I‘m “Coach AJA”

Also known as, ‘The Messenger’; an award-winning Master Business Coach, Professional Trainer, Speaker, Facilitator and Founder of www.thebossof.me

I L-O-V-E helping female Coaches confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards through my best-selling program, The Boss Of Me™!

Maybe you’re like me, and all-too-familiar with the struggle-to-success story of starting, sustaining, and scaling a business {I mean, I literally wrote the book on it!}. <–Click to read it

I went from homelessness, divorce, and the death of my mom — on the same day — to using my story to help Coaches just like YOU instantly increase your business impact, influence, and income.
I offer specialized help for your coaching journey as the ONLY provider [I know of] with virtual Master Business and Life Coaching solutions and a real-world, struggle-to-success training system infused with a Christian-based approach for women entrepreneurs in the coaching industry who are seeking to startup, sustain, and scale your coaching enterprise by sharing your story in your first [or next] book along with building The B.O.M coaching practice.

The Boss of Me™ is a global coaching company + community, specializing in communication confidence and messaging mastery for Coaches.

In a nutshell…
I help Coaches confidently conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!

My secret sauce? I help you get clear about what you say you do in your new coaching business [your message].

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