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OFFICIALLY, Dr. AJ Austin, PhD (hc)

Congratulations to: *Dr. ANDRIEKA J. Austin for successful completion of her Doctor of Christian Psychology* Dr. Austin is the brain behind The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC where she trains and certifies Black women of faith to become a Certified Life Coach online in one day. She is currently training on both United … Continue reading OFFICIALLY, Dr. AJ Austin, PhD (hc)

The LIFE C.O.A.C.H Self-Study System

Want to discover how a small town, low-income nerdy Georgia girl from across the tracks became the leading online Master Life Coach Trainer for black women who are trying to figure out what comes after their 9-to-5 to help bring in an additional stream of income using their natural gifts?   Oh, by the way … Continue reading The LIFE C.O.A.C.H Self-Study System

How to Market + Grow Your Coaching Business {the Easy + Smart Way}

Want to learn how to market + grow your coaching business online the easy {and smart} way?...Click on my image above!

Ever Considered Becoming a Life Coach?…

Have you thought about getting certified as a life coach but have some questions? ...

Coaches…Here are The Top 5 Objections Every Coach Must Overcome [and Most Don’t!]

Coaches...Here are The Top 5 Objections Every Coach Must Overcome [and Most Don't!]

Coaches…Here are 8 Ways to Help Your Coaching Clients Get Instant Results!

Coaches...Here are 8 Ways to Help Your Coaching Clients Get Instant Results!

The TOP 7 Must-Haves In Your Contract for #Coaching Clients

Are you a Coach WONDERING what should go in your New Client Coaching Contract?...Here are the TOP 7 Must-Haves In Your Contract for #Coaching Clients!

#Coaches…Here’s How to Turn “Free” Coaching Sessions Into GREAT Clients!

Here is my 20-point process for Coaches on how to handle those {sometimes pesky} "free" coaching strategy sessions to help you attract your ideal client, and lead to the sale: Get to know the person you're talking to Learn about his or her life, business, relationship, financial health, physical fitness goals {or whatever YOU coach … Continue reading #Coaches…Here’s How to Turn “Free” Coaching Sessions Into GREAT Clients!

Coaches, Here are 5 Ways to Get More S.A.L.E.S’ in your coaching business! [Hint: with this S.A.L.E.S process, I have between 85% closing rate!]

Coaches, Here are 5 Ways to Get More S.A.L.E.S' in your coaching business! [Hint: with this S.A.L.E.S process, I have between 85% closing rate!]

Coaches…Here’s How to Land Virtual #Speaking Opportunities to Help Grow Your Coaching Business!

Here's How to Land Virtual #Speaking Opportunities to Help Grow Your Coaching Business!

The EASIEST #Speaking Gigs for Coaches!

Here is the link to the 25 minute audio training just for Coaches who are looking to land EASY speaking opportunities this year to help you grow your coaching business where I shared the 7-part MAGIC formula on: Virtual / Digital Interview Speaking Tips How to Prepare for Online Interviews What are the 4 Main Types of Digital Interviews {'Speaking Opps'} … Continue reading The EASIEST #Speaking Gigs for Coaches!

How One New Coach Launched and SOLD Her First Book This Year!

Click to hear how one NEW Coach launched and SOLD her first book this year!...

8 Ways to Know It’s Time To Write Your Book…This Year!

Here are eight ways to know it's time to write your first {or next} book...this year!

5 Things EVERY Coach Must Have On Her Website…

Are You MISSING These 5 Must-Haves That EVERY Coach Needs On Her Website?...

The #1 Best Kept SECRET for Coaches Writing a GOOD Self-Published Book…for the First Time!

The TOP mistake new Authors make when writing their very first GOOD self-published book is...

20 Benefits from Livestreaming {to Bring In New Coaching Clients}!

Here s a list of 20 benefits from hitting "Go LIVE" {aka, 'livestreaming'} to potentially bring in NEW coaching clients in your business...

5 Ways to Bring In More Coaching Clients…from Your Website!

Make sure you have the following five things on your coaching company website to help you attract more of the right clients into your business...

10 Tips for Telling a GOOD Story {And Attracting The RIGHT Coaching Clients}!

This is for you if… You’ve ever been to a networking event, and when someone asks, ‘So, what do you do’?... After you tell them, they just shake their heads, nod-and-smile, and say, “Oh! Okay. – Do you a have a business card?”, and they politely take your business card, skim over it, excuse themselves … Continue reading 10 Tips for Telling a GOOD Story {And Attracting The RIGHT Coaching Clients}!

The #1 Way To Make The MOST Money As A Coach

Are You A Coach? If so, here's the #1 Way to Make The MOST Money As a Coach...!

The #1 Pricing Mistake Most New Coaches Make in Their Business {and How to Avoid It}!

Click for the #1 Pricing Mistake Most New Coaches Make in Their Business {and How to Avoid It}!

Frustrated with Clients?!…👀

When you get wrapped up in the outcome, you take on the emotions [i.e., ‘the intensity of the pressure your client is experiencing'].

Do your best to stay in a state of peace.

