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The #1 Way To Make The MOST Money As A Coach

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The #1 Pricing Mistake Most New Coaches Make in Their Business {and How to Avoid It}!

Here’s ONE quick tip to implement for pricing your products and services and getting more sales in your business as a NEW Coach… Continue reading The #1 Pricing Mistake Most New Coaches Make in Their Business {and How to Avoid It}!

Frustrated with Clients?!…👀


This post/question was from a Coach who needed coaching!

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Small Group for West Georgia Christian Entrepreneurs


For Immediate Release
August 1, 2017

Contact: Andrieka J. Austin

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Oh, No He Didn’t!…


YESTERDAY I posted the two pictures below for VOTES on a potential book cover design for my NEW book, ‘The Boss of Me’ [The Struggle to Success] a guide for helping women entrepreneurs build W.E.A.L.T.H and Worth in business…

A guy inboxed me the following: ‘This is only an absolute opinion. Based on statistics, experience, and my Coach being the # 1 Wealth Coach In The World [He attached 7 pictures of them together]. Continue reading Oh, No He Didn’t!…

Success is…

cropped-the-bom-golden-logo3.jpgDear Entrepreneur,

Success is…

That feeling you get when you can cover the bill for lunch or dinner with a friend {knowing it happened because YOU sold a product or service YOU created and are PROUD of! – especially when that same friend told you to go get a “real” job by hinting around it in her own little subtle way!} – don’t be mad at her, vengeance is MINE saith the lordt! Continue reading Success is…

How Church Helped My Business!

I had just sat down alone at a table to take part in the event, when a nice lady approached me and asked if she could sit with me.13015653_10208077120518596_1687713149074469246_n

Of course, I said “Yes”.

As we began to get acquainted, the conversation somehow shifted to life, choices, and happiness.

I soon discovered (via what I now call a ‘Coaching Confessional’) that she was unhappily married and longing in her heart to be with a longtime friend, ex-boyfriend, and sweetheart from days long ago. Continue reading How Church Helped My Business!

Overcoming Overwhelm in Your Business!


FEELING OVERWHELMED in your business?!…

I understand.

Here’s a tip:

It helps me when I focus on ONE thing each day and do my best to tackle it before sundown {or 6pm when my workday officially ends–whichever comes first!}.

I also {like many entrepreneurs} like to “race against the clock” when trying to meet a deadline or get things done, so…

I {literally} will set the timer on my phone to do so!

Even during my favorite tv show’s commercial breaks [a great time for quick 2 minute tasks!], I try to work on bits and pieces of my business or whatever project I’m trying to attack that day.

And little-by-little, when I look up…it’s SO much closer to getting done {and I’m not stressing out as much to eventually meet the timer/deadline I was originally racing up against}!

Just a few tips I thought I’d share.

Hope this helps 😃

#HappyWorkday ☕

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You’re FIRED!

Well, not really! But…

Maybe one of your customers or clients might be after this post 👇 Continue reading You’re FIRED!

Is this YOU?!…

Is This You?!…
👉Your GREATEST CHALLENGE in your business is…making more money!
👉You’re a NATURAL at what you do, serving others. You just need a little HELP sharing with others exactly what it is you do {and WHY they need it}
👉You are HOPING to identify ‘what you’re doing WRONG’…or, better yet, what areas need to be “tweaked”
👉Your current income falls WAY BELOW your ideal goal, and are not going as planned {but you’re still hopeful!}
👉You “think” you want consistent clients, passive revenue, monthly sales
👉You have a STRONG desire to succeed {you may currently be the ONLY entrepreneur you know right now} – you may even know of others who’ve tried and failed at owning their own business, gave up, and went back to work!
👉But…you want to change the trajectory for leaving a legacy for your family, friends, fans, and even followers.
👉You ARE the ‘next generation’ – people {children included} are WATCHING you with GREAT EXPECTATION…
👉You know success is possible for you. It just seems “blocked” at the moment, and for SOME reason, you’re JUST NOT SEEING IT
👉You CAN’T TAKE Corporate America anymore.
👉You’re READY to QUIT and LIVE a more fulfilling, purposeful life
💻Let’s connect at

Get More Clients OR Get a “Real Job”

People: “AJ, my friends/family think I need to get a “real job”…how can I get more clients so I can FINALLY run my business full-time?”

Me: “Here’s my 20-point client-getting strategy where clients/customers…


1. Find me in a Facebook group

2. See a social media post from me

3. See me on a Facebook LIVE or Periscope video

4. Friend/Fan/Follow me online

5. Private inbox chat

6. Visit my website at

7. Reads the ‘Boss Blogs’ on my site

8. Signs up for my weekly emails

9. Receives my FREE business tips

10. Listens to me on a podcast/in-studio radio interview

11. Hears me on a webinar, telesummit, or conference call

12. Sees my face on a video interview

13. Watches a video of me teach LIVE

14. Meets me at a special event

15. Sees me speak LIVE/in-person

16. Has a 1:1 phone chat with me

17. Purchases a product and/or program

18. Receives a gift/giveaway from me

19. Updates me on progress

20. Keeps purchasing

and…the cycle continues!


