Someone asked me “What’s your WHY?
I think it JUST clicked.

Here it is:

Because 70% of women small business owners make only $24,000 per year, and until recently, I was one of them.

I believe in self-empowerment, and if it’s true that women hold 80% of the buying power in today’s economy…

IMAGINE what who happen if we did business TOGETHER.

We would be able to EXCEED the income glass ceiling, provide support for ourselves AND each other for generations to come!

My WHY is because I BELIEVE I can best help women small business owners successfully go from where they are to where they WANT to be by sharing my story of struggle and success to help save them from making some of the same mistakes I made trying to grow a business alone.

As women small business owners, we can have what we WANT (the lifestyle, the freedom, etc), but we can get “there” FASTER to·get·ther!





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