Black Business Woman Secures $10,000 In Non-traditional Business Funding In Less Than 90 days!

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Black Business Woman raises and secures $10,000 in non-traditional business funding and financing to help cut daily operating expenses in less than 90 days.

“The number of Black-owned businesses have increased in the last months, and these business owners are consistently looking for ways to save money, make more money, and surround themselves with a community of support and connections to help their business grow.” -Dr. AJ Austin

Dr. Andrieka J. Austin (Dr. AJ) founded The Resource Pod via Private Messenger on Facebook in May of this year where over 100+ Women of Color are members who share access to business-based programming, non-traditional business funding and means for raising business capital like grants, scholarships, contests, pitch competitions, and other unique sources

Dr. Austin and her group members {like mentioned below} have collectively secured over $25,000 from through business programs that have partnered with larger traditional financing sources through financial institutions like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Regions Bank, American Express, and Office Depot to help reach their business capital raising goal. 

“I’m excited to announce; that thanks to Office Depot Office Max, I’ve been awarded a full-ride, one-year scholarship, which provides a community of resources and support for the challenges of entrepreneurship. Dr. AJ Austin, thanks for sharing this information via our group!” 

-T.D. Moore

Dr. Austin now spearheads local meetup mixers for various chapters of these programs and supports where she hosts in-person (and online) events near the Atlanta Airport. The remaining event dates for the year are Thursday, October 13, 2022,  Thursday November 3, 2022 and Thursday, December 1, 2022 from 5-7 pm EST are being hosted at Hotel Indigo Atlanta Airport (College Park) 1776 Harvard Avenue, College Park, GA, 30337  where Dr. Austin will share more details about how she secured these non-traditional grants, scholarships, giveaways, competitions, contest prizes, and funds — and how event attendees can do the same for their business through her course, “How to Win Free Money for Your Business”.

Easy expense examples covered include things like private, one-on-one business, finance, marketing, sales, and mindset Coaches, Office furniture, office supplies, business training and development content on areas of desired business growth, and access to other grant/ funding databases to help extend the funding network opportunities.

“I won too! I now have to pick what small business I want to spend money with!” -A Goodson

The objective and outcome Dr. AJ is looking forward to for every business woman who attends her in-person and online meetup mixers is for attendees to gain clarity on how they can align their business brand with paid program partnerships to help them reduce thro growing inflation rates and business production costs along with the growing expenses of running an online or offline Black-owned business.

Women of Color small business owners can sign up for these FREE events on Eventbrite: Black Business Women Meetup Mixer Tickets, Thu, Oct 13, 2022 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite.

“I applied for this and won! They’re building a website for my charity! I’m beyond excited!!! I found out I won a few hours ago.” -C. Nicole

If you would like early access to the meetup mixer content and more information on how you can be a part of the private Facebook Resource Pod or to purchase your copy of Dr. AJ’s ‘How to Win Free Money for Your Business’ Masterclass, email today!

* These events are sponsored and will feature Special Guest Speakers and access to Dr. AJ’s extensive private network of Business Mentors and coaching colleagues. * 

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