8 Ways to Know It’s Time To Write Your Book…This Year!

Here are eight ways to know it’s time to write your first {or next} book…this year!


1 – You’ve journaled about your personal experiences, but haven’t written it out in book format yet, and you need help getting started.

2 – You know what you want to write about {your content}, but you’re having problems putting it in order [you are curious about how to organize your book outline].

3 – You have a list of {at least} 10 things you can turn into an essay, then into a book on things your readers should know about your industry to help them save time, trouble, frustration, or money.

4 – You want to write a self-help book.

5 – You want to share your coaching or teaching secrets or topics to help your readers be successful.

6 – You have a list of Q&A’s from a LIVE coaching session you’ve hosted.

7 – You want to know about the self-publishing process, and the financial investment required.

8 – You’ve a life experience you want to share about

These 8 hints tell you that you’re READY to dive in to the self-publishing process to help you get your first {or next book} out this year, and that’s what I’m teaching in #WriteNow [The mini-masterclass]. Sign up today for only $47 at bit.ly/2018writer

Are YOU thinking of writing YOUR first {or next} book this year? Comment below

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