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Thank you so much for being here with us today to talk about your recent journey and celebration of graduate the one day certification to writing good now what’s your name?

My name is Dina shirvan Chambliss and I am a certified life coach that’s what I’m

there for correct you like yes thank you for saying yes. Thank you for like I just gotta like foreign to you real quick. Give me your props because all I remember was I had a call with one of our coaches here in Georgia with me Koechner, Risa Johnson. She is one of our success stories. She just finished a documentary where she was a featured coach

she missed out, we talked. And then she said, somebody is gonna be reaching out to you. I told them about you. And I was like, Okay, who is it? You know, she gave me the name. I did my due diligence. I gotta stop all y’all. It’s crazy. To me, so I had to do that back. checking me out. Let me see. And I just reached out so that I would not forget. And you immediately responded with? Yes, I’m ready. Tell me about you. And I got a birthday coming up. And I want to give myself my certification for my birthday. Target. Tell us about that.

Oh, my goodness. Well, like I said, my birthday came up September the 26th. And it was a few days before that. I was just like, What is my purpose? You know, what am I supposed to be doing here on earth? You know, I know, God plays so many gifts in me that I got to a point where, you know, sometimes you could be all over the place. But the one thing that I’ve always loved is listening to people. I’ve been told so many times that being you are a great listener, if you weren’t there, I don’t know what I would have done. And it’s like, that’s when it clicked. It was like, oh, okay, so I was just kind of scrolling through Facebook. And I noticed I said, No, this is the life coach. I said, Okay, that’s it. I’m supposed to be a life coach. And at that moment, I just start DMS Nourison Arisia. Where did you get your training for life coach? And that’s when she sent me the information. And I was like, This is it. This is what I’m giving myself. For my 56th birthday. I’ve said too long. Just doing nothing, really. So I said, this is the time because now I can help people. And this is my ministry. So I did my sister at did Dr. Ajay.

You did and I was so excited because those are my favorite types of gifts, like next level. So you are probably you’re the second person that stands out, again, themselves the gift of their own certification. Yes. Permission to take your next step. And then you made the investment. It wasn’t about, oh, I’m too old. Oh, maybe it’s too late. You’re like I’m coming into a whole new era. Yeah, and I’m seeing others who have done it. Let me reach out Connect. Get the resource, which saves you a ton of times on YouTube, and podcast and book University. You might let me go to the source and find it so fast. When I sent the message sounds like I can tell she’s ready. I didn’t know you had had all this conversation in your mind. Like I know I’m calm. Yeah, like you had started prepare. So we were prepared for each other. Got along that path. Three minutes in the race. DIA. Yeah. And here you are. And so you, you said yes, I’m ready. I’m like, Are you sure you like absolutely send me the link so you signed up. But by the way, it is my birthday. I’m out to go out of town.

If I could only tell you but I could tell you this much. I went to see prance that’s my baby daddy. But we ain’t going there right now. Um, they impersonated so I like. But as soon as I got back I just just went and I got my little death here. I got a water, my snacks when I was told to get water and snacks. And I sat down that morning. Let me see. It had to be about I think I started about

a two minute Pause, pause, pause let me know you can hear me because zoom kicks me out, off and on. The last part I heard was about Prince being your baby daddy. So fill me in again real quick.

Well, I have loved friends since Prince has been Prince. So back then I painted my bedroom when I was young. My bedroom was purple Prince was all over my wall. I am a prince crazy person. And so my middle son is a musician and he self taught. And that’s why I always say that Prince my baby’s head. So they have a show a tribute to Prince and that was a prince impersonator. And they did an amazing job in Las Vegas. So I have so much fun. So much fun. So yeah. Rest in peace, my baby daddy.

Right. I’m so glad that you could commemorate him and yet right your life and some of that was you know, through your son being a musician? Yes. Yep, you just went Hello can hear you? Can you hear me?

Now I can just came back in.