What Do You Do?


Hope you’re wrapping up {and getting ready to begin} another successful week in your business!

By the way, what do you do in your business? Comment below and let me know please.

Welcome to the #bomsquad community where we promise to share helpful ways to help you increase your impact, influence, and income.

Here’s a new 26 minute {downloadable} audio training with you called, “Messaging Mastery”, where I share my story and show you how you can share yours too in a quick, easy-to-remember, step-by-step “magic” formula that can lead to you making more money in your business in minutes, when done right!

When you get a chance to download, listen in >>click here<< to do so.

During the call, I’m sharing with you how a drop out, divorce, death, and being down-on-my-luck all played a part in getting me where I am in my business today, and how sharing this message everywhere I go always results in…

  1. Getting more clients through the door, leading to a booked business with a waiting list of potential clients wanting to work with me on building their own business, like Janae…
  1. Getting invited to travel and share my story and business-building tactics both online and offline at conferences and seminars around the globe!
By the way, if you liked how I share my story, and you want to hear more {and glean some FREE tips on how you can make money sharing your story even better!}, you can >>click here<< to hear my recent podcast interview on:
  • How I transitioned from employee to entrepreneur
  • What works {and what doesn’t} when starting and growing a business
  • How to instantly increase your impact, influence, and income to build generational W.E.A.L.T.H

If you are TIRED of being broke, stuck, and struggling in your business >>click here<< to listen in NOW!
Plus, learn my #1 networking tip on how sharing your message {aka, “your story”} guarantees to help you work any room and make an impression resulting in potential leads every time!

I know you’re a woman on-the-move who’s in the delicate dance of building your home life and the hustle-and-grind balance of ‘being a BOSS’, with NO CLUE what should come next in growing and making money in your business!

My goal is to help you FIND THE TIME to learn, plot, strategize, and create a plan for your NEXT move {especially if you’re considering transitioning from your 9-to-5 hustle!} by providing you with easy, accessible trainings that you can listen to on your phone, tablet, ipad, laptop or pc while you’re in your car, shopping, on your lunch break, or hiding away in your office space getting it in!

No. Excuses.

Women around the world {like YOU!} are signing up daily to be a part of our community of like-minded ladies who are launching and re-launching their own personal business brands to share their gifts with the world at

So, you are not alone on this journey.

No matter where you are in your business, YOU NEED A PLAN that…

  • Makes sense to you
  • Is customized to your needs
  • Supports your schedule
  • Compliments your lifestyle

That’s why I {and the Boss Of Me™} community exist!

When you are READY {and only if you need to}, let’s set up a time to chat about your business, and what your needs are for getting ONE step closer on your journey to success.

I have 1 spot open on my calendar for Tuesday of this week to give you a FREE 30-minute Boss Of Me session to help get you going {and keep you moving forward} in your business!

When you comment below to tell me what you do in your business, let me know that you’re in!

Looking forward to talking with you soon.



Make Your “Mess” Your MESSAGE!…

In my hand, I hold…

a pair of LADIES BOXERS [unworn, of course!] designed by a coaching client who needed help “getting out there” and spreading the word to Neiman Marcus about her new product line for ladies!

.As the owner of a six figure business, she knows it’s not JUST about how much money you can invest in hiring a Coach.

You need someone who SPECIALIZES in what you NEED to help grow your business to greater success.

I’m a Business Coach specializing in motivating my clients to find the ‘MAGIC’ in their “mess” and turn it into a MESSAGE that makes them more MONEY in their business! 💳💵

I advise women in business to follow the following 4-step format:

1. Work on getting super clear on your messaging in the online/offline world by focusing on what results/outcomes you offer in your industry within the space you want to be known for.

2. Share any success you’ve already had [your own, plus client success stories, etc.]

3. Mix in your own personal story of struggle-to-success [how you got from where you WERE to where you ARE now]

4. Boost interest by sharing how you can help others create that SAME kind of systemized success using your products/services!

BONUS: Doing these 4 things will allow you to meet your desire to stay cash flow positive while sharing your work with the world! 🌎

Need help with your message?! Email me: and say so! 📩

[photo courtesy of: Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs [ACE]



Someone asked me “What’s your WHY?
I think it JUST clicked.

Here it is:

Because 70% of women small business owners make only $24,000 per year, and until recently, I was one of them.

I believe in self-empowerment, and if it’s true that women hold 80% of the buying power in today’s economy…

IMAGINE what who happen if we did business TOGETHER.

We would be able to EXCEED the income glass ceiling, provide support for ourselves AND each other for generations to come!

