The EASIEST #Speaking Gigs for Coaches!

Here is the link to the 25 minute audio training just for Coaches who are looking to land EASY speaking opportunities this year to help you grow your coaching business where I shared the 7-part MAGIC formula on:

  1. Virtual / Digital Interview Speaking Tips
  2. How to Prepare for Online Interviews
  3. What are the 4 Main Types of Digital Interviews {‘Speaking Opps’}
  4. How to Scout {and land} the PERFECT Virtual Speaking Opportunity for Your Coaching Business
  5. How to ‘Connect’ with The Host{ess} + The Listening Audience On Your Interview
  6. Where to Find Out MORE About This Speaking Opportunity
  7. How to Research Digital Speaking Opportunities

Looking to land EASY speaking opportunities for YOUR coaching company? Check out this FREE training and share your questions and comment{s} on this topic with me below

Andrieka “AJA” Austin is ‘The Messenger’, an award-winning Master Business Coach, Professional Trainer, Speaker, and Facilitator and Founder of
Ms. Austin helps women small business owners confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards through her best-selling program, ‘Messaging Magic!’.
AJA knows the struggle-to-success story of starting, sustaining, and scaling a business {she went from homelessness, divorce, and the the death of her mother — on the same day!}Click to read all “the dirty details” in her 8th best-selling book, ‘The Boss Of Me’ [The Struggle to Success]


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