Okay. We have a love hate relationship. I don’t know what it is. So I remember hearing something about snacks pick up from there feel me?

Okay. Well, once I downloaded my handbook. And I began to read through and listen and said, Okay, we’re gonna go through this course and such such amount of time, which is I think it was supposedly maybe about 12 hours, I can’t remember. But it was in a day. Let’s just say that. So one thing that you said is get your water on, this was the first video get you some water juice, get you some snacks, because we’re going to be taking breaks. And this is just, you know, the online class. So I’m in class with these two other ladies online and I’m like, they don’t know me, they can’t see me anything. But I’m here with y’all. When you take your snack, I’m gonna take my snack when you take your break. I’m gonna take my break. And that’s how I went through the class. And I really almost made it the whole day. But I had to take a little break and then start back up the next morning. So I will say it took me a day and a half to complete the online training.

So let’s talk about Dan, thank you for sharing because I love knowing that my coaches we all finished like I feel like I was in the room that day which all like you said they don’t know me but I’m watching them. And these are real ladies that you’re learning from you’re seeing them learn. They’re in our Facebook group coach Venza, Lin coach DJ, you may have met a few other coaches. They’re all in the Facebook group from what I can remember. I’m hanging out, you know, so you can always say hello, Coach number one has the sweetest spirit as you can see on the coach DJ is a fellow trainer. So these are black women of faith, you know, that are going through the training process because he didn’t love the training. She’s like you left no stone unturned. This originally it’s a one day life coach certification training and a lot of people are like, well how can I finish it today? Now when I do it with you live as you seen without recorded the self study process. You finish in eight hours because I’m there to keep you on track on schedule. I’m telling you where to look at your book. But then when I let y’all go on your own that one The day turns into 12 hours, it turns into 24 hours. But I did

see I did a day and a half. So I didn’t

use it very well, because I’m like, before I knew it, you were back from Vegas you had cracked up in the book, you had told me I got my journal ready, um, I checked in on you like, let’s just think because I know it takes some people time to like mentally come back, you know, where they’ve been. But you had dove in and completed the work. And before I knew what you were sending in your assessment, you had your coaching clients on the calendar, ready to practice. Tell us about that transition. You went from looking at the online training and the ladies learning and you’re learning with them. We’re taking breaks, since that breaks and lunch together, look up and you’re at the end, what was that process like?

It was amazing. I’m really, I’m still amazed because it’s like, I was cheery. And I say I’ve I’ve completed something because you know, there’s things that you go through in life, and you pick it up, and you’re put it back down, and you know this and that. But this was something that I said, I will complete, I will finish. And when I’m finished I’m tears I like Oh, I’m crying, I send it to course, I did something. I’m on the phone, texting my sons and my daughter in laws and every time I go, so it was it was amazing. When I when I finished the course it it just did something to me really Inspark a new life within me. Because I completed something that is I’m going to be able to help other people complete things in their life reached their goals, I completed a goal. I was the first one. So really, I was my first coaching client.

You better come on here self study, Coach Eva, in her video that we did together. She said that she was like, this is truly a self study process and a cycle of life coaching. At the basis of it all you are your first client, you get to go through this information for yourself first. And I’m so happy that she had that awakening moment of, oh, you know, this was for me. And now I can help other people. And that’s exactly the same experience I had going through training. I felt like we were tricked into it, though it was a two day training intensive where we were on site. So the next morning, you know, I get back from my hotel and coming into class. I’m like, what you didn’t say this was for us. But it absolutely is. Because you gotta get you together to know where you want to go next. So what was next because here you are, you had walked through the course you got it done in a day and a half. Rest your way you set a goal and you say, I completed something like that is the number one goal that the people that I’ve chatted with about their experience going through our certification. They have they’re like, I have to accomplish this. This and now it’s accomplished. So you invested financially in your future and yourself. You’ve invested in the time taking the course and letting it digest. Now you’re ready for your next so you you looked up you were done. And then was like what am I missing anything?

