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Sat, 8/21 12:16AM • 23:58
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Hi, Facebook Live Welcome.

My eyes are red. I feel like Lord, I’m in another dimension. And one of my coaches would say, that’s good.

She didn’t have me meditating, and hypnosis. And I’ve been praying and thinking and talking to Jesus and myself out loud.

And here we are welcome. If you’re new here, I’m Dr. AJ Austin, founder of the International Center for life coach training, LLC, where I trained black women of faith to become certified life coaches online in one day.

Yes, one day, and I believe in you and your ability to do it in the day. Or if you want to know how to just come on over to our community and join us on this journey.

This mission is movements. Call life coaching is the ministry y’all. It’s like all you got Sunday. But here we are.

Check out black Life Coach Self study comm is my self study program for black women of faith who want to become certified life coaches with me, but maybe you just need a little longer to learn the material and pay it off. You get two months to do that over at WWW dot black Life Coach Self study.com I’m putting them in the comments a book have been in my private Facebook group. talking a little pre chat with future black life coach Roz land who should be joining us on clubhouse soon.

Like life coach, so study calm. I’m talking myself through typing in the comments for y’all and then pinning it there. And tonight it’s q&a. So we’re going to start with you clubhouse. Raise your hand if you got a question about becoming a future black life coach.

Facebook black life coach so study comm is pinned in the comments. Face Book groupers Hey, y’all say hey, when you come in, I cannot see you just yet. Robin and I just finished talking. But the link to join the self study version of our life coach certification is over at Black Life Coach Self study calm.

Hey, kierstead money on Facebook. My brother’s name is keirsey. And I always wanted him to name his daughter Kiersten. But he didn’t hide it. Anyway. Hey, y’all. So I have spent majority of my day Hi, Coach rose. Man, I see you girl on clubhouse. Thank you all for being here. And holding space for your coach on tonight. Okay, cuz I do this for y’all is your time to do it for me. Because I started out at about 11 o’clock ish really started last night as I was talking to Jesus and to myself and thinking, and then praying some more and thinking I was nominated to take on a new project. And it was all because of the work I’ve been doing in the community. And someone believed in what I do for you guys certifying black women of faith to become life coaches. And they said Dr. AJ Austin, I think this will be a great opportunity for you and your next level. And what should it took me 60 minutes took me five hours today. And I know when I wake up in the morning, I’m gonna be happy that I said yes.

That I did it. Because they pulled some things out of me so myself that I didn’t even know what to go live about today. I just knew I was going live. But I want to use this chance to talk with you guys about you know, the vision behind what I do for black woman of faith, and to see if that vision matches the vision that God has given you. So if at any point in your life you’ve ever been told, you know, you’re a really great listener, your friends always call on you, your family calls you, your neighbors text you like mine is literally doing right now. And they know that you’re that go to person who will listen who will ask them some really good questions about their next level. And so, you know, they tell other people about you. And maybe you’ve had that experience where somebody has told you, you know, you’re so good at this, you should become a life coach, you should get paid for this. Well, you in the right place, cuz this is what I do. I got certified in 2013. As a life coach, shortly after I was invited to come on board as a master life coach and a master life coach certification trainer did a three year partnership with the same organization that certified me. And here I am a year and a half later with my own brand certifying black women of faith all over the metro Atlanta area and beyond. We are global so much so that this new project, asked about the work I’m doing here in Atlanta, and I had to bring it home and then show them how our work is global because our company mission is that when you impact one life, as a life coach, you impacts generations. So think about it like this, whatever you’ve been through in your life because I talked to a lot of you guys in the inbox and via email and on the phone. And you and I asked you you know, well why do you want to become a coach? And he told me how you know you’ve been through something and you have a heart to serve whether it’s serving women in traumatic domestic violence abuse, survivorship or cancer survivors or youth empowerment. It’s always a group of people that you personally believe that you can call to serve as a coach. And you’re like, but I want to feel legit, I want to do it right. And I want to make money. I’ll make an impact. Yes, this is ministry. But I would love to eat from this conversation that I’ve been having with people for free. Or maybe you’re like, hey, I’ve been doing this for years for free. I’m tired of people picking my brain. I’m ready to get paid back to AJ and the outcome, get certified with me. And so now it’s time for the next level. Hey, Angie, on Facebook, how are you? So this is what I do been doing it since 2016. We have 168, black life coaches, on our roster. They’re all over the world. And as I said, when you impact one life impact generation, so for example, for every one coach that I’ve already certified, y’all go out, and you impact your community. And one person within your impact impacts a whole nother community. So do you see how this has a generational impact? So I know the work that I do as a coach is going to last for years to come just like the work of our ancestors, the things that they did and gave and sacrifice for us, you know, to say, one day, my people will be able to blank and fill in the blank, we’re, we’re personally getting the opportunity to take them up on that offer to be greater. And to do greater works like Jesus Christ Himself say it so anyone else here, have a question about becoming a coach, where you see yourself as a coach, or you’re a black woman of faith who has been giving and giving and giving and giving. And people still ask you to give and you’re like, wait a minute, what about me? Because at the end of the day, too, as a coach, it’s your life is about self care. So let’s do this. Okay, Ross, and I’m bringing you up on stage on club house, you should be live almost live if I did it, right. There we go. Hey, Peter, black life coach, how are you? Awesome. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate your presence tonight, what you got.

