Coaches…Here’s How to Land Virtual #Speaking Opportunities to Help Grow Your Coaching Business!

Here is the link to the recent 30 minute audio chat I had with a group of about 200+ Coaches on how to land virtual speaking opportunities to build your coaching business.

We chat discuss

  • The importance of pre-show success strategies, like talk notes {and how these have served me well over the last 20 years of my speaking career!}
  • What your email should say to help you get the interview “Yes!”

Before you click play, here are a few guidelines to help you shine on the virtual stage:

During the pre-interview process, you will send out the email asking for the opportunity to speak on a virtual platform that you have deemed as ideal for your speaking topic, using the 7-part MAGIC formula I shared with you.

When I do this, my email starts off sounding something like this, “Hello, my name is Andrieka J. Austin, Founder of and I specialize in helping my clients confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!”

Next, you want to creatively find a way to tie in your speaking topic / messaging with the mission and vision of the show – remember we discussed this in our last audio article on the easiest speaking engagements for coaches to land – this is why it is important to do your research on the show first, before you reach out to the show Host via email.

Next, I would include in my reach-out-for-the-interview email something like, “The same tips I share with my clients, I would love to share with your listening audience, because I know you serve women small business owners [my target audience] as well. I believe this topic would be in line with your vision for your show, your mission, and your goals.”

I would also highlight at least three bullet points or “hot topics” that consist of hot headlines where I put a spin on that schpill that I just gave of ‘conversations that convert to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards’. Put a spin on the wording, to show what you have to offer.

For example, I would change the above to say something like, “I am willing to provide tips of valuable information on the following”:

  • The Top 3 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Impact,Influence, and Income…in 90 Days of Less!


  • How to Avoid The Top 3 Mistakes Women Small Business Owners Make That Keep Them Broke, Stuck, and Struggling In Their Business

I would include at least two {no more than 3} of those types of headlines that could entice the Host{ess} to make them say, “Oh, she has her topics together!”.

Then, I would end the email and sign off saying something like, “Let me know if you feel this is a good fit for your show”. Ask about available dates for the interview, and mention that you are flexible with time. Also ask if pre-recording is an option.

Usually, the podcast Hostess who is interested will respond back, and ask for a list of questions from you – like, what questions you would specifically like to be asked while your are being interviewed.

Here is also where you can flip it and say, “You know your audience better than I do. what they will respond to, and what topic(s) you want to introduce them to. What specific questions would you like for me to answer related to my aforementioned speaking topics?”

If needed, add to the list of questions that I have already prepared from the above ‘hot headlines’, and let the Hostess know that you will do your best to address the questions she has, in addition to what I have prepared as well.

This interview process is all about getting outside of your head and what you already know to add to your list of information to be included in your library of knowledge around your specific speaking and talk topic. It is also helping you prepare for future shows and talks you will give!

After your virtual speaking and interview opportunity, you can use the information you shared, the questions you were asked, and the answers you gave to re-purpose the content and use what you share with your email list of current and new subscribers, now that you have this great new information to share.

Virtual Guest Speaker and interview opportunities are about being a great conversationalist, and an awesome interviewee. I have found that the key to leading {and being a part of} a great conversation is to be interested in the other person. Paying attention to the conversation tone and the language they use allows you to meet them where they are, on a level that benefits you both.

Speaking virtually in one thing, being an interviewee is another, and showing up as a leader in the Coaching industry adds to your role throughout your virtual speaking career.

Remember, your main objective is to clearly communicate and convey your ideas with confidence. This shows the Host that you know your stuff even on an interpersonal level in a way that will make you stand out as a Speaker, and a special guest on their show.

Be sure to show your Host that you do not mind sharing the stage, and making them look good while doing it. Keep your Host in the spotlight, and you are guaranteed to be invited back.

[I cover the rest of the MUST KNOW virtual speaking tips on our coaching call!]

Looking to land EASY speaking opportunities for YOUR coaching company? Check out the course, #SpeakUp at where you’ll learn the 22 ways to go from FREE to fee-based speaking.

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