Well, I looked it up. I was done. And well one thing about the course that AJ that I do had to stay those page numbers had me all messed up. I was like, okay, they were you were saying Turn the page as a madman. That’s not that page. But I did it. I still got it. So you know, that’s all that matter. But that was the thing that I wanted to say. But once I did complete it. And as I said, I told my family members, everything everybody that I could play, I say well, what is next? So what I did next was go on Amazon and start ordering life coach books. The first one I ordered was life coach for dummies. And then I ordered a few more, you know, coaching questions, because I’m really serious about this because that there has there have been people out here that have been waiting for me to get myself together so that I can help them get their selves together. So that’s the main thing that really touches my heart is that it’s never too late to reach or go and find out what your purpose is in life. So Once I found out my purpose, and I realized that I’ve been walking in my purpose all this time, now I’m able to not just help people, but I’m also ready to really make money. Using what God has given me. My purpose.

I know that’s right. So you start off mentioning the page numbers, I give a little disclaimer in our handbook. Like, y’all want to know Oh, geez at work, okay. This was established in the top of 2020. Everybody was new to online. I had to throw something together to get child train cuz everybody was like,

yes. I lost you. Zoom doesn’t like you at all do that there we go.

Okay, so I’m trying to another location, maybe I’ll get a better connection. But um, yeah, they were like, ready to go ready to be certified. So this program, which is a bonus, there’s been a new rendition every few months. Wow. One of the versions that we have, where you can take your time and go through it in 24 weeks, instead of 24 hours. It’s a portion of it that updated monthly. Coaches, that when you get in our Facebook group, and you start networking, and you meet your fellow ladies of legacy, y’all have a different version of this program. Okay. They’re gonna be like, we didn’t have that part. They reach out. So excited, though, because we’ve come a long way from those videos. If I showed you that Oh, book. Now to see that, it’s still the basics, like wow, the page numbers may have been different than what you have. And you’re happy about that. Because you didn’t want what we had. But you get even more out of it. What I realized what you guys that you guys learned more about watching the course feeling like you’re there and a part of it versus me. big, fancy, beautiful show of information. Y’all just want the experience, especially because we’re not back at a time where we can fit live in person with each other. Mm hmm. So that was that was my take away from learning experience. Yeah, go ahead.

No, what I was saying is that it was amazing. Because really, it was like, I was a part of the Zoom conference. I was sitting right there. I was watching the other two coaches. And you and I’m like, wow, if they can only hear me, I have a couple of questions that I asked. But it felt like I was right there with you guys.

That is so good to know. It just made me remember I hired a zoom coach before I brought my trainings online. And we’ve worked together so she would be so happy to know that I was able to incorporate that whole experience. Um, yeah. So yeah, that just makes me happy. I’m glad you brought that up. And you said, Here I am. I’m complete with the course. I mean, the other ladies work I felt like I was there. I got the full experience. My family like y’all did, like you were titled before it was official official. And you’re like, I’m done. I know I made it. You and You. You said you knew you are now ready to make money. So what is that going to look like for you as a newly certified life coach who’s now ready to make money?

Well, what is going to look like for me because I do have to kind of study more of the marketing, because I need some more marketing skills, but you’ve already supplied that. So I just got to go through my handbook, but I’m kinda looked that up. But also, um, this is honest, kind of sad. No, but one of my friends passed away, but his wife is, um, she is the CEO of a nonprofit that assist drug addicts and addictions. So I spoke with her, you know, just in passing that day at the family at work, and she was like, We need a life coach. Well, when when are you Gonna start because I can, you know, put you into our zoom meetings, and, you know, add to the Zoom meeting so you can start listening, you can come on board, and I’m like, wow, now that happened quickly, and I hadn’t even gotten my certificate yet. So I was like, whoo, this is amazing. But one of the things that, um, I said, I want to really direct my coaching towards grief and loss like death, because, um, my both of my parents died a year before last and then last year, and just to have someone to talk to, or try to get through that grief moment. I didn’t have that. So that’s something I would like to offer to people, you know, someone to kind of get them on track. Go wise, moving through the grief process.

