She Made $3,000 in 2 Weeks!!!

She made $3,000 in 2 Weeks! 😮

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Coach Andrea Stone

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Unknown 0:02
Hey guys, so we are here with our newly certified black woman and Christian life coach, Coach, undress, Dawn, say hello to the people. Hello. Hello. Welcome everyone. Welcome. So glad to be here. Thank you so much for having me. Dr. AJ, thank you for saying yes. As you know, we hand select a few of our coaches who successfully complete our black woman and Christian life coach certification training. So study system that can be done online in one day. So we’re here to we’re showing people what’s possible, because the most commonly asked question I get is, one day, how can I do this in a day? So you know, whether or not you finished in a day, not the point, we’re going to talk about how you made it through and just talk to people who have questions and are a little curious about how it’s actually done and who’s done it. Is that cool, too? That’s cool. Okay, so start out, let’s tell the people who you are. Okay, well, my name is Andrea stone. And I am a newly certified black woman, Christian life coach. And I am super excited to be a part of this community. Just in short, I’m a wife, I’m a mother, I’m an author. I’m an entrepreneur, got a lot of great things going on in my life. I’m actually in a blended family. I often tell this story because people can hardly believe it. I’m my husband’s second wife. He’s my second husband. And between us we have nine children and 29 grandchildren, and counting. And so I have a very big family that I love. I’m an emeritus pastor, my husband and I are no longer pastor. We’re kind of just sitting in the backdrop. And my son is now pastoring the church and it’s going beautifully, and honestly, I’m really enjoying this emeritus journey. It’s a whole lot different from being out front, but it has allowed me to be released into some other areas that God has called me to. I’m an evangelist by anointing. I don’t know if I stayed it but I am an author. I wrote a book called Let’s go fishing I evangelism manual. But I love to pour into the lives of women. I have a women’s conference that I do every year called Safe is still standing. It’s been running now for about five years. But I love to just pour pour pour into women into youth as well. By profession I’m a guidance counselor have been for the last 10 years have been a director of counseling and so I just have a myriad of things that I do but I love to help people love to reach the community for Christ and love as I stated earlier, to pour into the lives of women so that’s in short is kind of who I am. And what I love to do. Oh my goodness, you sent mouthful you know we still processing those nine children and was it at Christmas time? It is crazy. holiday seasons I have 10 Dr. AJ 10 of them that are eight years old and under oh my gosh, that is so fun. I love little people that can have full conversations. These little people will amaze you they are and what I do every year I get them if I buy one buy it for one I get it for all level so this past Christmas it was the scooter year so everybody I could I could just be like a buggy full of scooters like that is my dream Christmas scooting around I bet you guys have a ball. I am single no kids but I am one of 29 plus grandkids so I will be one getting the scooter okay I don’t know about giving them all but and it’s funny because my family did something like that for me and my cousins I’m the baby of our generation and we got matching 10 speeds one year for Christmas so and they were all the same color so you know it was a time trying to figure out whose bike was Whose bike get it? Oh my gosh, nine children and you look so young that you have done so well. You know a black crack so we wait just fails it tries to be fabulous. And so as long as we have another coach Andrea Harris so if I call you Andrea forgive me because then I’m Angelica so thank you for pronouncing your name the way I need to pronounce my name so I hear that and and the ego so I will definitely get it right from this point on. This is our first time really having to change Chad, and me actually hearing you pronounce it. So thank you for just man, everything that you represent as a pastor, like you said, I love how you said evangelists by anointing. Yes, I know that right walking in that column as an author a poorer into her of women and youth, as you mentioned, and then your your counseling job, because that’s one thing that sticks out to people, they want to know the difference between coaching and counseling. Or they say, you know, I’m working on becoming a licensed counselor or my master’s in social work. So where does life coach certification fit in? And that’s what I wanted to talk about a little bit more. What was that thing that wow, you are anointed, and you have degrees, and you have titles, and you have this big family of just love and abundance and overflow? Why did you want to become a black woman, Christian certified life coach on top of all that?

