10 Tips for Telling a GOOD Story {And Attracting The RIGHT Coaching Clients}!

This is for you if…

You’ve ever been to a networking event, and when someone asks, ‘So, what do you do’?…

After you tell them, they just shake their heads, nod-and-smile, and say, “Oh! Okay. – Do you a have a business card?”, and they politely take your business card, skim over it, excuse themselves from the conversation, {and of course, you NEVER hear from them again!}

Or, if you’ve ever wondered WHY when you ‘put it out there’ about your business or what you have ‘going on’ in your business or you send emails out to your potential clients {and potentially family and friends} – you get NO feedback, no sales, and you get NOTHING in return…only crickets.

If you want to learn how to WIN clients without feeling stressed out or overwhelmed about marketing your business, you are in the right place! – even if you’re a new or a veteran entrepreneur.

Whether you’re just introducing yourself to ONE person at a networking event, or a few hundred people as you’re speaking on a stage, it’s necessary for you to learn how to tell your story, and relate it to WHY you do what you do in your business.

If you’re a new business owner, you might be hearing this for the first time.

Veterans, you’ll get to spruce up your message.

There’s this little-known thing called ‘Messaging MAGIC!’.

Hardly anybody is talking about it. But, when you learn it and use it, you’ll see a HUGE difference in how fast people buy from or sign up to work with you! – It could make ALL the difference between failure and success in your business.

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Here Are 10 Tips for How to Share A GOOD Story:

1.   Tell who your story should MOST resonate with

2.   Link your story to a well-known quote, or quote yourself {purposefully}

3.   Give practical examples of how your story should/will/or may make sense to others

4.   Allow your story to introduce a NEW principle/concept/ or idea{and tell them what you will teach them, or they may learn from your story or what they could potentially extract from it}

5.   Encourage engagement/questions/continued connection at the end

6.   Show how stories like yours are relevant in the “real world”

7.   Tell them how your story will help them [your listeners] – and what’s in it for them

8.   Tell them why you’re telling your story {what inspired it and why you feel it’s important to tell}

9.   Tell them what your point, goal, or intention is for sharing your story with them {and others}

10.          Give your background, personal ‘struggle-to-success’, professional experience + expertise and how it led you to do what you do in your life or business today [make sure it points out strengths and weaknesses, struggles and success leading up to how you got from where you were to where you are.

 BONUS: Incorporate major characters/”players” {without using names} and the roles they played [good or bad] + ‘lessons learned’ on your journey {and what you think it all means

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