As a Master Life Coach Certification Trainer for Black women of the Christian faith, the topic of ‘burn out’ and ‘church hurt’ remain at the forefront of the discussions I’m consistently having with my trained Coaches (especially those newer in ministry).

There is tons of talk of church leaders resigning…or walking away from the ministry/faith altogether (or being “run out of congregations…” for various racial/religious incongruencies — which brings tears to my eyes (and memories of personally dealing with multiple accounts of this in my 30+ years in ministry and as a well-known Leader in the Black Church Business Communities in my small hometown.

The beauty of it all is that this widespread ‘great resignation’ is expanding the territory of more church leaders (like YOU) to tell your stories (on podcasts, in books, by hosting your own events, etc.) and finding your TRUE tribe by becoming a Black Woman Chrisitan Certified Life Coach.

Most of my life, I have been told how my gifts (which God promises in Proverbs 18:16, ‘will make room for you’) go beyond the four-walls of the church. For YEARS I wondered what that meant when it came to serving in my purpose.

I’m SO glad I found coaching (and Chrisitan Psychology), which allowed me to combine my LOVE for leading, serving, helping (and ministering the gospel) –whether I had a church home or was seeking God on finding a NEW one — with those who “get it” (and are ready to receive it).

Because it’s a well-known fact that the call to serve does not go away…even when we ‘resign’} heart [it’s a tough topic that requires transparency that many…most are not ready (or equipped) for].

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