I just want to say I appreciate your spirit. And it’s so inviting. And that’s what has drawn me in. And I say amen to everything that you’ve said, being an ordained minister just ever since I was in high school, just listening to people and their issues and concerns. And I’m like, Why me? Jesus? Okay. Now, it’s like, Okay, I’m gonna get paid for this. And how do I do that? And so, you know, I don’t have a counseling license. But that. But I do try to, you know, like you said, x people to question us and help them come to their own realizations, and create their own goals and decide on what it is they need to do to move to the next level, right? Get out of whatever it is if they found themselves into. And so the certification piece is that I have questioned about. So I started my own business as a life coach, but I’m not certified. To figure out why do I need to be certified, and that perfect is a personal choice. But at the same time, as I see other coaches, or you know, you’re trying to market yourself, people are looking for that certification.

Right. Well, thank you for letting me know. Because now your question in the Facebook group makes sense, because it’s like, well, why she if she I don’t know why she want me to go figure it I said, so. I personally have been in the coaching space since 2013. started out in psychology, now I am obtaining my Master’s in counseling with a focus on like coaching, you don’t have to have a degree to become a coach. As you know, certification is something I wholeheartedly believe in, because number one, and coaches that I’ve certified over the last 18 months have brought this to my attention, like how you say, you know, my spirit, is why you stick around in my tribe. They say also Dr. AJ, your story of dealing with the death of your mom and a divorce on the same day, and how you use that time to sit still with God and see what to do with this information to go to the next level. She said you humbled yourself for almost four years under leadership learning this craft. Now it’s like, Oh, you’re right. Because that’s something that kind of comes naturally to us church girls, you know, we go and just do what’s asked of us Christians and don’t really question much and we sit and we learn, you know, we’re apprentices. I was an armor bearer for years and I would meet in love and I didn’t go live live on camera. But what I learned in that space, I was able to transition it over to coaching as I served higher level multimillionaire speakers behind the same same skill as an armor bear. You know, so little things like that showing that you’ve invested in learning the craft and the skill of what it takes to master this area. Not only is your certification got to prove to people you’re serving that you’re legit. But it’s also going to show that you humble yourself and invested in your skill and believed enough in your future and in them that you said, Okay, how can I be better at this? How can I help them greater? How can I take them to their next level? And knowing for sure that don’t question what I know, knowing for sure that I’m good at what I do. Because I’ve invested my time, my money, my energy, my attention, and honing in on this scrap this craft. And it’s going to show them that you’re there for the long haul, because you have done it. And so something that I’ve recently started talking about was how life coaches can get sued. And you can get sued mainly because you haven’t invested in yourself in the skill of coaching. Therefore, you’re more prone to step outside the guidelines on what a coach can and can’t do. What a coach is, and is not you creep over into the counseling space, and you can be held legally liable for something you say or do as a coach, all because you didn’t know because you didn’t start with that investment in that skill.

Not all that makes sense to me. Especially when I tell people all the time when you decide to make the decision to give that piece of paper whether it be an associate’s degree bachelor’s degree. Any other thing that makes you certifiable in your craft, that that’s what it’s about. And here I am, didn’t even think about that. Right? You know, so I guess, oh, my goodness, you said so much. Oh, the insurance space. So now I have a doctorate in ministry and masters of divinity. So I’m just wondering, like, for the assurance piece, because we do creep into the pastoral Council.

