The #1 Way To Make The MOST Money As A Coach

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The #1 Way to Make the MOST Money As A Coach is to…

Niche down.

I am known as a Trainer who certifies Life Coaches.

My coaching company is The Boss Of Me.

It’s for women entrepreneurs who want to start, sustain, and scale up their coaching business by building the B.O.M business model and leveraging what they know about their area of coaching expertise by packaging their information as a product {like a book in twenty-four hours or less} or offering their coaching services as a program that can be offered online on autopilot for ‘passive profits’ while using the power of their story in a way that helps them confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards. Plus, we get others on board to support their business brand and God-given vision.

When niching down for your own coaching company, start by first considering your background and expertise {I work with women because, I’m an EXPERT at being a woman}.

**NOTE**: When you select a niche for your coaching business, also consider your clients’ personal and professional struggles {plus how one prohibits the other, and how BOTH always come up in coaching}.

The word ‘niche’ {when used as a noun} is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

When the word ‘niche’ is used as an adjective, it’s related to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of a population.

Here are the top 3 benefits of ‘niching’:

  1. Niching down in your coaching business allows you to make more money as a Coach.
  2. Niching down in your coaching business allows you to be the go-to industry Coach, expert/specialist.
  3. Niching down in your coaching business allows your name to come up in conversation among clients and colleagues as the Coach who can get your clients the most clarity, focus, and results in your specific chosen area of professional expertise {niche}.

When you don’t niche down in your coaching business, you risk being someone who tries to coach everyone and get very little {to NO} results, and you’ll potential get a bad reputation in the coaching community, simply because you’re doing too much.

The NUMBER ONE myth {or LIE} we tell ourselves about choosing to ‘niche down’ as a Coach is ‘I will lose money if I niche down, because I’ll have to turn people away who could potentially be a client…’

First, the way to overcome this myth and way of thinking that limits you from your own greatest level of success} is to:

Think of your BEST client. You know the one who makes you LIGHT UP when you think about him or her, and you look forward to taking their call, or meeting them for a one-on-one session.

For new Coaches, imagine what that perfect client will be like for you!

Whether you’re a new Coach or even if you’ve been coaching for a while, you’ll begin attracting the right type of clients to you – all within your coaching niche/specialty/area of expertise.

This is more ideal {instead of accepting any and everybody, just to say you have a coaching client or you’re making money as a Coach!}

For example, my ideal client is

  • Ambitious
  • Determined
  • Committed
  • Trustworthy
  • Smart
  • Action-taking
  • Easily coachable
  • Invested in my and her business growth and success


When you decide to niche down and focus on your best type of client, you can then get even more specific with things like client income level, years in business, level of success, social status, marital status, background, gender, culture, etc.


For example, my clients fall into 3-phases/categories:

  1. Startup
  2. Sustain
  3. Scale Up


This helps me decide how they can work with me to help them grow their coaching business.

So, for new Coaches making less than $25,000 per year, I offer a program called, ‘The Boss Of Me’ { is the best place to find out more}.

I structured this program as a 1-year journey; with the first six months being an audio training of business-building and modeling techniques that help new Coaches put their vision down on paper to create a plan-of-action for starting their business.

The last six months is for growing their coaching business to the next phase, which is sustainability, where the client is ready to open her coaching business to bring in more revenue.

Sustaining your business [through things like writing your first book in twenty-four hours or less, marketing yourself as a self-published Author and becoming a best-seller and/or creating your first audio or video-based coaching program and putting it on auto-pilot to create what I call, ‘Passive Profits’, and do more speaking and sharing your story for additional income].

This allows you to scale up and grow your coaching business to where you are ready to delegate tasks and get FREE help {without hiring!} to bring on a support team of interns, volunteers, contractors, and part-time staff successfully – while also creating a fan/follower base to help them bring their God-given coaching business vision to pass.

I then offer one-on-one coaching to those who have or are getting each of these things in-place in their coaching business.

So, what I’ve just shared is a perfect example and model of how to niche your coaching and specialize in an area specific to things like gender, work ethic, level of success, income, years in business, etc.

I’ve even seen some Coaches niche down by race {i.e., black women millionaires}, marital status {divorced women}, relationship status {single women}, by health status {green smoothies, vegans}.

I hope these tools and ideas I’ve shared from my own business growth experience will help you with niching down in your coaching business, helping you make the most money as a Coach.

Trust me, it works. It’s how I’ve seen my client roster and income double in my coaching programs.

Got questions? Message me here or visit

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