Unknown 6:03
Well, that’s a great question. I think a lot of it had to do with this metamorphosis, right, that we all grow into and we seem to encounter in our lives, is said that people have a good three careers or four careers in them. In other words, where you start out is not always where you will end up. And so as my life continued to progress, and I accomplished those different things that I had an opportunity to do, I still felt like there was more like, there was another level, a different phase. And another platform that God was opening up to me, I just couldn’t put my finger right on it. But I knew that there was something else. And so this year, the end of 2021, coming into 2022 was a beautiful year for us, I family was blessed to I’m living in my dream home, we were blessed to build a home and blessed to you know, just kind of go through some different transitions there. The ministry was handed over in early 2020. But I’m sorry, late 2020. So we had that transitional period. But I just felt like that transition, and that metamorphosis for me was still moving, it was still going and I felt like God was saying, there’s more, right, I’ve got more for you, I’ve got more people for you to impact. I’ve got more people for you to help build, I’ve got more for you to do. Because a lot of times a ministry, you can get lost in that first lady thing, right? That whole first lady persona and you know, you’re going with all the bad and you’re, you’re at all of the extravagant ceremonies and all of those things. But even in those women, there are places that that you feel that God, I know that you’re calling me to my own personal thing, and the thing that you have anointed me to do. And so I felt that that more right, I felt that metamorphosis coming. And I said to my husband, when we got this house, I said, you know, I’m going to build me a bait cave, it’s going to be my room, and me and God are going to have that room and some things are gonna happen in that room. And when I tell you in my baby cave, and incidentally, I’m not in there today, during this interview, but 99.9% of the time, I’m in that room. And as I was in that room, the spirit of Lord began to speak to me, the spirit of Lord began to talk to me and ideas came, I began to write things down. And I just knew, that’s all I could say, I knew that there was another level and God was is transitioning me into something else. And so that’s how I landed on life coaching. And it seemed to be such a comfortable, this is so comfortable. For me, it’s like a garment. It’s like my favorite robe. It’s a very, very good fit for me. And so I’m so grateful to Dr. AJ for having her program. And I think the other level to that is that it spoke to my was, I’m a black Christian woman. And a lot of times my reach is to that black Christian woman, that is who I talk to, that is who I reach out to. Those are the women who call my phone, those are the women who call me and cry in the middle of the night, and that we pray through and talk through with all of those. Those are the women I impact. And so this was such a perfect fit for me that it was I could not deny the fit. If that makes sense. I just could not deny. I’d say nothing else like it in the market and I have been searching. I have actually had maybe two or three other companies that I have reached out to because I felt the pool, and I wanted to be strategic and I wanted to be intentional. And I had some other programs reach out to me that were good programs. You know, I really listened but it was just something down in my NOAA something down in my spirit of saying that I’m not yet know nothing. But when I talked to Dr. AJ and we had a conversation and I saw her program, my belly, okay, my belly leaked. And when I say my belly leap when Elizabeth talked to Mary, and she told Mary about the baby that was in her womb, the Bible says that the baby leaked in her womb, as she began to declare, who, who God was and what God was getting ready to do in Mary’s life, her baby leaked. And that’s what happened in the conversation. When I talked to Dr. AJ, my belt, my baby leaked, it was like, that’s it. And so that’s really how I got here. All right, now pass the you bring in a word on said, say,

Unknown 10:45
Noah. And speaking of Noah, that’s how we met in the group with our coach who uses that word so often. And it was such a blessing for just our paths to be aligned. And I feel like you knew in your Noah in that moment after I think it was hear me on her podcast. Yes. Yeah. Let’s talk about that journey of what led you to me or how our paths crossed, because, you know, now we know who you are. We know a little bit about your background, we are starting to understand why you wanted to become a coach. And hear a little bit about you knew who you want it to help, because that’s another question we get, you know, how do I pick a niche? Or can I help this this organization? Can I help this type of person? Can I do that, and you kind of came in with an understanding of who you want it to help. But let’s talk about that. Because you had this in the back of your mind. And one day you’re sitting and listening to the podcast, your baby leaps. What was that next step that led you to the International Center for life coach training, LLC, and kind of why more on why you picked us? Actually, you’re gonna laugh at this, but this is the truth. When I was listening to the podcast, and I heard you speak, and my baby leap, I dropped the phone. It scared me. And it scared me because it was speaking so profoundly to me that you know how when you ask God for something that God actually does it? And then you’re like, Okay, what just happened? And that’s really was my initial response. I cut it back on. I listened to the rest of the