My WHY is because I BELIEVE I can best help women small business owners successfully go from where they are to where they WANT to be by sharing my story of struggle and success to help save them from making some of the same mistakes I made trying to grow a business alone.

As women small business owners, we can have what we WANT (the lifestyle, the freedom, etc), but we can get “there” FASTER to·get·ther!





From Homeless to Helping Entrepreneurs

It took me 15 years to complete college, but…I did it!

b.w 2016 Unsung Heroing Award and Profile Picture10 years ago I was homeless, sleeping in my car and on the floors and couches of family and friends. I’m now a homeowner.

This month 8 years ago, I was walking out of divorce court and received a call that my mother had just passed. I now have spiritual mothers.

My corporate job was downsized. I’m now an 11 year small business owner.

Thanks to the goodwill of the people who saw the gift, the anointing, and the potential to BELIEVE in me and to PRAY with me that I went from a homeless, divorced, college drop out without a mother who was unsure of my future…to a hopeful, happy, heart full entrepreneur who now helps women be the BOSS in building their businesses.

I realize that when I impact ONE life, I impact generations.

Whether she’s a single-mother or a single-again woman seeking financial and economic stability through business ownership, I…we impact lives!

Her children and her children’s children will SOMEhow benefit from the work we do today.

It’s because of people like DeQuanda Sanders having a vision and building great organizations like Saving Our Children And Families, Inc. that we are doing just that.

Because of you and the work you do, we CAN and we will continue to help ONE person at-a-time and continue to have a positive impact on generations to come.

And to those who came before us, THANK YOU!

I am honored, blessed, grateful, and humbled to accept this ‘Unsung Heroine Award’, as I believe that your mission and your vision will NEVER be as important to you than the lives you impact.

Thank you.



S.A.L.E.S Success Secrets!


Based on a recent conversation I had with one of my business coaching clients, regarding sales and the sales follow-up process, I wanted to share my 5-part s.a.l.e.s secret with you!

Our conversation started like this,

“Sales slip away from me. You’re the BEST closer I know. You didn’t let me get away. Please share 5 tips for a better close.”

The following are 5 quick {and easy} tips that you can instantly implement and increase your impact, influence, and income in your business today IF…

You too {are like so many entrepreneurs I coach} want to make more money in your business, but…selling just isn’t “your thing”, or you “feel weird” about asking for the sale, money, or business.

The OLD way of selling is NOT working [i.e., the icky car salesman approach to “just putting the customer in SOMEthing”], and it often leads topurchasing regret {aka, ‘buyer’s remorse’} and a high dissatisfaction/return/complaint/no-results rate on the back end of things.

The following tips are based on what has worked BEST for my business {I’ll be sharing tips #2-5 on future posts!}

This post focuses on today’s tip #1 in what I call the S.A.L.E.S process and each letter in the word “SALES” each play a vital role in creating a successful sales system that repeats positive results and great outcomes time and time again.

Let’s start with the letter “S” in the S.A.L.E.S process…

S is step 1 and stands for ‘Speak with’. I like to think of this as the beginning of a conversation between friends {no pushy/sticky icky “sales” tactics or schemes required!}.

When you allow yourself to think of this process as a private conversation on the couch between friends, it also makes it easier to keep in the back of your mind that you have something to contribute to the other person’s overall success! — Like a real friend always does :).

As you listen and find out where your friend {aka, ‘customer or client’} feels like they’re stuck. It helps to allow them to open up more, which helps you – as the friend {aka, ‘s.a.l.e.s person’} – understand where they are and they reallywant to be.

Think about the jewelry store Tiffany’s. They have private booths and rooms in a reserved part of their stores to have the S.A.L.E.S conversation between the jewelry buyer and the seller!

This has multiple advantages. It gives the buyer the chance to DREAM about what it would look like to finally make that purchase, and how different their life/happiness/mood/status will be afterwards.

Plus, it allows the seller the chance to give one-on-one time to focus on exactly what their friend {the customer or client} says they want. It’s an opportunity to get inside the minds of the buyer, allows them to “spill the beans” of the challenges/hurdles/struggles they’re facing as they also drop hints of what they really need from you {as the s.a.l.e.s friend!}.

This is where you’ll begin to understand how to:

  • Speak the language of your customer(s) all while
  • Keeping the conversation at least 90% focused on what the customer/client and their needs then…
  • Tenaciously solving their problem, but
  • Not PUSHING the issue. Instead, you listen and
  • Allow the customer to let YOU know how they believe you can help them best, based on what they want (and what you know you have to offer)–

When you keep these key things in mind mind from the very beginning of your s.a.l.e.s process when you first speak with a future client or customer,the process is off to a great start, and the momentum can only increase as you assess the needs of the client {which is the “A” in the S.A.L.E.S process that I’ll share with you in a future post!…}

What I know for sure…

As an award-winning Business Coach for women small business owners, I’m often asked how entrepreneurs can strengthen their message, get more clients, and make more money in their business.

