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Female Founders

"Women face some challenges when they represent the voice of the founder in their marketing efforts. In particular, the biases people have about the competence, education, and capabilities of women based on their appearance and the sound of their voice. Many women face additional challenges due to biases people have based on their race, religion, class, culture, sexuality, and other aspects of their identity."


I WENT FROM THE LOSS OF A JOB AND HOMELESSNESS TO BUILDING A GLOBAL MASTER LIFE COACH TRAINING AGENCY...   AS SEEN ON: From: AJ Austin Douglasville, Georgia I'm Andrieka J. Austin, also known as, 'Coach AJ";, Master Life CoachTrainer - in partnership with http://www.fastcoachtraining.com, 2x award-winning, 12x Author and Best-Seller, a Tony Gaskins Academy Certified Life Coach, … Continue reading MEET COACH AJ

How to Market + Grow Your Coaching Business {the Easy + Smart Way}

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Ever Considered Becoming a Life Coach?…

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What To Do When You Want yo GIVE UP…On Coaching!

I have coached women all over the world through http://www.thebossof.me on how to shine bright in business. This post is encouraged by them, from me, to you. Click to read more about 'What to Do When You Want to Give Up...On Coaching'.

Coaches…Here are The Top 5 Objections Every Coach Must Overcome [and Most Don’t!]

Coaches...Here are The Top 5 Objections Every Coach Must Overcome [and Most Don't!]