broadcast. And I actually shared it with one of my girlfriends, and I said, You got to listen to this. And she listened for about 10 minutes. She said, You got to call her. You got to call her. And so I, I said, okay, yeah, I said, this is this is what she said, Yeah, this sounds exactly what you’ve been looking for. And that night, incidentally, my husband was in the hospital that night. We have been going through some things in his body, but he’s getting better Praise God. But he was in the hospital that night. And so I sent an email. And I cannot, as you later said, Follow the breadcrumbs until I was able to shoot an email or a phone number or something like that. And I call and by my surprise, Dr. AJ called me back. Now this, this was a very surprising for me, because I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in contact with a lot of people, but never hardly ever, the actual CEO of the company, you know, to just call you back. And mind you, it was about 230 11 o’clock at night, that she called me back. And so we had a great conversation. I felt the vibe, as they say, I felt very connected to this program. And I knew at that moment that, you know, yes, this is what I need to be doing this is this is the direction that I need to go. And so that’s how I made the decision to actually go ahead with the black woman Christian life coaching certification. Oh, my goodness, I did not know that part of how to drop it if you didn’t help me out added on conversation. Yeah, I dropped both scared me. Because, you know, seriously, though, when you ask God for something, and we know, you know, we I know he’ll do it. You know, when it doesn’t, you know, it got some time it’ll catch you off guard. You are ready for so quickly. You know, I mean, and yeah, I dropped the phone. It scared me. It’s like, like, like, Oh, my God. Yeah. And it. It was it was great. I, man, I know. We don’t get to where where, you know, God has taken me it’s been a phenomenal journey

Unknown 14:33
already. And I love that you had a support system because it reminds me of my friend who got me to go through the same training that she went through to get certified as a coach. So having like that business bestie that girlfriend that you could share like or listen to this. Do you hear what I hear? Like what is God speaking to your spirit and for her to confirm what you heard you called? The funny part was I was on the phone with one of my coaches and she Was wondering why I was so quiet. What you didn’t know is I had her on mute talking to the other people while I was talking to you. And we talked and I couldn’t believe you’re sort of like this lady is sitting in the ER with her husband, calling me talking to me late at night about registering for this class, she is so serious. And I knew in that moment in my notebook, that what my other coach had taught me, you know, his thing is following the breadcrumbs. So he’s just like, leave out videos, leave out podcast, put a path for people to find you. That it worked. It was working in that moment. And I knew you were serious. And I said, so I’m gonna share her story with the future coaches who were like, well, I don’t know what I’m gonna let me tell you all about. Well, there’s several of y’all who have these amazing stories, but your stick out because it’s so recent. And just coming from no excuses. I know, this is God, it’s been confirmed. Like you said, I’ve prayed, I’ve asked, I’ve got it. It shocked me so much that it scared me, hey, job, phone, but I gotta do it. I gotta push through it. And as soon as we hung up, perfect timing, because then my coach was calling me like Dr. AJ, you’re quiet over there. Why? And, and I had to say, Coach, you will never believe. And so I share with her. And she was like, that’s what I’m talking about. So we had a whole conversation and she can coach for hours. And so we were doing our annual meeting of the minds. And so she had enough of the other coaches to distract her while I was talking to you taking our other coaches advice. And one thing just led to the other another end, before I knew it, you were signing up? I think you were that that last sign up that took us out of 2021 and brought us into the new year celebrating coaches who were like saying yes, to where they knew God had been calling them to for years. So let’s talk about that. Because you said yes, you signed up, what was the black woman Christian life coach certification, self study training process like for you, because that scares a lot of people to who say, you know, I’m a live in person, person, or I need accountability, or, you know, they’re scared to do it on their own. They’re not really independent study years or so they think, walk them through what your training process was like for you. The training process, for me was a smooth process. But I do want to say that you have to be determined to complete it, right? You have to have that mindset that listen, this is what I want to do, this is what I need to do. This is what I must do, in order to get to the next place, which is what coaching is really all about. It’s about getting from point A to point B. So in this moment, you got to coach yourself, right? And you got to say I got to get from point A to point B, I got to get this done, by any means necessary. And I just want to share this quick testimony with you that what happened in between my coaching because it is a day coaching. But for me as I stated my husband was going through some things in his body. And then I had a issue that happened in my body where I had to go to the ER, and had to have a boil of last. Okay, and it knocked me down, right? It put me on my butt. No pun intended. But God is so good because it did that. It made me lay down. And so here I am with the laptop.