How do you protect yourself, you shouldn’t creep into the pastoral counseling piece as a coach. Right. And I’m certified out of the 168. Pretty much all have been in the facebait faith based arena, we definitely have pastors, First Ladies, elders, couples, bishops, deacons, all the church titles have been in my class, even my childhood pastor has come to my class live here in Atlanta. And so you want to be careful in that space, but you won’t know what to be careful of. Because if you haven’t invested in yourself, but think about the two degrees that you already have, those are literally backed by your university. So that means if I wanted to call and verify that you completed this course, they have you in their database, and their accreditation, Bachelor degree, same with me. And I know this personally, because I did reach out to my university mercy university, I got my bachelor’s in human resources and training and development. And I said, Send me your accreditation papers. And they did. So I literally have a copy of my University’s accreditation showing that what they taught me, and backed by this piece of paper is covered by their board that they have to answer to now life coaching, we don’t have that type of a governing body. There’s no such thing as accreditation in the life coaching space. So there’s no body that there’s no national database of coaches. However, for my company, and I can only speak from personal experience when my coaches get certified. Through my company, which is the International Center for life coach training, they get a coaching number, they get a completion date, they get a certificate, they get a graduation graphic, and of course, they’re verifiable in our database. So when I get the call, it’s not enough because people all over have called and said, um, do you notice coach, because she mentioned your name, and I too, have seen your work online. Like I have leaders from Facebook that watch my lives. So we have bigger organizations that are watching the work that I do know that my work is legit, and I’ve been online for years, and then they’re like, now, there’s other coaches coming and she mentioned your name, do you know her? And I can literally type her name in our database and say, yeah, that’s coach number 139. She got certified on this state. She completed our one day life coach certification training for black woman of faith. I vouch for her, what type of reference do you need? And here are some testimonials. Here’s where she started, like, I can verify your story because you’re in my certification database. So when you think about it like that, you’re preventing yourself a lot of frustration because your clients do their due diligence. They do call we have a coaching Directory Online, that people when people put in black live coaching, I pop up our coaching directory pops up the coaches that I’ve trained popped up my coaches that train me pop up, so it’s like a trickle down effect but all of that in a spiritual term is covering. Right That’s I had to put that low, that low holy spiritual bone. Thank you. Holy Spirit. Okay. What are the questions

you guys That was my, my question and my hesitation for a minute now. It’s just that whole, what? I’m already doing it. Why do I need the actual piece of paper?

And you know what your fellow sister future black life coaches say? They also say, I was doing it. But by the end of certification, they say Dr. AJ, I thought I was coaching. But when I found out Yes, and they put it in writing on their graduation assessment, saying, Yeah, I thought coaching was what I was doing, even if you have seen a version of coaching being done, it’s nothing like when you learn it for yourself, and then you get to go implement it, the way that you’re you stand firm and confident in and then you’d be like, Oh, that was good. You know, it gives you a whole nother level of confidence. So

I’ve taken a transformational coaching, which is transformational leadership coaching or something through my employment. So I’m working early childhood education. So we’ve had this national trainer come in, and you know, work with a bunch of people to do some typing up by coach and trainer, how to train us to be coaches and whatnot. So some of the stuff that we learned there, you know, is transferable, but that’s not what I would consider to be certifiable.

And would you feel confident, only sharing that certification with your coaching clients who are probably paying you to do something a little different? Oh, no. That was added that arena, that part? That part right there?

Yeah. Okay. Well, thank you so much for answering my questions. And for having me on the stage. I appreciate it. Well, how are you feeling for you go is I really him it was you said it all, you said that covering? And I’ve been spoken to spoken with about, you know, trying to get insurance and all that kind of stuff. And I think that was I joined the certification program. I may find out more information about what all that really means and what it looks like.

Yeah, cuz at this time, and thank you for being here, too. I appreciate it. Um, cuz at this time, your coaching isn’t covered through insurance. And a lot of people’s hesitation about certification is the investment. So I offer a one day life coach certification training over at Black life coach, so study comm that is our certification broken down into 10 months and 10 payments, so it gives you longer to pay it off. However, it’s only a 10th I charge a 10th of what’s really out there people are charging 3000 8080

because that’s research some of the other programs and almost paid for some emotions, like yes, there was a hesitation. Yeah, when I saw this, it was it was just a little bit different than what I’ve been researching.

