What To Do When You Want yo GIVE UP…On Coaching!

I have coached women all over the world through http://www.thebossof.me on how to shine bright in business.

This is encouraged by them, from me, to you.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Remember where you were this time last year?

What about your business journey before then?

It’s not easy. Trust me, I know.

My mother, my father, my grandfathers were all entrepreneurs.

It’s my blood, and I couldn’t let it go or hide if I tried.

Consider yourself BLESSED. Because YOU have been chosen for this.

Many of your friends and family will NEVER know what it’s like to walk in your shoes.

Some will NEVER understand your journey {some are and will forever be to afraid to try}.

It’s NOT ‘overnight success’. Show. Up. Anyway!

Go’s got you.

You are a trendsetter. Keep dreaming. Keep believing.

You will inspire others to DO something…finally!

You will set NEW standards in your industry.

Your creativity will BREAK the rules.

Your way of thinking will SHATTER the box!

Stand in your authority. Get on hustle ON!

This takes ALOT of faith and LOTS of prayer.

God is ALWAYS up to something concerning you.

Just know that when you impact ONE life, you impact generations.

Go HARD 100% of the time.

It WILL get tough, but KEEP pushing.

It will all be WORTH it.

Stay encouraged. Stay motivated.

THIS is setting you up for GREATNESS.

Always SAY “YES!” to what’s next.

And when the MOMENTS come when you want to Q U I T, remember…you PRAYED for this.

Someone {dead or alive} will ALWAYS be willing to trade places with you.

There are MANY people TRYING to be exactly where you are.

And there’s ALWAYS someone who WISHES they knew how you do it.

Keep pressing. Keep moving forward.

Showing up every day is a CHOICE.

When you’re stepping into your NEW next level, it will always be easy to find an excuse to stay where you are.

Get up. Dress up. Show up.

The journey is NOT easy. Life happens.

But, grace and mercy follow you.

I pray God will make your FAITH stronger than your worries.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

Some people are created to be employees.

Whatever is true for you RIGHT NOW will soon be true for others.

Your struggles, your success may save someone else.

The world needs you.

We need yo hear what you have to say.

You will ALWAYS be selling Y-O-U.

Make BOLD offers.

Follow your plan.Take baby steps. STAY FOCUSED!

Get EXCITED about what the future holds for you.

Stay happy, full of joy, peaceful, and look forward.

You’ll go through some things.

You will have a story to tell.

You will learn to turn obstacles into opportuniies.

Stay committed to your success, and the RIGHT clients will say “YES!”

TODAY IS YOUR DAY. NOW IS YOUR TIME to do WHAT you LOVE and to LOVE what you do!

I have been where you are, a student to business.

I have stressed out. I’ve had late nights and early mornings.

Many have asked {and often wondered} WHY I said “YES!” to entrepreneurship.

I said “YES!” because there were those before me throughout history who have given us the ability to ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’.

Find your freedom through entrepreneurship.

You are free to think and dream B.I.G.

One day, someone will be looking to YOU for inspiration on how to live their dreams.

You are a Game Changer!, and my prayer for you is to do GREAT things!

I wrote a book called, ‘The Journey Girl Guide to Teen Girl Self-Empowerment’.

It teaches about finding mentors, meeting your goals, sharing your passion/talent/skills, and facing your bullies; especially the one that lives within who tries to tell you you’re too young, your skin is not the right shade, you don’t speak the right way, you’re too short, too tall, too big, or too small.

I remember being 11 or 12 years old, and as a result of needing something to entertain my mind while…using the restroom at home. I would pick up the can on Lysol and other household cleaners and try to pronounce the names of the chemical ingredients in them.

From that I thought, “Maybe I should be a Doctor or a Chemist”. But, after failing chemistry twice in college, and changing my major from Biology / Pre-medicine to Psychology, then later to Training and Development – along the way, I realized it was my love for words, speaking, and communicating / speaking intelligently / holding conversations / and teaching {I “taught” school in my room with my dolls and on the front porch with kids from my neighborhood!}.

I secretly always WISHED I would have majored in English! – But now, I get to encourage, empower, educate, and engage with entrepreneurs through my work as a Business Coach for women small business owners around the world {where I get to help them turn their conversations into clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!} – so ‘thanks’ to my mom for keeping the bathroom stacked with disinfectant spray, and for making it a part of her purpose {and final wish to me} to get an education, seize opportunities, and ‘make something of myself’.

I want to encourage you, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

I am an African American woman who learned to love the body and the skin you’re in.

I went from low-income, government housing, foodstamps, medicaid, food banks, and thrift stores.

I was raised by a single parent home – raised by my mom, WISHING for my dad. I’m the eldest child {and only girl} of 3.

The “odds”, like: avoiding teenage pregnancy, highschool abortions, high school drop out rates, never being expected to attend, complete, and/or, graduate college, believing life was full of bills {at least that’s what my mom always said}, poverty all around me, at times feeling hopeless.

Let me encourage you. Despite your past hurts, feelings, obstacles, or what you may be going through in your life or business at this moment…

Show up anyway.

Someone is waiting.

God HONORS your “YES!”, your willingness.

It’s YOUR time.

Despite broken promises.

Even if no one else shows up – you SHOW UP and SHINE.

Tell your story someone is waiting to hear it.

You may not understand the reason.

Ask God what your role is in it, what He is trying to show you in this, and what does it all mean – as it relates to serving.

Show up anyway – you NEVER KNOW who you might meet.

You NEVER know what opportunities {and unexpected blessings} await you.

Show. Up. Anyway.

It may just be a part of your refining process.

It may put you in a place to heat that small still voice whisper to you, It’s TIME to play BIGGER!”.

Show up.

Confirm what you already have known for uears DEEP down inside.

Show up.


The WORLD is waiting.

It’s YOURS for the taking.

Show up.

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