Unknown 18:39
In front of my face, I’m laying down because now I can’t move can’t nobody asked me to cook. Nothing. Can’t nobody asked me to do anything. And my son and his family was here from South Carolina. And so I had a house full of company, but couldn’t nobody bothered me, right, God is good. And so I laid there the bed and I went through the different trainings. And I was just determined. And one night, my son came in my room and I had fallen asleep on one of the videos and he just picked my laptop up and put it to the side and just kind of tucked his mama in, like girl, you can’t get this thing done. You’re trying to kill yourself getting this thing done. And when I was committed to it, the information was good. It was robust. Do not underestimate it, just because it says Do you know eight hours so you can complete it in a day you can. I took my own personal journey a little bit longer. And that was by choice because I wanted to really dig in to some things I wanted to be sure that I understood the concepts and the trainings that you were providing. Some things I had to go back and rewatch and again, this was my own by my own volition so but I took my time in the process. And as soon as my son and his family left the next day, I took my Test. And and I was certified not just by the test. But of course, I had to have my different coaching sessions, but I took my exam, I was ready. And I feel like this program helps me to be ready. It designed everything that you will possibly need. It taught you how to set up meetings, how to what you should be saying in your meetings and your calls. I mean, it was just, it literally it sits in my drawer to my right, if I have a question, I open it, it’s my Bible, and for life coaching, and so I hold it up. And I’m flicking through the pages, because there’s several things that that you’re going to highlight several things that you’re going to circle, there’s things that I have up in the corner that says use this, and I circulated all of that, but I really took to heart this training. And I really took to heart, this next journey that I was about to embark upon, because you have to look at it like this, you’re impacting people’s lives. So you don’t want to give out garbage. Right, you don’t want to give out anything that’s substandard, you want to do your absolute best. And if this is the foundation of your training, it’s like this, and I tell my youth this all the time, if you lay the foundation, you can build up as high as you want to be right, I can lay a foundation long as I put that foundation strong enough, I can add another room, I can put another room to the back, I can add another floor. And I can just keep building. And so this training is your foundation, you can always build upon it. But this foundation needs to be solid. And I think Dr. AJ put that in this training, she ensured that your foundation was solid, she gave you the tools and everything that you will need to be able to build as high and as far and as wide as you would like to build. Wow, this is so good. So you were laid up on the sofa, couldn’t do nothing couldn’t go nowhere, got a house squad cheering you on and coming up and not even go through this process. And you did it? What surprised you about the training? Like what were you surprised to discover or find out? In the training? I know you had your expectation set to complete it by a certain day, whether it was a day or whether you took your time and went through the self study process. But what’s that one thing that jumps out at you about the training that totally surprised you? I think the wealth of information about coaching was the one thing that that really surprised me. As I stated earlier, I’m a counselor by profession, I’m a licensed or I have my certification to be a school counselor, I had my masters in school counseling. And so for me, this was a careful journey. Right? So I mixing counseling with coach and you know, like, what was the difference? How could you know, so I had to really learn how to separate the two. And so for me, I feel like the training really helped to do that. So if there’s anybody that’s coming from a counseling background, or social work background, a psychology background, those kinds of things, there is a separation. And I like the separation. Actually, I really do like it. And I do like that I do you have that counseling background. So I’m able to decipher when a client is speaking to me if they’re really looking for counseling, or are they looking for coaching. And so for me, the wealth of information on coaching was what really surprised me and the fact that I got to actually hold it in my hand, I have the document there. There’s also another book that Dr. AJ

Unknown 23:42
