What It’s Like to Be A Black Certified Life Coach

The International Center for Life Coach Certification, LLC offers an online 1 day Life Coach Certification training for Black women of faith, hosted by a Black Life Coach who is a Master Life Coach Trainer. Open enrollment is going on NOW. Visit http://www.blacklifecoachquiz.com and http://www.blacklifecoachtraining.com or Call 1-888-427-2013

Online Life Coach Certification Training for African American Women

The first online Life Coach Certification Training for African American women owned and hosted by an African American woman who's a Master Life Coach Certification Trainer with a Master's Degree in Life Coaching and Training and Development since 2016... Read More http://www.lifecoachinaday.com

The LIFE C.O.A.C.H Self-Study System

Want to discover how a small town, low-income nerdy Georgia girl from across the tracks became the leading online Master Life Coach Trainer for black women who are trying to figure out what comes after their 9-to-5 to help bring in an additional stream of income using their natural gifts?   Oh, by the way … Continue reading The LIFE C.O.A.C.H Self-Study System

Meet Coach AJ:

AS SEEN ON:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrvEdUXbyycI L-O-V-E helping women confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards through my best-selling book and talk, 'The Life Coach™'.Maybe you're like me, and all-too-familiar with the struggle-to-success story of starting, sustaining, and scaling a business.I went from homelessness, divorce, and the death of my mom -- on the same … Continue reading Meet Coach AJ:

How to OVERCOME A Poverty Mindset…As a Life Coach!

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The Life Coach [Book]

Your guide to what every professionally trained, internationally recognized Certified Life Coach must know to be profitable and successful – and why it’s not okay to just call yourself a ‘Coach’ – plus, how to become skilled and trained in the proper professional protocol to handle people (and help your clients quickly achieve what they … Continue reading The Life Coach [Book]