As a result, I empower women small business owners to confidently connect via conversations that convert to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!

This conversation with one of my business coaching clients {and similar ones like it with entrepreneurs worldwide} has inspired me to share what I know, along with my own personal experience of how this system has worked for me in a ‘S.A.L.E.S Success Secrets‘ workshop.

If this {first of five} tip has been helpful to you, this free workshop is the place to be to get the help you need for your next level of the S.A.L.E.Sconversation-to-conversion process in your business!

Together, we walk through the process of how to…

  • Discover the secret to successful selling
  • Attract more clients and customers to your business
  • Uncover tips to systemize your sales success
  • Get helpful tools for your next sales conversation
  • Plus, you’ll get a sales follow-up formula that guarantees repeat sales!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to post your comment below on your ‘aha’from this post and what the “S” in sales means to {and for} you, your customers/clients, and the future s.a.l.e.s process in your business.

I’ll see you in the NEXT post, as we discuss the “A” in S.A.L.E.S, and how to “Assess” the the needs, wants, and desires or our customers and clients!

P.S. – Shouts out  to Yar, my coaching client for getting this conversation going, and allowing me to share what started out as a private 1:1 coaching conversation {a part of the “s” in the process!} with the world in order to help coach other business leaders and entrepreneurs both now and for generations to come!



WHY I Do What I Do…

I am in business because, I know what it’s like to have a head FULL of business ideas but having…

»NO ONE to share those ideas with
»NO ONE to point me in the right direction
»NO ONE to share valuable resources with me
»NO ONE to help me create a money-making masterplan
»NO ONE to support my business ideas
»NO ONE to help me implement

It is SO important for me to be SEEN {and on BEAM} because there are thousands of women small business owners around the world who need me to be ALL of the above to help them take their business to the next level!

The level of impact I can {and do} have with increased visibility is simply amazing! When I impact ONE life, that affects generations!

The call on my life to educate, empower, encourage, and engage with entrepreneurs is what inspires me to keep pushing!




My Expertise…

Hey there!

I’m Andrieka J. Austin

I also go by AJA for short.

I am a Business Coach for women small business owners.

I specialize in Vision Elevation;

Helping you ‘see beyond’ where you are and getting you ONE step closer on your journey to success.

I help you use what you know and leverage that expertise to increase your impact, influence, and income.

I specifically focus on businesses seeking to start, sustain, and scale their success through clarity, focus accountability and results  [c.f.a.r].

CFAR is all about helping you ‘see far’ beyond where you are to where you want to be, and mapping out a plan of ACTION to help you get there!

I offer encouragement, empowerment, education, and engagement for entrepreneurs via a community of connections and conversation.

I like to say that I help women small business owners be the b.o.m…the boss of me in their business!



20 Top Recommended and Resources for Growing Your Business!

20 Recommended Resources and Good Books for Help with Growing Your Business:

  1. Go Pro; 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre
  2. Go For No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz
  3. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  4. Where Will You Be Five years From Today? by Dana Zadra
  5. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
  6. Leading the Starbucks Way; 5 Principles for Connecting with Your Customers, Your Products and Your People by Joseph Michelli
  7. Delivering Happiness; A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh
  8. Platform; Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt
  9. Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization by Dave Logan
  10. Good To Great; Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t by Jim Collins
  11. Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students and Why “B” Students Work for the Government; Richdad’s Guide to Financial Education for Parents by Robert Kiyosaki
  12. If You Don’t Like Your Harvest, Change Your Seed by Terrance Ross
  13. 7 Laws You Must Honor To Have Uncommon Success by Mike Murdock
  14. The Entrepreneur Mind; 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs by Kevin D. Johnson
  15. Teach and Grow Rich by Danny Iny
  16. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowicz

Other Resources:

  1. Download Kindle for PC
  3. Youtube channels and personalities
  4. TEDTalks



The 9 P’s of Growing Your Small Business

The 9 P’s of Growing Your Small Business

  1. Place yourself in a
  2. position to
  3. present your
  4. packages to groups/individuals who will
  5. pay you for your
  6. professional services. Send your
  7. proposal to
  8. people you need to be in front of and you’ll find your
  9. perfect client(s).




Is Your Business ‘Just A Phase’?!…

The years I’ve spent as a Coach for women small business owners have taught me that there are three main stages in business.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur listen up!

You will most likely fit in 1 of 3 of these categories/levels/stages/phases in your business

The first is the startup phase.

This is when you’ve been in business five years or less.

You have one employee (you!) and maybe an intern or volunteer on occasion.

You’re still trying to figure things out.

You are working on learning your “stuff” (i.e., business product(s) and service(s) information better.

You are finding your way and your ‘fit’ in your industry {and if this is really a viable business to invest more time and money into).

You are still guessing, brainstorming, dreaming, full of ideas, and trying to create a process that works and will make this business startup/entrepreneurship thing work for you.

Next is the sustainability phase.

