visit bit.ly/whatislifecoaching, or click on the image >>

You can watch the #replay of the Facebook LIVE Tina and I did where we, and a few future Life Coaches talked through topics like:

  • Why you should go through the upcoming Fast Coach Training Personal Life Coach Certification course
  • Why you should get certified [even if you’ve already been “coaching”, but you’re just not certified…yet!] Hint...in Tina’s words, It’s so you can stop “shooting from the hip, know WHAT you’re doing” – all thanks to proper, professional training, and get your clients the results they desire!

You should watch this 49 minute video, if you’ve ever wondered:

  1. How to become a Certified Life Coach
  2. Should YOU become Certified Life Coach?
  3. What is the purpose of becoming a Certified Life Coach?
  4. Is coaching “worth it”?
  5. What it means to be a Coach
  6. If you are “coaching material” {or simply just have a ‘good ear’}
  7. Is it important to be certified?
  8. Why should I go through Fast Coach Training {vs. the many other programs out there}?

One of the BONUSES of attending a LIVE Fast Coach Training Personal Life Coach Certification class {as you’ll hear Tina mention in the video} is that we offer weekly Coach training sessions that help you build your coaching business {most coach training programs don’t do that}!

This is a GREAT way to stay current with resources to build, grow, and remain resourceful and equipped with good information!

Psst…By the way, you don’t have to go to the bank to take out a loan to take this class!


Some people DO NOT have days, weeks, months, or Y E A R S to invest in getting certified to become a Life Coach.

[Like Tina said in the video, by attending the 1-day Fast Coach Training Personal Life Coach Certification course LIVE, you can use that EXTRA time to start and grow your coaching business by learning how to attract good clients!]

You’ll also get hear my story of why {and HOW} I chose the Fast Coach Training Personal Life Coach Certification intensive training with Dr. Michael J. Duckett as my Trainer! – Now, I’m one of the Trainers on his Training Team here in Atlanta, GA!

We’re taking our training on-the-road, and heading up the East Coast {is that near you?}! — our coaching company hasn’t been to North Carolina in OVER four years [it will be my FIRST time!]. #soexcited

You’ll also get tips on how to build your coaching company and get new coaching clients, even before you leave the training!

Click to watch the video at bit.ly/whatislifecoaching to hear Leslie’s question, and learn with her and the other future Life Coaches about ‘the difference between a Coach and a Counselor’, and ‘why a Coach needs Coaching’ [Here’s a Hint…it’s ’cause errbody’s NOT qualified, and errbody’s NOT certified!!]

We even discussed why {or why not} ICF — {if you don’t know what that is, and you want to be a Coach — you should really watch this video!} and why coaching {as an industry} is not “accredited” and why you should care.

DISCLAIMER: Somehow, the “sex” topic even came up…

Whew! – We covered ALOT in this video! Now I need a cup of water and a NAP!

#whatdoesthewordsay: The Bible says to ‘Study to show thyself approved.'”

“God called you, and even in your calling – you need to be certified. If you’re going to be coaching people, you need to be certified” -Tina Bailey, Certified Christian Life Coach

Click Here to Watch The Video On All Things #LifeCoaching

P.s. – I GAVE AWAY a $150 scholarship to the upcoming Fast Coach Training LIVE 1-Day Personal Life Coach Certification Training in Atlanta, GA on Friday, June 30, 2018! – Want a chance to WIN? Click to watch the video, and leave a comment to be entered. 🙂

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