Okay, so let’s recap. Because I’ve been on and off, on and off. It picked up everything you said, because I called parts. And it always goes out at the good part. So I heard you mention that. Let’s go back because I also wanted to talk about you mentioned after you finished the training, you also started to purchase books on coaching. And that’s one of the bonuses that comes with our curriculum is the mote the top 10 most recommended readings for new life coaches. So that’s where the whole life coaching for dummies and what else to go look for. Because that was a part of my research to make sure that you guys are getting up to date modern current information that you can go out and use. And one of those current circumstances in your life was that you did now you went from birthday to now you’re doing a celebration of life. Yes. You know that a little bit? Yes.

Never say that again, please. Oh, I lost

your friend. Her husband, and then she invited you to the green. cosi was that?

Yes. Um, my friend passed away and his wife. We said, and we were talking at the family hour. And she made me aware that she has what is a non profit? And I’m trying to remember the name of it, Lord, forgive me. Um, but with her nonprofit, she works with addiction, people that have addictions. So I explained to her, I said, Well, I just got certified as a life coach. And I know that I probably could, you know, would like to come and try to find out, you know what you’re doing, to see if there’s anything that maybe I can help you with? She said, Oh, my goodness, thank you, please, we need you to come aboard. And I’m like, wow, that was quick. And this was only like, two days after, as really was certified by you.

Got it. Okay, I’m caught up. What I learned was that you have a long this journey, set your intention, like you went from, I’m doing this for myself. It’s my birthday gift. I’m reaching out to someone I know who’s done it. I’m following her lead. I’m saying yes, I’m investing. I’m going to go celebrate myself. I’m coming back. I’m finishing this course. I finished the course I celebrated with my family. As it was becoming official. Then I also told others outside of my immediate circle that I’m a newly certified life coach. And here’s a whole opportunity that’s now presented itself because of the intentions that you set for yourself. Yeah. And you even kept investing, ordering books and reading and setting yourself up for your future. I’m a new life coach, and you’re ready to make money. And now there’s a money making opportunity right in your lap. That came as a result of celebrating life and setting intention. Yes. That’s amazing. You don’t get that right. You’re amazing.

It’s amazing to me. So yet it is totally awesome. I’m serious.

I am so proud of you for just pressing through because we have had ladies who started with us and set the intentions to complete it. But some of the similar circumstances you’ve been through just in the short time we connected, you persevered. Others may have taken a break or said maybe next time or when is your next iteration. I’ll just have to pay for it again. Or maybe not for me. Maybe this is a sign from God that I’m not like so many other things on the opposite end of the spectrum happen, but you kept moving forward And now it’s your next. How do you feel about your accomplishments, this?

I mean, I don’t know if it shows on my face because this I mean, I’m just smiling, my mouth got dry and everything because I’m just I’m I really there’s no words to express. Because this is something I haven’t been in school in years. Let’s just put it that way, you know, little classes that you know, at church ministry, Trent trainee, stuff like that, but something like this. Oh, let’s go back to maybe 2000. So it’s been that long since I’ve done anything that dealt with classroom school handbooks, notebooks, and all of that. So I’m very proud of myself, I am so proud of my accomplishment. I really am.

But you know, what’s even more powerful is, you are proud of yourself. I’m proud of you. We posted you and celebrated you in the group. So you got 50 Plus, celebrating and backing you because we’re proud of you. You got the next lady that’s listening to this right now. She’s proud of you. Because now you’re where she is, and bringing her along this journey. And that’s what I love about this series of celebrating our successful coaches, who have fully completed the one day life coach certification training, no matter how long it took, or how long you felt like you made it. And you’re speaking to the generation of coaches, because you know, I always said, Well, you impact one life, you impact generations. You saying yes, and yes, you’re showing up and it’s all over your face.

