I was a partner in a Life Coach company that downsized last year, which left me unemployed and facing homelessness…again!

By special request of my online and offline friends who still wanted to become Life Coaches to earn an additional income stream for their families, I was encouraged to start my own Life Coach Certification training program online for women around the world.

I have a degree in Training and Development. I’m a Certified Life Coach.

I’ve trained and certified 130 Life Coaches around the world and 98 percent of them are African American women. 

My business challenges the societal norm of seeing non-African American women as successful owners of their own Life Coach Certification Training.

It also challenges the stigma of women in technology being few and far between.

It challenges the stereotype that black women can’t and don’t work together.

It challenges the coaching industry’s norm to pay thousands of dollars for “accreditation” from a specific organization that’s attempting to dominate the Life Coach Certification training portion of the Life coaching industry.

The women I serve are 45-55 year old moms and soon-to-be empty nesters who are seeking to reintroduce themselves to a society of other mothers, daughters, sisters, friends by serving as a Life Coach helping others set goals, achieve results and take action in their own life.

Helping black women Life Coaches confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards through my best-selling program, The LIFE COACH Self-Study System™



On April 14, 2008 I was homeless, dealing with a divorce and the death of my mother – on the same day.

Soon-after, my corporate job down-sized and I spent the next few years getting my life together.
I decided to take control of my destiny.

But, I felt like I needed permission.
I had a burning desire for knowledge and a passion for helping others.

As a former Psychology major at Clark Atlanta University, I vowed to ‘help others while helping myself’ understand life and heal our way through it).

April 27, 2013, I became an internationally recognized Certified Personal Life Coach.

I studied my notes from class, re-read the training manual, read tons of books, watched various DVDs and online videos, listened to countless cassette tapes, CDs, and audio books, attended any special event, conference, summit, panel, symposium, tele-conference, webinar, and seminar I could get access to or get my hands on.

What I learned, plus the framed certificate on my home-office wall gave me exactly what I needed to start my new journey as a Certified Life Coach.

My business provides online 1-day Life Coach Certification training for Black women.

127 Certified so far!

My business empowers women by helping breathe life into black women and their lifelong dream of becoming a Certified Life Coach and starting their own small business like a coaching company, working from home to help them bring in extra income for their families.

Seeing me progress through the turmoil of homelessness, divorce, downsizing, and the death of my mom all on the same day while growing a small business during a pandemic, and such a time as these of civic, civil, and economic unrest empowers women to believe that they too have it within themselves to make a positive impact on the world while building, living, and leaving a legacy for future generations to come.

My goal is to educate more women on how they too can continue to impact lives and earn extra income working from home as an internationally Certifed Life Coach.


I use my story of homelessness, divorce, and the death of my mom — on the same day — to help black women online around the world achieve entrepreneurship by becoming a Certified Life Coach online…in a day!

My year-long Mastermind and Mentorship, Boss of Me University, offers specialized trainings for winning clients and helping YOU get paid more money in your coaching company and budding coaching business brand.

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Maybe you’re like me, and all-too-familiar with the struggle-to-success story of starting, sustaining, and scaling a coaching company…

My coaching company, The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC (ICLCT) and Boss of Me University™ is an online Training and Development Company for Coaches.


It’s the FIRST one in the world owned by an African American woman who’s also professional Trainer with a Bachelors of Applied Science (BaSc) degree from Mercer University in Training and Development (with a focus/specialty on Adult Learning).

I’m a Master Life Coach Trainer with 7+ years of Life Coaching experience, coaching industry research and retention mastery

I served, trained, and certified 127 Certified Life Coaches across North America and in The Cayman Islands

After 250+ hours of LIVE in-person and LIVESTREAM Life Coach Certification Training I provide a 1-Day Online Life Coach Certification Self-Study training that breaks down the dynamics of how to

  • C.O.A.C.H

Here are my most requested speaking topics for Entrepreneur along with brief descriptions for potential workshop / speaking topic(s) incorporates inspiration based on my story and teaches others a new skill based on my entrepreneurial e



The LIFE C.O.A.C.H is about entrepreneurship via the work from home experience of becoming a Certified Life Coach. It’s an in-depth look into the journey of finding your purpose and meaning + life-long call to becoming a Certified Life Coach. It’s focused on helping participants find out if they have “coaching qualities” and want to use those gifts to help others by becoming Life Coach/entrepreneur.

You’re letting time pass you by and see others success (and you feel like you’re missing out). Tired of feeling frustrated with helping people have breakthroughs in their lives – for free? If you’re ready to get paid to help people, invest in bettering yourself, build your business brand, and start your own life coaching business, tis virtual training course helps Black women of faith become a Certified Life Coach online in one day.

Companion piece: The LIFE C.O.A.C.H [Revisited] eaudio program + The LIFE C.O.A.C.H Quiz

Companion: The LIFE C.O.A.C.H [Revisited] eaudio program

Successfully Self-Employed: How to avoid the TOP 8 mistakes most entrepreneurs make that leave them broke, stuck, and struggling in their business – Companion: Secrets of A Socialprenista (ebook, print book, and audio book)

Becoming A Professional (Paid) Speaker: Learn how to go from FREE to fee-based speaking opportunities (without giving everything you know away) – Companion: #SpeakUp ebook + Book BONUSES

Messaging MAGIC!: Story-telling (and selling) for Small Business Owners: Learn the 5 steps for how to confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks and credit cards (without feeling pushy, cheesy or salesy) – Companion: Messaging MAGIC! ebook + BONUS video

Passive Profits: How to setup an automatic income stream in your business (without being a technology wizard) – Companion: Passive Profits ecourse[quick automatic income + very little tech]

Event description: The purpose of the ‘Passive Profits’ talk is to provide an interactive mini-workshop experience that shares quick tips, tools, and tidbits of knowledge and insight with audience members. The goal of ‘Passive Profits’ is to offer full-on engagement and a hands-on experience where each audience member can expect to (quickly) learn how to setup a digital, automatic income stream in their small business without having to be a technology wizardThis event is best for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs with service-based businesses with a desire to set a small portion of their service up semi-passively to educate their buyers onlineThe key takeaway for audience members is being provided with an outline of a step-by-step process for how to share what they do in their business, who they do it for, and how they do it using online platforms.

Voyage ATL Magazine Feature

“Hi, my name is Melissa Dietrich. I’m the Associate Director of Longwood Gardens and I just would like to say workingthat with AJ has been fantastic. We have been working for two years planning a symposium for professionals of public gardens across the US. We had 117 colleagues join us. AJ was able to lead us through a workshop to talk about how to explore our gardens, but create a very specific message to connect to our donors, and our members, engaging them to help support public gardens. Thank you.”

Melissa Deitrich, American Public Gardens Association (Philadelphia)

“We just finished up a meeting of The Writers Guild, where AJ Austin was the Guest Speaker. She was phenomenal. She was off the charts! The people loved her nteractive workshop. The information was superb!” -Douglas County Writer’s Guild, FounderFrequently Asked Questions

What topics do you speak on?

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What is your Speaker’s fee?

Can you make an appearance? If so, what is your Appearance fee?How many people should be in the group for you to come speak?How long have you been doing this?Do you travel?Do you host online trainings?Do you only work with Coaches?How long are your events?What do I need to know (or have in place) before I book you?We are a nonprofit. Can you volunteer or donate your services?Do you offer scholarships?What are your requirements for my organization to book you as a Speaker?




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