At this point, you’ve been in business for more than five years.

You have one employee (still you!) and at least a part-time staff member, a few volunteers and interns.

Things are flowing good.

The business is sustaining itself (paying for everything it NEEDS to stay afloat):

  • payroll
  • phone
  • internet
  • office space (or co-work space)
  • website upkeep
  • funding for business-related travels (meetings, lunches, coffees, etc.)
  • business promotional tools to market (business cards, marketing/promotional products, etc.)
  • business growth tools (trainings, coaching, knowledge resources and tools like books, cds, magazines, courses, etc.)
  • add your extras here: ___________________________


The final phase is scaling your small business for growth.

I’m now in this stage, thanks to more than ten years of starting and sustaining my dream!

You’ve spent at a minimum of seven years in your business and getting things up, running, and now growing to the next level.

You are ready for the big leagues.

You’re in it for the long-haul.

You are ready for more.

You are super serious about your business.

You have {or are building} flawless systems in place to automate and (at least some) of your revenue.

You have a full-time staff: you + a team of two or more.

You have set wheels in-motion to retire from your business in a few short years.

You are ready to be more and do more in your business to make a greater impact in the world.

You have a deep, burning desire to influence and help more people.

You want to use what you know as leverage to bring in more income for yourself and your business.

So, now that you know the 3 phases business…

Which phase is your business in?!

Are you getting things up-and-running (startup), is your business is taking care of itself–and you! (sustaining), or is your business growing (or ready to grow) to that next level as you build a legacy, make more of an impact, and have more of an influence with what you do in your business (scaling)?!

Leave your comments below, and let’s chat!



3 Ways to ROCK Your Business in The New Year!…

Here are 3-Steps to help you ROCK your business in the New Year!

Step 1: Have a ‘Vision’ for the New Year (and beyond)

Knowing what a successful business looks like for you…

For example: more money (if so, how much more–be specific, as this helps set up your vision for success!)

Next, how do you plan to make that much more money? (i.e., writing and selling a book)

“Do things that set you up for the next 365 days and beyond!”


For Example: write the first page, then the first chapter of the book you’ve been longing to bring forth (start with a simple jot list of the title + a list of 10 topics you want to address in your book) — this sets the foundation and puts you one step closer to achieving your 365-day goal–with this type of vision planning in place, IMAGINE where you could be by this time next year!

Step 2: Define Your Business and Life Purpose

This means knowing why you’re here {the meaning of your life and the reason for your business} — and being able to clearly express that outloud! It also clarifies what you’re meant to do while you’re here…

For example: pay attention to what easily falls into place for you in your life

Learning {being a student-whether at a university, sitting in the audience at a conference or at church, or simply reading a blog or a good book} comes naturally to me. It’s preferred. I do it with ease. It’s how I most naturally spend my time{absorbing knowledge}.

Question: What comes naturally for you? (and maybe your clients comment on) in your business?…

Here’s how I flow…

Knowledge-sharing {being the teacher, the leader, the expert, and the authority figure on a specific topic} is second-nature to me. I am passionate and purposeful about sharing what I learn and all of the information I absorb.

It then goes into what I do in my business as a Business and Life Coach by breaking down this information to my clients:

I use everything that I have learned and experienced up to this point to now help my clients go from broke to new ideas on how to make more money, from being “stuck” to thinking on a much larger scale for their business growth, and from struggling to no longer finding themselves in a bind, and it’s then that they are ready to move forward with growing their business to further success!

Step 3: Create a REAListic Plan

Re-visit step 1 with…

knowing what your VISION is for your life and your business


getting clear on what success will look like (in detail) for YOU and your business

Set yourself up to carry out this plan successfully over the next 365-days and beyond! — take a moment or two to dream about this time NEXT year and what can, will, and should be different {and better} for you in your life and business! —imagine the possibilities…

Get a better, much deeper understanding for why you’re here on this earth and the real meaning behind your business

Here’s a little story...

I had a client who recently started a non-profit organization that coordinates educational field trips for school-aged children, yet her professional background was in banking and finances.Although it took hours of brainstorming and asking her truth-seeking questions, we were able to uncover her new-found life and business purpose and meaning!

Each of her children had grown up and some had moved away. Deep down, she missed the together-time she used to have with them as kids taking family trips and vacations. This is now the drive, inspiration, purpose and meaning behind her new organization for kids and their families!–This came naturally for her. How amazing is that?!…

Here Are YOUR Next Steps:

  1. Answer the questions I mentioned earlier
  2. Take time to write out a simple plan (just a little something on a notepad or on your laptop)
  3. List in detail exactly what you want, where you want to go, how you want to get there, and what you can do TODAY to take that first step in moving forward!

Complete EACH of the steps mentioned and you will have set things in motion to do GREAT things in the NEXT year {or two} to come!!!

Do YOU have another STEP to add to the list for how to ROCK OUT your business for the New Year?!…

Share your comments below



You’ve Made Me PROUD!!!…2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.