That’s what I’m talking about. So speak to that sister who may be in a place where they are experiencing life coming at them. But now they hear how you push through. What’s the one thing that you’ll tell her to help her get to her neck as a newly certified black woman life coach?

One thing I would tell her is, never give up. No matter what it looks like, no matter what it feels like, you may cry, you may just feel as if you can’t push on any longer. But guess what, yes you can. You can become what you are supposed to become. You be, you can become that designer original, that God purpose for you to be if you just hang in there. Now you don’t have to do it in one or two days. It may take you some weeks, it may take you a year, whatever it does, push and press on, push and press on as I say push means Pray Until Something happened. I’m telling you to push and press on. You can’t do what it is that you would call it.

I right now. So we went from Deena to coach Bhima to now Minister pass around mission big speech speaking. Is there anything else that maybe we didn’t get a chance to dive into that went that just kind of filled in the blanks of your journey? A few short days ago going from you know, you’re calling for coach to now you’re a certified coach who’s getting ready to make her money, anything else you want to throw in there

only thing else I would throw in there is that I was at one point I was really feeling down it but once I tapped in to this course, to you and to all the other the legacy of coaches where the ladies have legacy students me something changed in me. I mean, seriously, I the glow I have Yes, I’m glowing for real, because there was a total transformation that feel like it happened to me once I completed the course. And I’m quite sure the next ladies that ladies that are going to be taking this course will feel the same thing that accomplishment does something to you. It’s like I wear my hair different. I wear my lipstick different. Everything about me is different. And I can feel it and it feels so good.

I’m so glad to hear you say that because I tell our ladies we have a certain look about it. We have a it took an intern of mine years ago that brought that up and she actually ran my aura. And she said, Well, the color was green. And I said well I hope that made money. I don’t know what Oh glow and we glow. Yes. Like you said, we were are everything different, we walk into a room, different. That’s the confidence that comes when you invest in your next level of skill of becoming a professionally trained, skilled, qualified certified life coach. You didn’t find this on Google for free, you didn’t jump from video to video trying to piece it together. You’re not on everybody’s email newsletter trying to figure out what they did and what you’re missing. And hopefully they got your answers. You did the work for yourself. Those 12 hours day and a half, whatever you want to call it. That was all you I was behind the scenes is clapping and checking in on you, you know? How’s it going? And you really kept me up to date. And I could tell that you were super serious about this. So I’m just believing that your story today, our time here together today is going to inspire someone else who is going to next come tell their story like and I heard Coach Deena and when I listened to your podcast, I went and signed up or I broke open my handbook again, because like you said, I know how you would have been in the classroom setting and all these years. But that’s the number one thing that comes up a lot people say, Well, do I need a degree to become a coach? No, you don’t. And you don’t even have to have visited a campus virtually or otherwise, right in order to successfully complete this course. So thank you so much for laying that out. You brought the light for me. I’m celebrating your accomplishment. I’m a life coach Deena and I think that’s it. I just wanted to share you with the people. It was just something about you my first time, like really seeing you in action and I can tell that you’re ready to go and make the difference that you know you were called to make as a certified coach.

I am so ready. So let me reintroduce myself. I am well Dina Shiva Chambliss and I can see you put in coach in front of your name, ladies. Whoever comes behind me got it.

You gotta come on board as a spokesperson. Yeah, we were waiting on you to walk me as a future black certified life coach, so they can walk into theirs because it’s when you let your own light shine like you guys have seen those demons light shine today. You’re getting permission to do the same and when you impact just one life. Yeah. Is yours in a self study process? You impact generations. If you’re ready, head over to future black life Come join us in our free Facebook group. Get all the details on what edition of the training we’re in so you can get your updated handbook. And we’ll see y’all soon. Have a phenomenal rest of your day. God bless. Bye.

Bye bye.

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