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Get More Clients OR Get a “Real Job”

People: “AJ, my friends/family think I need to get a “real job”…how can I get more clients so I can FINALLY run my business full-time?”

Me: “Here’s my 20-point client-getting strategy where clients/customers…


1. Find me in a Facebook group

2. See a social media post from me

3. See me on a Facebook LIVE or Periscope video

4. Friend/Fan/Follow me online

5. Private inbox chat

6. Visit my website at

7. Reads the ‘Boss Blogs’ on my site

8. Signs up for my weekly emails

9. Receives my FREE business tips

10. Listens to me on a podcast/in-studio radio interview

11. Hears me on a webinar, telesummit, or conference call

12. Sees my face on a video interview

13. Watches a video of me teach LIVE

14. Meets me at a special event

15. Sees me speak LIVE/in-person

16. Has a 1:1 phone chat with me

17. Purchases a product and/or program

18. Receives a gift/giveaway from me

19. Updates me on progress

20. Keeps purchasing

and…the cycle continues!


What Do You Do?


Hope you’re wrapping up {and getting ready to begin} another successful week in your business!

By the way, what do you do in your business? Comment below and let me know please.

Welcome to the #bomsquad community where we promise to share helpful ways to help you increase your impact, influence, and income.

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During the call, I’m sharing with you how a drop out, divorce, death, and being down-on-my-luck all played a part in getting me where I am in my business today, and how sharing this message everywhere I go always results in…

  1. Getting more clients through the door, leading to a booked business with a waiting list of potential clients wanting to work with me on building their own business, like Janae…
  1. Getting invited to travel and share my story and business-building tactics both online and offline at conferences and seminars around the globe!
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I know you’re a woman on-the-move who’s in the delicate dance of building your home life and the hustle-and-grind balance of ‘being a BOSS’, with NO CLUE what should come next in growing and making money in your business!

My goal is to help you FIND THE TIME to learn, plot, strategize, and create a plan for your NEXT move {especially if you’re considering transitioning from your 9-to-5 hustle!} by providing you with easy, accessible trainings that you can listen to on your phone, tablet, ipad, laptop or pc while you’re in your car, shopping, on your lunch break, or hiding away in your office space getting it in!

No. Excuses.

Women around the world {like YOU!} are signing up daily to be a part of our community of like-minded ladies who are launching and re-launching their own personal business brands to share their gifts with the world at

So, you are not alone on this journey.

No matter where you are in your business, YOU NEED A PLAN that…

  • Makes sense to you
  • Is customized to your needs
  • Supports your schedule
  • Compliments your lifestyle

That’s why I {and the Boss Of Me™} community exist!

When you are READY {and only if you need to}, let’s set up a time to chat about your business, and what your needs are for getting ONE step closer on your journey to success.

I have 1 spot open on my calendar for Tuesday of this week to give you a FREE 30-minute Boss Of Me session to help get you going {and keep you moving forward} in your business!

When you comment below to tell me what you do in your business, let me know that you’re in!

Looking forward to talking with you soon.



From Homeless to Helping Entrepreneurs

It took me 15 years to complete college, but…I did it!

b.w 2016 Unsung Heroing Award and Profile Picture10 years ago I was homeless, sleeping in my car and on the floors and couches of family and friends. I’m now a homeowner.

This month 8 years ago, I was walking out of divorce court and received a call that my mother had just passed. I now have spiritual mothers.

My corporate job was downsized. I’m now an 11 year small business owner.

Thanks to the goodwill of the people who saw the gift, the anointing, and the potential to BELIEVE in me and to PRAY with me that I went from a homeless, divorced, college drop out without a mother who was unsure of my future…to a hopeful, happy, heart full entrepreneur who now helps women be the BOSS in building their businesses.

I realize that when I impact ONE life, I impact generations.

Whether she’s a single-mother or a single-again woman seeking financial and economic stability through business ownership, I…we impact lives!

Her children and her children’s children will SOMEhow benefit from the work we do today.

It’s because of people like DeQuanda Sanders having a vision and building great organizations like Saving Our Children And Families, Inc. that we are doing just that.

Because of you and the work you do, we CAN and we will continue to help ONE person at-a-time and continue to have a positive impact on generations to come.

And to those who came before us, THANK YOU!

I am honored, blessed, grateful, and humbled to accept this ‘Unsung Heroine Award’, as I believe that your mission and your vision will NEVER be as important to you than the lives you impact.

Thank you.



Oh, No He Didn’t!…


YESTERDAY I posted the two pictures below for VOTES on a potential book cover design for my NEW book, ‘The Boss of Me’ [The Struggle to Success] a guide for helping women entrepreneurs build W.E.A.L.T.H and Worth in business…

A guy inboxed me the following: ‘This is only an absolute opinion. Based on statistics, experience, and my Coach being the # 1 Wealth Coach In The World [He attached 7 pictures of them together].

Re: Your Book Cover. Your picture does not, nor should not be part of your “Title”. You have to decide are you trying to sell books? Or, are you wanting people to know you have written a book. This is a professional opinion.

Stop Asking People For Directions Who Have Never Been Where You Are Going

Read below for my response and place YOUR cover vote in the comments!

#KnowYourLane #RightOfPassage




My Response…

Good for you having an opinion {and being bold enough to privately slip into my inbox to share versus following directions and posting where previously instructed, allowing the ladies the post was geared toward to comment and share on your ‘professional opinion’ sir!}.

My findings and Expertise are on being a woman.

This, along with my professional experience of 12+ years as a business owner and the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce statistics show that ‘70% of women small business owners make less than $25,000’.

The women small business owners and entrepreneurs I serve find it encouraging, empowering and most importantly necessary to see someone who looks like them, wherever we choose to show up on and offline.

My book cover {this one being #8 of 8} reflects me {my picture} and my title as a Business Coach to women entrepreneurs. It not only lets women know I have a NEW book available for purchase to help them leverage their expertise and make more money –lifting us up out of poverty levels– but, it will also allow them to purchase {read: it will sell –with my face on it}.

Your ‘professional opinion’ mentioned not ‘asking for advice from those who’ve never been where I am or where I’m going’…

I never did. This includes any and all unsolicited advice that magically appears in my inbox –especially when not so much as a proper introduction has been made {for example: ‘Hi my name is ___, and I’m a fellow best-selling Author, admirer of your work with women, and a future investor of your product/program for the lady in my life who needs to see other women like you to stay motivated to keep going {especially when she has no one else to relate to who understands the business woman’s journey}.

Oh, and by the way — IF you’re open, first here’s my website with the link to my Amazon best-sellers. I would love to offer some advice on your cover and potentially share some of my best resources with you because I, as a man and fellow business owner support what you do and the women you’ve been designed and assigned to serve.

By the way, my website also features snapshots of me at a live event with the self-proclaimed “#1 Wealth Coach in the World” {if that means anything to you!}.

Thanks for the honor to address you and for allowing me to be a part of your online social media community. I can’t wait to buy several copies of your new {and previously written} books for the ladypreneurs in my life who I know it would help uplift!’}

Signed, The Guy Who Tried It