How One New Coach Launched and SOLD Her First Book This Year!

If you are one of the many Coaches who have peeked in on the last few articles I’ve shared for future Authors, you’re going to L-O-V-E today’s audio post with NEW Author, Pixie Lee, who will share with you:

  1. What it is like being a NEW Author in 2018
  2. What challenges Coaches [like you] who are considering writing their first book this year expect
  3. How she has been able to sell 55 copies of her book, which launched on January 5th
  4. How she overcame the fear of starting the book writing process
  5. The ONE thing that made all the difference in going from book IDEA to being a self-published Author in such a short time.

Click Here To Listen to Our Interview


Click Here to Listen to Our Interview

Need help getting started writing YOUR first book this year? Visit writer to join the #WriteNow [Mini Masterclass] today!

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