5 Ways to Bring In More Coaching Clients…from Your Website!

Make sure you have the following five things on your coaching company website to help you attract more of the right clients into your business:



1. Email / Newsletter Sign Up Option

·        Invite the sign up

·        Promise a FREE goodie {that samples your coaching}

·        Deliver on your promise to email often, show your coaching skills


2. Free Download {aka, “freebie”}

·        A 30-minute audio on 1 coaching topic

·        A FREE 30-minute session, via audio or video

·        A pre-recorded interview {audio or video that you’ve done} – this builds credibility


3. Invitation to Find / Friend / Fan / Follow on Social Media

·        Where you are sharing your LIVE videos, blogs, etc.

·        Share your YoutubePeriscopeLinkedInInstagramFacebook, and Twitterhandles

·        Connect with and comment back on your NEW follower’s pages {one of me NEW Coaches who has owned a 9 million dollar company recently posted a ‘Happy Birthday’ post on my Facebook page!}


4. ‘About Me’ Page

·        Tells about you and why you do what you do, plus how and why you chose a coaching business

·        It’s your personal story, told like only Y-O-U can tell it

·        I want to offer you a FREE ‘Messaging MAGIC’ website ‘About Me’ page audit

[**NOTE: This is NOT your ‘About Us’ or ‘About The Company’’]

Email your ‘About Me’ page link to aj@thebossof.me – to get help with telling your story in a way that WINS coaching clients consistently!]


5. List of Awards Earned, Certificates, and/or Recognition

·        This includes your coaching certification

·        Degrees

·        Nominations

·        Other Certificates

*Note: These should all be related to you coaching business and what you coach around

Want to learn to write emails that sell {and guarantee to help you GET CLIENTS from those new email sign ups? That’s exactly what I am going to teach during my upcoming Email Masterclass. For more information and to reserve your seat click here.

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