4 Mistakes That Keep You BROKE In Business!

Are You BROKE in Your Business???…

If so, you’re PROBABLY making (at least ONE) of these 4 mistakes:

Mistake #1: Not Knowing When to Let Go…Identifying {and acknowledging} areas of personal and professional areas for improvement helps you get to (and stay in) a place of clarity and focus.

Mistake #2: Not Seeking Guidance…Get clear on what type of guidance you may need for your business. This process will allow you to discover your true strengths, see opportunities, and find peer-inspired success models for your journey.

Mistake #3: No Passion…Define your real passion and make no excuses! When you reveal your inner drive for the purpose, meaning, and the truth behind your business and life existence, you also begin to recognize the signs of passion for a cause that is true to you. Your true passion may only be an ‘aha’ away!

Mistake #4: No Funds…Have an established business investment plan and a good, clear idea of funding criteria and what you are willing to exchange for the financial support of your business. Be able to speak of your own investments first as you evaluate your NEXT steps for growth in your business. Seek additional resources help keep on-track to meet your financial goals!

These are the only 4 mistakes I see entrepreneurs make that keep them from making money in their businesses and my advice for going from BROKE to “unbroke”!

My Advice: Allow yourself to be honest and see things for what {and where} they are. Discover the benefits of recruiting a strong support team of wise counsel to get the helpful, professional insight you need to move your business closer to success. This will give you a clear idea on what next steps to take for the road ahead as you allow the inspiration to unfold for how to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN for you in your life and in your business!

Do any of these mistakes sound familiar?!…Share your comments below.



4 GREAT Ways to Get UNSTUCK and STOP Struggling In Business

If you find yourself at a “sticking point” in your business you just can’t seem to get past…

Here are 4 GREAT tips to help you get (and stay) unstuck and K.eep I.t M.ovingin business!.

  1. See the value in what you have to offer and the difference it can make in someone else’s destiny. There is only so much time we are allowed to exist on this earth. Someday is not a day on the calendar and it may never get here. Stop putting things off for later and move ahead!
  2. Whether your fear is of success or failure, allow yourself to be who you truly are and move forward. Choosing not to do anything means that you may (secretly) like things the way they currently are in your life and business. Before you determine your failure, first define your success!
  3. Despite your super-human strength, you cannot do it all by yourself. Knowing when to officiate and delegate allows you more freedom to seize the right opportunities. Aligning your business goals with your daily tasks determines successful investment of your time and money. List priority tasks and develop a team to support successful ca
    rryout the majority of those duties.
  4. Once you know you, your business, and WHY you do what you do, brand it. Having confidence in your strengths and your business offerings allows you to focus on the specific needs of those you serve. You are your brand. Set yourself apart to stand out. Be creative and be you. Keep in mind that your network reflects who you are, so recruit the efforts of brand ambassadors and mentors through social media supporters and other platforms.

These are 4 GREAT ways to help move YOU forward in business for years to come!Share your thoughts and comments below on how you’ve got “unstuck” and kept it MOVING in your business…

The NEW book, Secrets of a Socialprenista: The TOP 8 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke, Stuck and Struggling offers helpful tips, tools, and tidbits of expert advice on how to get clear and focused in your life and in business. Learn more at



Because You’re WORTH It!…

I was among a phenomenal group of established and aspiring women entrepreneurs recently, and THIS topic came up…

How Do I Know {and Communicate} My Worth?…


In an effort to assist these ladies, and help other entrepreneurs out there, here are 6 “Ez” Ways to ‘Know {and communicate} Your Worth’.

Your worth is based on:

1. Education – the time you have spent/invested in formal education and certification, training, reading, researching, and coaching

2. Experience – your professional and personal journey, what it has taught you, and how that translates to your knowledge, skills, and abilities

3. Enthusiasm – how passionate you are about your gift / industry, and the joy/excitement you bring to what you do!

4. Engaging Encounters – with past and potential clients by being involved, updating them, keeping them “in the know”, and following up with them throughout the process of working with you

5. Expectations – the results clients expect (or ones you guarantee) you give to give via your products and/or services, plus your own


6. Emotions – your feelings about money…

Side Note on good emotions: I LOVE the confidence I feel when I have

  • money my account
  • gas in my car
  • bills paid up {months in advance!}
  • food in the fridge
  • and when I can still go shopping for WHATEVER else I need, want, desire, and CHOOSE with C-O-N-F-D-E-N-C-E that my check card will go through, and that little point of purchase machine screen will read “APPROVED!”

Now, THAT is a GREAT feeling!!]


bademotions – fear of

  • where your next payment or deposit is coming from
  • how the bills are going to get paid
  • how you are going to afford to put gas in your car
  • how you’re going to eat
  • how to get the money up to buy things you need (forget “affording” what you want and deserve!).