gives to those that are part of the classes. So I had those two, and I’m reading those two. So for me, it was the wealth of information. That is so good to hear. Because we do have a lot of therapists, clinicians, other coaches who have certified in other trainings like health and wellness or nutrition or relationship or finance, and they’re wanting to add a deeper dive as a coach. And so they too are curious about the difference between the counseling, the coaching the psychology, one of our future black life coaches says Should I take psychology courses in addition to the certification? So the like you said, when you get that foundation built, you can go as high as you want. I love that you now know how to decipher through like, you know, do they need coaching? Do they need counseling? Or like one of our coaches in Texas she said, you know, the reason I signed up for your training is because counseling can only take me so far literally like I can’t counsel them outside of my state guidelines. But coaching allows me to reach global networks and have a global impact and I love that and the fact that you are using them simultaneously, but you know how and when each one comes into place based on the wealth of knowledge that’s in the training that is such good news. What about hacks, any type of Learning hex, because just because there’s a lot of information doesn’t mean that everybody who takes the training is going to absorb it, you know, without having to see it again and again, or maybe having two different sources to get information like two books, handbook, workbook trainings, audios worksheets, step by step that can be overwhelming. So any type of training or learning hacks or tips she’ll give to those future black woman’s Christian certified life coaches. Um, one of the things that I would encourage is setting up things the way you want to actually operate, right. So they, the old folks used to say, start out how you gonna be able to, you know, carry out how you’re gonna be able to keep going, how you gonna be able to hold out, right, start out how you’re gonna be able to hold out. And so I think, with this, one of my greatest tips that I’m learning in this coaching business, as I’m setting up procedures and processes, so that it goes that way each time, right, so I have one step, I start here, I do this second, I do this third. And so it’s helping me to kind of get a rhythm, if that makes sense, and get a blueprint for how I want things to roll out. And as I do it, I’m learning more and more, okay, that works, that works, that works, or that doesn’t work, you know what I mean? Things like that. So I think that would be the the main thing is having some sense of organization, and processes and procedures to your coaching that I think will help you in the long run. I like that start out how you intend to hold out or as we say it, just to set those intention, you know, like, you know, what your schedule is like, or what you want it to be like, or you know how you like to learn, or you know, how much time you’re really able to stay alert mentally throughout the day. So just setting those intentions like you did, I’m going to finish this training at my own pace, whether they are whether you take longer, just putting it in your mind that this is the end goal, and I’m going to make it through. So thank you for those tips and hacks because a lot of people are curious. And I just did a video recently sharing how to successfully complete the course as far as 10 tips or like if this were me taking this training, here’s what I would do. And that setting intentions is literally number one of 10. So you are confirming some things you right on the money. Wow. Yes, and it’s like the best advice we can give. So what was your favorite part about the black woman Christian life coach certification, self study training, I think some of my favorite parts, one in particular was the the shapes that I could use, right? They said, print this page that has saved my life literally, in my discovery calls and the different things that I needed to do with coaching. That’s, to me, one of the main things that I could actually go back and if I’m ever kind of wondering, okay, what question Am I gonna write? It was lots of questions that were a list a ton of questions that you can ask during the coaching sessions. And you know what, Dr. AJ, that was important to me. And I think you and I spoke about that. When we were on our call. We spoke about that. I wanted to know, is there any tangible things that I can have any curriculum, any, anything like that that I can use, and you assured me that it was, and sure enough, when I got the product, and I had a copy in my hand, if those things were there, and they have been extremely helpful for me, they’ve been extremely helpful.

