“The Champ Is Here! I have for years been on the “verge” of realizing my purpose. It took one class, one conversation with Coach AJ for me to obtain my breakthrough! I’m on my path to realizing all that God has for me! This lady is the real deal! When she says she loves sharing what she has learned, she means it!! I pray you take the time to meet Coach AJ! Your life will be changed and inspired! Thanks Coach AJ and may God continue to shower His Favor on your life and all those assigned to you.”

Blessings and Love,
Michelle Jeffries Rhodes, Life Coach

“In the beginning I was full of ideas and confusion. As a result of working with AJ, I now have an unwavering confidence about the answer I am here to provide to the world. I decided to work with AJ because she is anointed in her gifting. I needed to be coached by someone living the life I desire to live. AJ is authentic in her gift to deliver Christ-led material. She is the B.O.M fo’ sho! If you are ready to be pushed into God’s next step for your life, AJ is your personal guardian angel.”

-Lakell Maxwell, Journey Guide

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