5 Things EVERY Coach Must Have On Her Website…

In my last post, I mentioned part 1 of 2 in our series for client attraction, using your website.

These were:

1. Email / Newsletter Sign Up Option

2. Free Download {aka, “freebie”}

3. Invitation to Find / Friend / Fan / Follow on Social Media

4. ‘About Me’ Page

5. List of Awards Earned, Certificates, and/or Recognition

These are items #1-5 on our list of ’10 Ways to Bring In Coaching Clients…from Your Website!’

Today’s post picks up #6-10 the original ’10 Ways to Bring in More Coaching Clients…from Your Website’ 2-part series:

6. Testimonials

  • From FREE clients
  • From Paid Clients
  • From Discounted Clients

7. Coaching Programs, Products, and Packages

  • Your Books
  • Your LIVE and Pre-recorded Coaching Programs [Check out http://www.thebossof.me/profits for a helpful resource on how to automate your programs for ‘passive profits]
  • Your one-on-one services
  • Your VIP Days
  • Your Masterminds

8. Payment Button{s}

  • Visit Google Images for copy/paste buttons
  • Have a custom graphic button designed

9. Call-to-Action [what do you want them to do next?

  • Read More
  • Learn More
  • Register Now
  • Sign Up Here
  • Buy Now

10. Inquiry Form

  • For questions
  • For special requests
  • Ask for their name, email address, phone number, subject, question, comment, feedback, or a drop down menu with multiple choices {‘radio buttons’} to select from

BONUS: Contact Page [Not to be confused with your ‘About Me’ page]

  • Include your name, business line phone number, email address, mailing address, and social media handles [with a call-to-action to reach out to you via each of these avenues – include ‘office hours’ where applicable]

Leave a comment below which of these steps you plan on adding to your coaching business website!

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