The TOP 7 Must-Haves In Your Contract for #Coaching Clients

Coaches, here are the TOP 7 {of 18} coaching contract MUST-HAVES to help protect YOU and your coaching business!

Each of these should clearly be spelled out in your coaching terms and conditions when bringing on a new coaching client:

  1. A detailed description of the roles you and your client are now taking on, regarding your Coach/Client relationship.

Your role, as the Coach, is usually inspirational, motivational, and often educational ONLY – make sure your new client understands this as your role as their Coach, and NOT their own personal counselor or therapist, which are services provided by a Licensed professional – and not covered in the coaching contract.

2. Your pricing/fee structure for your coaching service, and a promise to alert your new client when/if you prices increase.

This is the ideal time to discuss if the arrangement of payment is accepted by or from your client and when to expect it – either in-full or in agreed upon payment arrangements.

3. An agreement to hold you {and your coaching company} harmless before, during, and after your work together. If you are a skilled, and properly trained certified Coach, you know the technique to help you avoid the need for this clause altogether.

4. Permission granted to share with the world – in your marketing materials, on your website, via social media, etc. – that the public will be made known that they are now your new coaching client, along with verified photos, names, websites, email addresses, etc.

This often manifests in testimonials, videos, coaching, and sales calls, etc.

5. How long the new client can expect your work together time frame to last.

It is often best to revisit the coaching contract after the first 365 days of your first day working together.

6. Whether they are pleased with your work as their Coach {or not}, and how they may cancel [or renew during the 1-year coaching contract revisit/renewal period] – and the process for carrying either of these out completely.

7. A place to sign, and print their name and the current date when signed, showing they are in total agreement with all of the above.

Do you need to know more about how to handle and include things like disputes, defaults, cancellations, warranties, and even more on the terms and conditions that should be included in a coaching/client contract for your coaching business?

See page 56 in your Fast Coach Training Training Manual for the ‘Personal Life Coaching Terms and Conditions’.

If you are reading {or listening to} this, and you don’t have a coach training manual because you are not a Certified Life Coach through Fast Coach Training, go to to register for our upcoming 1-day Personal Life Coach Certification intensive training in Atlanta, GA this month! Hurry.

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