Success is…

Success is NOT waiting for the phone to ring, your name to be called, or permission to be great

How Church Helped My Business!

This changed my perspective of how people valued my services {and would happily pay me}! ❤...

You’re FIRED!

Someone recently posed a question asking for details on if I've ever FIRED a client, and here's my response...

Is this YOU?!…

Is This You?!...

👉Your GREATEST CHALLENGE in your business is…making more money!

👉Your current income falls WAY BELOW your ideal goal, and are not going as planned {but you’re still hopeful!}

Get More Clients OR Get a “Real Job”

People: "AJ, my friends/family think I need to get a "real job" can I get more clients so I can FINALLY run my business full-time?"

Me: "Here's my 20-point client-getting strategy where clients/customers...

What Do You Do?

Hey! Hope you’re wrapping up {and getting ready to begin} another successful week in your business! By the way, what do you do in your business? Comment below and let me know please. Welcome to the #bomsquad community where we promise to share helpful ways to help you increase your impact, influence, and income. Here's a new 26 … Continue reading What Do You Do?


{THIS TIME LAST YEAR} Someone asked me "What's your WHY?" I think it JUST clicked. Here it is: Because 70% of women small business owners make only $24,000 per year, and until recently, I was one of them. I believe in self-empowerment, and if it's true that women hold 80% of the buying power in … Continue reading My WHY…

From Homeless to Helping Entrepreneurs

It took me 15 years to complete college, but...I did it! 10 years ago I was homeless, sleeping in my car and on the floors and couches of family and friends. I'm now a homeowner. This month 8 years ago, I was walking out of divorce court and received a call that my mother had … Continue reading From Homeless to Helping Entrepreneurs

S.A.L.E.S Success Secrets!

Our conversation started like this,

“Sales slip away from me. You’re the BEST closer I know. You didn’t let me get away. Please share 5 tips for a better close.”

The following are 5 quick {and easy} tips that you can instantly implement and increase your impact, influence, and income in your business today IF...

You too {are like so many entrepreneurs I coach} want to make more money in your business, but…selling just isn’t “your thing”, or you "feel weird" about asking for the sale, money, or business.

WHY I Do What I Do…

This is WHY I do what I do in business...

<a href="">

The 9 P’s of Growing Your Small Business

The 9 P’s of Growing Your Small Business Place yourself in a position to present your packages to groups/individuals who will pay you for your professional services. Send your proposal to people you need to be in front of and you’ll find your perfect client(s).   :::::::.......

4 Mistakes That Keep You BROKE In Business!

Are You BROKE in Your Business??? If so, you're PROBABLY making (at least ONE) of these 4 mistakes...Here are 4 mistakes I see entrepreneurs make that keep them from making money in their businesses and my advice for going from BROKE to "unbroke"!...

4 GREAT Ways to Get UNSTUCK and STOP Struggling In Business

Here are 4 GREAT ways to help YOU get UNSTUCK and STOP struggling in your business!...

Because You’re WORTH It!…

You have to BELIEVE with C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E in WHY you charge what you do for your business' products/services with these 6 Ez ways to KNOW your worth!...

A Great Lesson On Branding!

I have learned many interesting and insightful points about branding myself as a leader in my industry.

TAKE ON The Task of Doing It All

Confession: I am a SUPER human, but I am not Super Human! Here are 8 tips to start, sustain, and scale your own support team of VIPs...

Finally FINISH Fearing Failing!

learn how to celebrate your strengths, opportunities, and successes. Focusing on the positive gives you the inner drive to do more of what you love with extra time in your day! However, you have to train your brain on how to FINISH fearing failure {and success} ONCE AND FOR ALL.

How to Be A Great Podcast Guest (and Profit from Podcasts!)

HowToBeAGreatPodcastGuestThu, 10/8 11:47PM • 49:32SUMMARY KEYWORDSpodcast, interview, people, book, host, featured, share, coach, topic, tips, questions, prepare, episode,studio, hostess, talk, recorded, opportunity, atlanta, guest Well, hello, wonderful collective. I am so excited to introduce you to another very special guest. Wehave coach, AJ Austin here today who I mean, you are, you do a … Continue reading How to Be A Great Podcast Guest (and Profit from Podcasts!)

What It’s Like to Be A Black Certified Life Coach

The International Center for Life Coach Certification, LLC offers an online 1 day Life Coach Certification training for Black women of faith, hosted by a Black Life Coach who is a Master Life Coach Trainer.

Open enrollment is going on NOW.

Visit and or Call 1-888-427-2013

Online Life Coach Certification Training for African American Women

The first online Life Coach Certification Training for African American women owned and hosted by an African American woman who's a Master Life Coach Certification Trainer with a Master's Degree in Life Coaching and Training and Development since 2016... Read More

Meet Coach AJ:

AS SEEN ON: L-O-V-E helping women confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards through my best-selling book and talk, 'The Life Coach™'.Maybe you're like me, and all-too-familiar with the struggle-to-success story of starting, sustaining, and scaling a business.I went from homelessness, divorce, and the death of my mom -- on the same … Continue reading Meet Coach AJ: