20 Benefits from Livestreaming {to Bring In New Coaching Clients}!

Below is a list of 20 benefits from hitting “Go LIVE {aka, ‘livestreaming’} to potentially bring in NEW coaching clients in your business:



  1. Stay in Your Followers’ [and Potential Coaching Clients] Face Stay Top-of-Mind]
  2. Shows Your Consistency to ‘Show Up’ as a Coach and Share Your Coaching Content
  3. Does Not Have to Be Picture Perfect
  4. Allows You to Keep Your Coaching Content Relevant
  5. Allows Your Audience to Get a Look Inside of Your Coaching Life
  6. Gives Variety to Your Coaching Clients on Your Content and Capabilities
  7. Friends are Notified When You Go LIVE {you can also announce when you’re coming on}- Exposure
  8. Sharable Content
  9. Interact with Potential Coaching Clients LIVE
  10. It’s your own mini-reality TV show [Potential clients – LOVE to see your day-to-day!]
  11. Makes You and Your Coaching Content Personal to Your Potential Clients
  12. Gives You a Platform to Tell Your Story
  13. Interact and respond to your followers {and potential new clients} in real time
  14. Make new connections
  15. Engage your viewers with Q&A
  16. It’s real-time {no edits} – bloopers and all – your clients connect better by seeing you in a way they can relate to
  17. It’s your chance to be authentic, raw, and REAL and potential make the connection that one new client is seeking
  18. Be seen as an Influencer in your specific industry of the coaching world
  19. Sell your coaching programs and services and/or products like books [and do a Q&A session regarding the product or program you’re selling]

Most people are intimidated by and scared-to-death of going LIVE, but now you see the benefits of how it can help new potential coaching clients discover you.

So, remove the fear from the equation, and focus on the future of your coaching company and show up!


Is there a recommended length for your livestreams?

It’s let’s about time, and more about how much engagement you receive from your viewers!

And no worries about being “on screen”, Facebook LIVE has an audio feature that doesn’t show face, and just features your voice [like I’m doing here].

{I also just discovered the ‘screenshare’ feature!}

Going LIVE is your chance to be inspiringshare educational information via your coaching content, show your personality, and add value to the lives of your viewers and potential coaching clients.

Share your coaching content, be engaging, answer questions, and ask for recommendations on what your viewers want to see more of from you as a Coach.

You can leverage livestreams to bring in more coaching clients in your coaching business.

Livestreaming is one of the number one ways to build your following and increase potential new coaching clients.

Next up…‘6 Ways Coaches Can Increase Sales on Livestreams’ {we’ll be chatting about how you can use livestreams to help you boost sales in your coaching business!} – Stay tuned!

Comment below if these tips were helpful to you.

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