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#Coaches…Here’s How to Turn “Free” Coaching Sessions Into GREAT Clients!

Here is my 20-point process for Coaches on how to handle those {sometimes pesky} "free" coaching strategy sessions to help you attract your ideal client, and lead to the sale: Get to know the person you're talking to Learn about his or her life, business, relationship, financial health, physical fitness goals {or whatever YOU coach … Continue reading #Coaches…Here’s How to Turn “Free” Coaching Sessions Into GREAT Clients!

The EASIEST #Speaking Gigs for Coaches!

Here is the link to the 25 minute audio training just for Coaches who are looking to land EASY speaking opportunities this year to help you grow your coaching business where I shared the 7-part MAGIC formula on: Virtual / Digital Interview Speaking Tips How to Prepare for Online Interviews What are the 4 Main Types of Digital Interviews {'Speaking Opps'} … Continue reading The EASIEST #Speaking Gigs for Coaches!

10 Tips for Telling a GOOD Story {And Attracting The RIGHT Coaching Clients}!

This is for you if… You’ve ever been to a networking event, and when someone asks, ‘So, what do you do’?... After you tell them, they just shake their heads, nod-and-smile, and say, “Oh! Okay. – Do you a have a business card?”, and they politely take your business card, skim over it, excuse themselves … Continue reading 10 Tips for Telling a GOOD Story {And Attracting The RIGHT Coaching Clients}!

What Do You Do?

Hey! Hope you’re wrapping up {and getting ready to begin} another successful week in your business! By the way, what do you do in your business? Comment below and let me know please. Welcome to the #bomsquad community where we promise to share helpful ways to help you increase your impact, influence, and income. Here's a new 26 … Continue reading What Do You Do?


{THIS TIME LAST YEAR} Someone asked me "What's your WHY?" I think it JUST clicked. Here it is: Because 70% of women small business owners make only $24,000 per year, and until recently, I was one of them. I believe in self-empowerment, and if it's true that women hold 80% of the buying power in … Continue reading My WHY…

From Homeless to Helping Entrepreneurs

It took me 15 years to complete college, but...I did it! 10 years ago I was homeless, sleeping in my car and on the floors and couches of family and friends. I'm now a homeowner. This month 8 years ago, I was walking out of divorce court and received a call that my mother had … Continue reading From Homeless to Helping Entrepreneurs

S.A.L.E.S Success Secrets!

Our conversation started like this, “Sales slip away from me. You’re the BEST closer I know. You didn’t let me get away. Please share 5 tips for a better close.” The following are 5 quick {and easy} tips that you can instantly implement and increase your impact, influence, and income in your business today IF... You too {are like so many entrepreneurs I coach} want to make more money in your business, but…selling just isn’t “your thing”, or you "feel weird" about asking for the sale, money, or business.

The Life Coach [Book]

Your guide to what every professionally trained, internationally recognized Certified Life Coach must know to be profitable and successful – and why it’s not okay to just call yourself a ‘Coach’ – plus, how to become skilled and trained in the proper professional protocol to handle people (and help your clients quickly achieve what they … Continue reading The Life Coach [Book]

Female Founders

"Women face some challenges when they represent the voice of the founder in their marketing efforts. In particular, the biases people have about the competence, education, and capabilities of women based on their appearance and the sound of their voice. Many women face additional challenges due to biases people have based on their race, religion, class, culture, sexuality, and other aspects of their identity."


I WENT FROM THE LOSS OF A JOB AND HOMELESSNESS TO BUILDING A GLOBAL MASTER LIFE COACH TRAINING AGENCY...   AS SEEN ON: From: AJ Austin Douglasville, Georgia I'm Andrieka J. Austin, also known as, 'Coach AJ";, Master Life CoachTrainer - in partnership with, 2x award-winning, 12x Author and Best-Seller, a Tony Gaskins Academy Certified Life Coach, … Continue reading MEET COACH AJ