Let’s Recap…

6 Ez Ways to Know {and communicate} Your Worth are:




Engaging Encounters



I came up with each of these all on my own! They are Ez to remember and communicate. However, you have to BELIEVE with confidence that this is WHY you charge what you do for your business’ products/services. Because you’re WORTH it!

What are YOUR thoughts on better ways to KNOW your WORTH?!…

Comment below


A Great Lesson On Branding!

Thinking back over the many challenges I have encountered in my decade-and-a-half career as an entrepreneur and what it took to overcome them would make the average person’s head spin! I have learned many interesting and insightful points about branding myself as a leader in my industry.

Everything from

  • getting plenty of rest
  • working out regularly
  • relieving the stresses of the daily demands of business ownership
  • keeping a polished look
  • maintaining a positive attitude and outlook {#NoMatterWhat!}

All of those things, plus having emotional stability/intelligence and “tough skin” and moving forward at all costs are all extremely important parts of sustaining a great image.

When focusing on branding yourself as a woman business owner and leader in your industry, there are some important key qualities and attributes you must possess and display. Basic, personal characteristics like maintaining a high level of integrity and honesty will get you a long way. Having a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence along with a positive personality and an optimistic outlook on business and life in general are personal (and professional) traits that will serve you well everywhere you go! In my own experience, each of these traits has served my personal and professional brand and can serve your too extremely well!



‘Beer Cans and Bees’: 5 Business Lessons I Learned From My Mother!


 ‘Beer Cans and Bees’:

5 Business Lessons I Learned From My Mother

{a story about collecting beer cans}

I grew up in low-income housing in Douglasville, GA.

The mentality of poverty was common-place, except for one smart woman I know…My mom.

A neighborhood clean-up project, was disguised as my first entrepreneurial endeavor.

With my mom as my first business partner, (I’d collect the empty soda and beer cans to collect return deposits; she’d provide the XL brown and clear garbage bags).

Together, we’d store the findings behind our apartment.

The beer cans drew in the bees.

So, beer cans, bees and all the cans were collected, wrapped, and stored in garbage bags behind our house until a mass can collection day.

Can collection cash-in day was when my mom and I would haul my bags of cans – I always had to wait until I had several bags  of cans collected – off to the local grocery store parking lot where a big tractor trailer was housed and stood tall on what I remember looking like kick-stands on a bicycle.

This is where the bags of cans were weighed, and I was paid (something like $.25 a pound) based on the weight of the bag.

So, of course, the heavier the bag of cans, the better.

Only the neighborhood “bums” and “ho-bos” were doing this at that time — late 80’s — they were on to something!

Lessons Learned from this experience:

1) I was taught how to afford it. My mom was a single-parent of 3 kids, so when mom “didn’t have it”, she taught us how to ‘go get IT’!

2) Perseverance. The overall project goal (for me) was heavier trash bags FULL of collected cans. For mom, it was a contribution to keeping the neighborhood clean. Both of our wishes and desires were granted! We both were happy; Me with money, and mom with doing her part to train me on the importance (and the payoff) of giving back to the neighborhood and my community – in a sense, she sent me as her representative! – it was her way of giving back.

3)There is always SOMETHING you can do to make your situations or circumstances, your community, and ultimately the world a better place

4) Patience. It took days, months, and weeks at a time to collect the amount of cans that would mean a BIG payoff for an 8 year old kid. The amount of money didn’t matter, as long as I knew payday was coming!

5) There’s ALWAYS MORE where that came from!

  • People always threw cans on the ground in my neighborhood
  • Sometimes the smashed/”smooshed”/pressed down/compacted (usually happens when they are stomped on and crushed together) cans were nearly buried in soil, which meant they had probably been there for a long time

In my learning, I saw that this was a repeatable process that contributed to such worthy causes; global impact (recycling), neighborhood cleanup, my piggy bank, and my mom’s heart to help.

Imagine this project today versus how it was in the 80’s. The tweets, the pics, the facebook posts, the payout…I think the only problem would be getting today’s youth interested on such an impactful, noble, and worthy cause! – Thank you!

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New Feature: Guest Blogger Wednesdays in 2015

New Feature: Guest Blogger Wednesdays in 2015.

TAKE ON The Task of Doing It All

The BEAUTY of entrepreneurship is that you don’t have to be “it” all, nor do you have to do it all by yourself!

There are some tasks that you are sure to welcome the opportunity to pass off to someone else.

The key to the idea of ‘taking on the task of attempting to “do it all” lies in knowing when to officiate and when to delegate and pouncing on opportunities for the right help at the right time (and place).

I often advise my coaching clients to take on the task of attempting to do it all through a step by step process.

It starts with knowing how to put off procrastination.

When you’re finally FINISHED fearing failure you are then ready to move on to the next step of conquering the ‘Super Woman Syndrome’ of attempting to do it all (at least on your own).

You kick this bad habit to the curb by listing your business goals.

