“I could have had any instructor but I got you and I will ever be thankful. The bravery you emit in telling your personal story to help others is awe inspiring. Just when you think you can’t learn anything else about yourself you meet someone like you who teaches you just a bit more. Accepting your truth is one thing but speaking your truth to connect and help others is another thing. You taught me to think bigger and use different platforms to ultimately help other people by sharing my story. You are an inspiration.”

-Sonseenahray Hambrick Smith

“My biggest challenge was starting over the RIGHT way with my business so that it is scalable and profitable. AJ helped me recognize the missteps in my business and allowed me to move through the blocks and fears I had as an entrepreneur.

It’s been such an “ah-ha” moment! If you’re looking for work/life balance, AJ is for you.

Thanks for an AWESOME journey AJA.”

-Melia, MBA

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