Unknown 28:41
And I love how you refer to it as your Bible. Like you said, you open your drawer, you pull it out. And that’s that’s literally what I did with my first coaching clients, I would have my materials printed out sitting in my lap coaching them live, like they would see me read and I would tell them, I’m a new coach, I’m gonna be reading from this book, they didn’t care as long as they got their breakthrough, right? Yes, they called. Yes. And I knew to make it clear on this is what you’re going to need with those papers in the last moment, or papers, where you’re looking like you’re not reading on camera moments. And so yeah, that’s what led me to say, Hey, Coach, go ahead and print this, you know, have this in your hand ready for the call. Because when you can flow that is going to determine the success of your calls. And I know you’ve had several calls set up, and we’re going to talk about that soon, because you are having some of the most quickest success I’ve seen in this training, like immediate turnaround. And so we’re gonna get to that in a minute. But first, I want to know about that one aha moment or that takeaway from the training now that you’ve got your coaching Bible in your hand, you know how to successfully conduct a coaching conversation, you’re setting up discovery calls, you’re complete as a black woman, Christian certified life coach, what was that aha moment or that takeaway from the training that you can always look back and say, because of this training blank, fill in that blank for me Because of this training, I’m able to help women go to the next level in life. And I’m there to help help them talk through those solutions. Help them to get the answers that they really have within them. And we’re not there to give the answer, which I really love about that about this program is that as a culture, you’re not there to answer the question for them, you are there to assist them in the process to help them to dig through, peel back the layers get underneath there, you’re there to help them do it. But in the end, they’re really answering their own questions. And they’re really coming to their own solutions. And so the aha moments I’ve had people say, I didn’t really think about that. I can’t believe I just said that. But you know, that’s really how I feel. And it makes me feel good because it I feel like that through my training, through the techniques that I was taught in the training, it helped me to help them to get to those solutions. And those answers, and those have been great for me, getting the aha moments, having the customer or the client to say, man that I didn’t think about that man. Yeah, I need to really, you know, and it those are the moments that I live for, personally, as a coach, I love them to get it. Because if they get it, then they make the next step, they take the next step in, in making sure that their life is going in the direction that they want it to go in, they make they make sure that they take the next step to go to this next level that they really want to have. I don’t create their next level, I don’t come up with Hey, you know, I’m the genie in the bottle and you rub the bottle and I’m going to give you the answer. No, the answer is within you. And if you discover the answer, if you discover what your next step needs to be, then you’re intentional about it because you came up with it. And then there’s no backlash, Oh, me, like my coach told me I need to do this. No, no, I came up with that I they just co signed and help support and help to get me to the next level. So for me, that’s been my greatest aha moments, during during this time of coaching clients and going through the program is learning that the client really does have the answer within them, you’re there to help pool that out and help them to develop it. Right? And what did you learn to discover or maybe rediscover about yourself, going through the self study process of the training because a lot of people say, you know, when you say self study, you really mean self study. So anything that pops out at you or comes to mind that you learned or discovered or rediscovered about you while going through the black woman, Christian life coach certification self study system?