This process is important as it allows you to “empty your brain” by writing out what you want and why you want it, plus how each item on your list individually aligns with your business and/or professional goals and your current life focus.

Be smart.

Determine when and where you (realistically) want to (successfully) invest your time.

Be sure it leads new ways of increasing your impact, influence, and income!

You achieve this by successfully mapping out tasks  that you DO NOT want to do yourself, and building a TEAM of VIPs {Volunteers, Interns, and Personnel}.

These are professional (and pre-professional) individuals that you can invest a few hours of training in to help you accomplish your business mission and vision.

Attempting to do it all

Here are 8 quick tips, tools, and tidbits for how to successfully start, sustain, and scale a support team to help you reach that NEXT level with your business goals:

  1. Provide detailed instructions to your VIP team on what a successful project looks like for your business
  2. Have a goal deadline and a project end-of-date in mind before sharing the details with your team
  3. Sync the start and end time of each project with your new VIPs on-boarding and off-boarding dates
  4. Divide lengthy assignments between more than one volunteer, intern, or personnel
  5. Pep things up with a weekly “pep talk” or meeting with your staff to be sure things stay on task
  6. Determine your priority projects beforehand
  7. Get feedback and suggestions from current VIPs on how to recruit even better help and improve your team-building
  8. Create a referral system for your current volunteers, interns, and personnel’s colleagues, classmates, friends and associates to come work with you too! {Remember the saying ‘Birds of a feather flock together’, and if they did great work, there is hope that their friends may too!}

As a final tidbit of (FREE) helpful business advice, let me give you this personal confessional (for you to repeat as often as you like…print it out…post it up in your office!). Repeat after me: 

I am a SUPER human, but I am not Super Human.

 I know when (and what) to delegate. 

I have a current list of my business goals. 

 I am clear on what I want for my life and my business.

 My business and life goals are set.

I have invested wisely in building my support team.

 I invest my time wisely to best benefit my business.

 I give detailed project information to my support team.

 I show my support team how much I appreciate their support.

 I assign all projects beginning with a successful end in mind.

 I have pep-talks with my team to boost morale and success.

My to-do tasks are prioritized, clear and can be delegated.

Now, Woooooosah!

If you have read my last two posts on 12 ways to put off procrastination AND how to FINALLY finish fearing failing, you can now add to your list of conquerings that you have SUCCESSFULLY defeated one of the TOP 8 mistakes that women entrepreneurs make that keep them BROKE, STUCK, AND STRUGGLING in their businesses: taking on the task of attempting to do it all.

If you need help affirming and inspiring yourself to greatness consistently, click to download your step-by-step guide of the NEW  book Secrets of A Socialprenista: The PINK Print

It features the TOP 8 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke, Stuck, and Struggling in Their Business and inspiration for the journey!

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©Copyright 2014 The Socialprensita™ and Andrieka J. Austin, All Rights Reserved

Finally FINISH Fearing Failing!

Being a Business and Life Coach for women entrepreneurs has taught me alot about the various (and seemingly endless) obstacles of women in business.

No matter how vast the list of struggle topics, it helps to learn  how to celebrate your strengths, opportunities, and successes.

Focusing on the positive gives you the inner drive to do more of what you love with extra time in your day!

However, you have to train your brain on how to FINISH fearing failure {and success} ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Fear of failureOnce you accomplish the number one mistake women entrepreneurs make that keep them broke stuck and struggling in their business [procrastinationyou prepare yourself to move forward and make better choices in your business.

It helps to remember that the work you choose not to do determines your overall business success or failure.

Because you realize that “someday” is not a day on the calendar (and that it will never get here), you begin to see the value in what you have to offer and the difference it can (and will) make in someone else’s destiny.

There is only so much time we are allowed to exist on this earth, so what are you waiting for?…

It is time to get busy and do what you know you have been called to do, fearlessly!

Remember, you are in business to SERVE and it’s really not all about you (stop making it so!).

Make the decision TODAY to get over yourself and the “fear” of failure (or success).

Here’s a little help with a short declaration to help get you started…

Repeat this Daily Declaration to help you MOVE FORWARD and KEEP GOING — beyond your fears!…

I have my own definition of what failure is, yet I have defined what success looks like for me. 

I cannot live my life afraid to fail. I acknowledge my own personal truth and I allow myself the freedom to be me. 

I am moving forward and changing only what I know I can. 

I have a vision for my life to be better in some way every day, and I am moving beyond my fear(s) to make this happen. 

What “they” say is not my concern nor is it my business. 

I will live the life I desire to live and no matter what, I will not give up!


If you need help affirming and inspiring yourself to greatness consistently, click to download your step-by-step guide of the NEW forthcoming book Secrets of A Socialprenista: The PINK Print [now available].

It features the TOP 8 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke, Stuck, and Struggling in Their Business (‘fear of failing is one of them!) and inspiration for the journey!

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