Coaches…Here are The Top 5 Objections Every Coach Must Overcome [and Most Don’t!]

[Potential Client’s Objection]: I am waiting on a big surge of money

[Settlement, Large Payday, Lottery Ticket Payoff, Inheritance, Wind Fall, Hit The Jackpot In Vegas, My Cousin/Aunt/Uncle/Brother/Father/Mother/Sister/Grandma/Grandpa To Pay Me Back The Money They Owe Me That I Lent Them A Few Years Ago]…it could come any day now.

[Your Answer]: When we “get rich”, believe me, coaching is

  • The last thing we think about {until the large “windfall” of cash is disappearing, and you are broke again}
  • The furthest thing we are thinking about
  • Is not even on our minds

Just know that you need people in your corner rooting for you and working on your behalf.

[Potential Client’s Objection]: I have tried other courses before, and I am not sure I have the time to dedicate to this program right now, so this may be too much for me right now. But, if I say “Yes”, how much time will it take for me to be successful?

[Your Answer]: Here is my recommendation

·        The minute you coach with me, you will get immediate access to pre-work. If you really want to gain traction fast, dig in right away

·        Block out time to do the work it is released to you and be on time for our live calls

·        If you spend just 1 -2 hours a week on your coaching assignments, you’ll be further ahead than when you started

·        Our coaching calls are designed to help hold you accountable and stay on track

·        Your coaching calls with me help you stay on track and engaged

·        My coaching system is designed to support you at your own pace

[Potential Client’s Objection]: I have a lot going on in my life right now. I have kids and I work full-time, so I won’t have a ton of time to commit.

[Your Answer]:

  • Coaching with me will take as long as you give it. Many of my past and present clients have successfully completed our sessions in less time than they originally expected
  • Your kids will admire our dedication and tenacity to leave your legacy by building your dream to live and provide a better life
  • Plus, your “side hustle” game needs to be stronger than your commitment to outside distractions

[Potential Client’s Objection]: How can I invest in myself if I am not making money in my business?

[Your Answer]:

  • If you choose and decide to believe, know, and understand that how you show up now in your business is exactly how your customers will show up for you. Invest in you, and they will do the same
  • Find the best way or level to invest in us coaching together. Payment arrangements are available. You may have to start by reading and implementing the actions I share in a few of my books. You can also visit my blog, and follow the free positive social media posts I share if you are unable to make space for your exponential growth in your life at this moment by coaching one-on-one coaching with me

[Potential Client’s Objection]: I am really watching where my money goes right now, and I am not sure it’s safe to invest.

[Your Answer]:

  • If now is not the ideal time for you and I to coach together. Only you can make that decision right now. Only you know where you currently are in your life and everything that you have tried on your own already to get where you want to be – and that is most likely what got you here, to where you currently are. However, I can assure you that this is the lowest investment amount that coaching one-on-one with me will ever be

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