Unknown 32:49
Um, I, I’ll tell you what I did, I discovered that I didn’t really know. And it’s strange. It’s like I should have known. But I didn’t know. I didn’t know how much of an influence I had in the women around me and abroad. So when I launched the purpose by design, the outpour was amazing. That’s what I didn’t know that. I thought, okay, you know, I impact women, I love to impact women. And I’m not saying this to be like, from a brag point. I’m saying this from I discovered that I really, this is my niche, like, I really have a nice year. And for me that that’s what I discovered. I don’t know if that is appropriate answer. But that’s what I’ve discovered is strange. Because it makes it but that’s what’s it. That’s what it’s about discovering what’s within you. And it can kind of scare you, like you said, like one of those phone dropping moments. Like God, I just didn’t know, you know, this is what it looks like. Or, like me and my business besties always say, I wonder what it looks like when we get there. And to get a glimpse of what their looks like with people respond to your impact. I know, that could be like, really like that’s been in me all along, like I could have been done this, you know? Do I miss and there’s a person who’s listening right now and they’re they’re there they they want a glimpse into what’s possible. I know you’ve created, you know, your coaching platform, you’ve seen the impact that becoming a black woman Christian life coach has on that impact and going global having a bigger reach more influence increasing that income. So what would you tell a future black woman, Christian certified life coach who’s kind of on the fence or they’re still lurking? They maybe want to make that phone call, like, I wish I could talk to her or what would I ask her? And they’re thinking about it or as they like to excuse themselves out of the conversation by saying let me go pray about it. What would you tell their future black woman, Christian life coach? I would tell them to, I really would tell them to do it, too. If you feel like this is something that you have been praying about that you have been asking God to give you direction on, and you’re ready, do it. Just take the leap. Take the leap of faith. And that’s what faith is. Faith does not. We don’t need faith. If we know the answer, we don’t need faith, if we, you know, have that thing tangibly in our hands. That’s what faith is the substance, right of the thing that we hope for, and it is the evidence of the thing that we don’t see. And so this is a leap of faith. But God being our strength, God being our help, this being a black woman, Christian certification, you have all your sisters around you, you have the support of the community. You have the support, hopefully, of those around you. And even if you don’t, I think that most of us have reached that point in our life where we say, Listen, this needs to be about something that I need to do that I want to accomplish. And so when you come to that conclusion, and listen, it’s my turn. We are mothers, we are wives were grandmothers, we are nurturers, by nature, we take care of so many other people, but it is time to show up for you. It is time to show up for you, it’s time for you to do something that you want to do and you feel led and call to do it short term system. It is your turn. So take your turn. Okay. Hey, man. And so because you showed up for you, and you said yes. What is some of the success that you’ve had as a black woman, Christian certified life coach, since you’re training in becoming certified?

Unknown 36:52
Okay, this is, uh, this is amazing. Like, and I’m giving all glory to God, I’m giving All Glory to God. Let me just kind of say this. And I don’t know if I mentioned it in the beginning. But five years ago, the Lord led me to, to start a Facebook online, a Facebook, I call it was called Morning confessions. And it started five years ago. And every day, when I started, I was coming on every day, but now I’m doing Saturday mornings at 830 in the morning. And so I had that community there and think much about it. But I had that community there. And I just kept just kept being faithful to it kept being faithful to it. And I decided when December came, I decided I felt God led me to live coaching. And so I went and took this journey. And I completed so we contacted in December, late December because it was Christmas time when my son came and I finished up my certification on January the seventh. I have it here on that on that it’s so pretty, not pretty. January the seventh, I was already working on the name of my business. The business was LLC January the 12th. This is my my plaque. I pushed it out to Facebook on January the 13th. I remember it specifically because my husband has surgery on the 12th. So here my husband’s husband was in the hospital had just had major surgery. I’m at home. Holy Spirit’s it, push it out. I pushed it out on the 13th. My Facebook page went bananas. It went bananas. I got so many go Andrea so many Yes, yes. Yes. From that coach, Dr. AJ, I’ve had I stopped counting at maybe 15 or 20 discovery calls. I’ve now secured eight clients. And one of them is a teen client or about a teen client. I have three discovery calls tomorrow. So that so just in a nutshell. I’ve made over $3,000 in two weeks. I call Joe said if somebody does it, I guess I beat it. God did amazing. I just I can’t say anything more than that. Amazing. My journey has been amazing. The great women that I’ve met. Dr. AJ taught us about connecting with coaches. I connected with Vanessa green who’s a coach through this program as well. And she talked to me about some of the policies and procedures and things that she did. And so I put the discovery call in place best thing I could have ever done. It opened up different plans forms people are every day, just about somebody says, I want a discovery call, I want a discovery call. And God is so good that the women are not only doing the discovery call, but they are booking the service as a client and the processes that I started in the beginning, which I set up, in the beginning, my invoices, and all of those things set up, they pay their deposit, hold it, I mean, it’s like, it’s like butter. As a matter of fact, that three that I talked to tomorrow, I’m gonna have to shut the door for a second and say, Okay, I got enough clients for right now. And I’ve not even been in business for a month. Oh, girl. I am over here literally speechless, with cheer, tears saved chills and tears in my eyes. Time for me to go in, like I want to go, I am so proud of you,

