Coaches, Here are 5 Ways to Get More S.A.L.E.S’ in your coaching business! [Hint: with this S.A.L.E.S process, I have between 85% closing rate!]

With this S.A.L.E.S process, I have between 85% closing rate (aka ‘Elevation Rate’) where I upsell on a program, product, or private service I have (and I have several opportunities) to help elevate business impact, influence, and income to the next level.

Just by documenting and consistently repeating this S.A.L.E.S system, I’ve seen a repeat of success in my life my business, my S.A.L.E.S process and a tremendous shift in the personal and professional world of my clients.

Here’s a hint, a successful S.A.L.E.S system or conversation involve five steps that will always help you close sales better. The following techniques can fit any type of business, and can be used for over-the-phone and live/in-person sales to help you accomplish the sales goals of your business.

The objective is to help you get to the next level of where you are to where you want to be in sales. The benefits of the following is based on a conversation I had with one of my clients, Ray who said…

“You are one of the BEST sales “closers” I know. Meaning, you didn’t let me get away from making a purchase decision but you tenaciously insisted on closing the sale. What are 5 things to remember to close better? I have the feeling that I often let sales slip out of my hands”

I’m going to share with you what I wish I would have known earlier on. Because I’ve studied the experts and took what worked for others, gave it a twist, then made it work for me.

Here are the talk points I shared with Ray, based on what has worked best for me in my business, and what you can use to make the magic happen too…

Here are my 5 Steps to a successful S.A.L.E.S system:

Step 1: Speak with the client/customer

It’s like a conversation

No pushy sales

Think of it as a conversation on the couch between friends

Know (in the back of your mind that you have something to contribute to their success)

Find out where they feel like they’re stuck

Get them alone/in private

Get them talking (helps you – as the sales person – understand where they are, and they really want to be)

One-on-one to focus on exactly what they say they need (helps to “get inside of their heads) – this allows them to “spill the beans” of the challenges/hurdles/struggles (it allows them to drop hints of what the really need)

You’re speaking the language of the customer

Keep the conversation at least 90% focused on what the customer and their needs

Tenaciously attack the problem (not the customer) you can help them solve

Don’t push the issue

Let the customer let you know how they believe you can help them best, based on what they want (and what you know)


Step 2: Assess

Assess where they are versus where they want to be

Take notes (in your head and on paper)

Recap and paraphrase what they say they want

Repeat back to them the ideal scenario of where they say they want to be

How bad they want it

Ask/assess: What they’ve done or where they’ve been in attempt to get “it”?

Ask/assess: What does that look like when they get there?

Ask/assess: What it looks like for them not to have “it”?

Ask them what it would look like for them to stay stuck there [what I hear is this…is this correct? Is this what you see? What does your life look like 365 days from now (without this?)]

Step 3: Listen and Leverage

Actively listen

Repeat their words

Mix with your words

Tell them what type of help they’re seeking

Tell them how your specific product(s) and/or service(s) can benefit them, satisfy their desire, and easily/effectively get them there (because you’ve mapped out a system based on your success with getting others there too)

Speak Up

Step Up

Say Something [by telling the people what you have to offer]

Use the 10% of the conversation to educate and empower

Share what you heard and how it affects them

Step 4: Experience. Expertise

Use what you know

Give them value

Offer more than they bargain for (in knowledge, education, resources)


Give freely

Add something to make their lives a little better (just based on what you’ve shared) that contributes to their lifestyle

Remember, they like to be listened to

Show them that you know your “stuff”

Come from an expert standpoint

Don’t push. Don’t focus on money

You put the spotlight on that person, their needs

Show them how they can avoid future pain and sticking points based on what you’ve seen

Share your experience and your expertise

Step 5: Solve. Serve. Satisfy

Offer a guarantee of service (i.e., money back guarantee, credit toward another product or service

Show them how you’ve helped others who were once where they are, and have come out because

Show them how to save them time, money, make money, relieve a current worry, etc.

Check in with their process (true customer service)

Stay in touch with them, even after the sale (offer free “touch up” and/or “where are you now” programs – to check in (and potentially upsell them on a new product or program, based on where they are)

Serve their needs on a silver platter by putting their mind at ease with what you had to offer (they leave in a state of joy, peace)

You serve each other

You make their lives better

They leave with a pep in their step

Serve to the BEST of your ability

Speak with the client to

Assess their current needs by

Listening and Leveraging your

Expertise and Experience as you

Serve. Solve and Satisfy

As a final note, allow the customer/client the freedom to decide whether they do business with you. Feel free to share with them the success stories and testimonials of present and past customers/clients to prove the value of your offer. Use your personal expertise and experience (which is not based on theory to graciously close each sale (in the words of Ray) with persistence and tenacity.

Share your thoughts!

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