Future Black Woman Christian Life Coach

If you’ve been feeling called to coaching, you’re in the right place!

Has anyone ever told you that you’re such a great listener who’s so easy to talk to?  

Maybe you’re the strong friend in your friend group who every calls on to pray with them or get advice from when they need a shoulder to CRY on

If you’re the church member, colleague, or co-worker everyone comes to for words of wisdom, encouragement or motivation…

You may be called to Coach!  

Ready to GET PAID for that gift?!



The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC is a virtual Life Coach Certification and training company that helps Black women of faith become a Certified Life Coach online in one day!


Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, this online training institute is the fastest growing Life Coach Certification Training company for Black women of faith, owned and operated by an International Black Master Life Coach Trainer, Christian Psychologist (PhD), In-Demand and Highly Sought-out Speaker and 16x Author and African American woman professionally trained and Activated in proper, professional Prophetic protocol – who has trained and Certified 170 African American women around the world in North America, Africa, Australia, Malaysia, and The Cayman Islands [via her live events, self-published books, coaching programs, conferences, podcast interviews, panels, symposiums, workshops, special guest appearances, keynote presentations, and online masterclasses since 2013].


We exist to help set the new modern-day standard of Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black women of faith, because…

👉🏾 Black women of faith are not being trained by someone they can personally relate to (and struggle to connect to a human-to-human experience)

👉🏾 Black women of faith are not being taught on their level of learning in a way that caters to their individual learning style

👉🏾 Black women of faith are MISSING contact with a coaching community that makes them feel included

👉🏾 Black women of faith often feel inadequate with what they’ve just learned (and believe or feel like they need more teaching/training)

👉🏾 Black women of faith STILL don’t believe they’re prepared enough to go out and coach or find coaching clients (let alone, build a coaching business!)


This ever-expanding global coaching community of supportive first-generation entrepreneurs are now Black Women Certified Life Coaches  ‘Leading. Empowering. Generations. And. Coaching. YOU’!

Founded on the 3 pillars and values of:

  • Entrepreneurial Education (applying God-revealed strategies to doing business in the Life Coaching industry)
  • Economic Empowerment (offering truth-based life coach industry knowledge within the Black Life Coach community)
  • Ethical Engagement (exposing life coaching myths, miseducation, and mis-representation)


Our Motto: “The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC helps Black Women Christian Life Coaches confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!”


The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC, like all other organizations in the Life Coach Certification Training space, is privately owned and has no outside affiliations – as there is no such thing as ‘accreditation’ in the Life coaching industry and all training companies are self-regulated, ungoverned, and unpoliced and do not require any specific ‘stamp of approval’ from any other organization.

Our training is specifically for Black women of faith who seek to become a professionally trained, skilled, qualified, Certified Black Life Coach using the degrees and decade of coaching and training experience of our Black Master Life Coach Certification Trainer – making us the leader in this space.

More detailed information can be found by clicking the ‘Get Certified’ option below to receive more information on our 24 hour (or 24 week) Black Woman Christian Life Coach Certification Training