Yeah. Thank you for letting me know that. I know. Y’all do research. That’s how one of my coaches he’s a black man. He don’t understand how black women shop. So I told him we do our research we don’t be just trusting in about and he laughs because he don’t get it. I was like, okay, you learn. But anyway, thank you for sharing and for hanging out and for being here. I appreciate your question and engagement tonight. All right, who else has a question for me here? I’m Rosalyn. You want to hang out on stage and you want to go back? Okay, you got your house proud girl. I’m proud of you. Okay, guys try to figure out what happens next. Okay. So yeah, when when it comes to getting certified, most of you that have talked to you, like I’ve been googling I’ve been researching. A lot of people find me on YouTube. And they’re like, I’ve watched majority of your videos y’all can tell me parsing my story I forgot I share years ago. One lady told me where I went live the one time she had her breakthrough. She was like he was standing in a room. And it was people there and I was like, Girl, you know how many times I did. So I’m glad to know that you research because one thing you won’t find and this is what I had to share today with the project that we got coming up is that there are tons of people who have certain versions of trainings out there. But you will only find my name when it comes to being a black woman of faith. Getting a master’s in this space counseling and coaching with an honorary doctorate degree in Christian psychology have dedicated the last eight years to learning the life coaching space, the life coach certification space, hundreds of conversations with women all over the world. And now I specifically give back to black women of faith, certifying and training them as life coaches. That is unheard of because most people are scared to stand boldly in what they believe in who they are. And my only fear from going to heaven is like God’s saying, Well, why don’t you tell the people who sent you. So you ain’t got to worry about me being scared of professing well my help come from ever reaching out for my people because just like future black Roslyn said, I had to say what that magic church word covering, and it broke through. That’s the breakthrough. So I love knowing that I got Jesus on my side with this work. It’s one of those things that I fought against just like they said, when you call to preach, you run from it, you fight it. So I knew this was God and not me. Because when the opportunity presented itself for me to come into this space, I had already been doing it for almost four years. And I was like, Lord, I don’t want to sit and write a book and a curriculum. And Jesus, why me, just like Roslyn said, Why me, Lord. And so he showed me Why me and he continues to daily and I love having conversations with those of you who to know that your call and maybe you’ve been putting it off and running, whether it was price or you couldn’t find the right training, or you didn’t vibe with everybody. You home says Welcome home, do we need to open the doors of the church, because the doors of the church now open over at Black life coach sell study comm for those of you who want to come train with us have 10 months to take the training 10 months to pay it off. And it’s only $110 a month. And if you want to you can get the training all at once it is available. The last 40 of our coaches did the one day one pay version of the training. And then the last few coaches that have come on board the last few months have done what we call the 10 for 10 program, which is over at Black Life Coach Self study calm, that gives you a module a month to take your time and go through the video trainings and lessons and learn coaching, see it exemplified because that’s something else is missing. In this coach training space, you usually don’t get to see coaching in action, especially from your trainers. So I love that our community offers the opportunity for our certified veteran coaches to pair with our future black life coaches to help them cross that finish finishing line of life coach certification and that’s all part of the self study process over at Black lab code self study COMM And if you want access to the whole thing you can if you want to get started with some monthly payments, and pay the rest off early so you can zoom through the rest of the course. That’s that’s an option as well. So if you want to send me a message here on Facebook or an email, I’m AJ at the boss of that me I’m happy to send you the link to make sure you get started. So the time is not just passing you by cuz it’s gonna pass Anyway, you might as well be doing what you know God has called you to do. And for most of us coaching serving, pouring into giving back helping supporting holding accountable. All of that is part of what we’ve been called to do. So I just wanted to jump on here and do a quick q&a. I know a lot of you are going to watch the replay some of you are going to reach out from YouTube. Y’all always quiet over there. Some of you are going to hear the podcast

some of y’all will try to get his clubhouse on when we go but it’s all good. Maybe you’ll catch me next time make sure your notifications are turned on so you know when we go live. And for those of you who are coming over into our community welcome Come on sis black life coach, study comm is where to come on in. I think that’s all I got y’all I am mentally at my capacity. I told my friend we just got the phone I had to make her get offline so I can go live. I am at my capacity for the week of human interaction. I mean that somebody in the house for the rest of this weekend, and I’m a recharge and so I will see you guys very very soon remember, there’s someone somewhere they are waiting on you future black life coach to walk into your destiny as a future black life coach so they can walk into theirs. Because it’s when you let your own light shine. You give others permission to do the same and as a future black woman certified life coach when you impact just one life. You impact generations. Y’all ready? Let’s unpack some generations head over to black mind coastal study calm and I’ll see y’all soon have a phenomenal rest of your night. God bless. Bye future black life coaches.

These are Black Life Coach Certification training tips from a Certified Black Life Coach and a Certified Black Life Coach Trainer on how I became a Black Certified Life Coach and how YOU can become a Certified Life Coach as a Black woman and grow your your future business as a Black Woman Certified Life Coach; Hosted by a Black Life Coach Trainer who is the Owner and Founder of an online Black Life Coach Certification Training company for Black Life Coach training, Black Life Coaching, and Black Life Coaches (Think of Black Life Coaches like: Andrieka J Austin, Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Gaskins, Stormy Wellington, Angel Richardson, Tomiko Lowry Pugh, Marshawn Evans, Shanel Cooper Sykes, and Sara Jakes Roberts)

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