Unknown 41:03
I am so happy for you, I am so glad to call you one of our success. That is amazing. Events, I love that you are taking the tips and running with it. Like I have told almost 200 people to go do what you just described in like 60 seconds. And you are able to now put a number on how that works. Your closing almost 50% of the people that you talk to, and that is unheard of for new coaches, you got your first few $1,000, which I can’t wait to tell Coach Eric about because he loves numbers. That’s my marketing mentor. So he’s like, you know, let’s put some numbers. So when you said those numbers, I’m like, I’m gonna call Eric, that’s our break. So I’m gonna tell him about your story of how the breadcrumbs led you to finding out who you are and why you wanted to become a coach, getting the help that you needed and sticking with it hacking the system to make sure that you finished and you discovered some stuff about yourself. And now you put a price on that thing. Oh my god. And and the thing, the thing that blows me away, is that people are you know, we sell everything for free, you know, make free calls, you don’t need to people just call you, you know, you just help people and then you go about your business. But I think it’s reasonably enough price, you were great in giving us a guideline, by the way, in our training, you gave us a guideline, you told us what’s a good place to start. And I started pretty much pretty close to that. But I’m from this, let me let me share this from this. A, A online course has been developed. I’m developing an online course from this coaching. I have a ebook from this coaching. Um, this thing is just taking on a life of its own. And I am enjoying this. And as I stayed it from from the day I went out the 13th of January. We’re just at February. What’s this the second. And in two weeks, I’ve cleared $3,000 in two weeks. And this is straight culture. This is not I take that back. I got one person has purchased the course. But I’m doing a whole nother thing on pushing the course out. They’re amazing. But they are responding. They are responding. And your platform, your course your how tos. I’ve used them every single one of them. I’m one of those people I’m very to the book, right, which is why I love manuals and things like that, because I’m on using which is why the Bible probably works for me. Because if you if it says the word, I’m gonna do it, right. I’m a very to the letter kind of person sometimes. And so the step one, step two, step three, do this do this. I listened. And it works. If you work it, it will work. It will work. I’m like, I’m a living witness. I’m on another computer, but I could, you know, I could show you my deposits and then God set other people to show me how to do the invoices and how to push that stuff out. I had to get a website a landing page. And that’s just because I was invited to come onto a platform and purpose by design was mentioned on that platform. And so it was great. It’s just been phenomenal. I don’t I don’t even know what to say. My husband mouth is hanging open. He’s like, Are you kidding me? I’m like, No, I’m not kidding you. I even have a teen. I have a team. I have a mother who reached out to me to coach a team. It’s in my vein I’ve been working with youth my whole life, and a school counselor in high school, who can coach a team who

Unknown 45:09
have done because people do ask that, you know, and it’s funny because that’s where I started out, you know, working with girls and moms and I read through, literally out of her lips said, you’re in a market that can’t pay you. But you are my proof today, that it’s possible when you set those intentions. And I love that you said that coaching was so comfortable for you, that it did help you to live out literally the name of your company purpose by design, and to see all of things falling into place, like I’m sitting here, still wiping tears, till husband, my mouth is wide open to cuz I know these numbers until just now she shocking me, we’re like less than five minutes to go on this. And so I want to continue to bless you and sow seeds into you, we’ve added bonus trainings to our one day certification that now come with the course you may have a few of them, I don’t think you have the latest, because my system just completed adding even more materials you don’t know, but I got more work for her. But we’re gonna send you access to those bonus trainings of how to write your next best seller as a new coach, I want to so that because it needs your book needs to lead to your coaching in the transformation, we also have how to create that first group coaching program to make sure that not just the team and not just the 50% of the $3,000 sales, you may now like I said, that’s just half of what God can do and even quicker. And so you want to make sure everybody’s getting results and building on that coaching. So now you’ve went from coaching one on one coaching more specific clients to now that eBooks are now this group coaching program. And you are well on your way. It’s so many other courses that I’ve thrown in to our platform for free just because people say yes, just because they show up. You know, it’s just something that got laid on my heart as I was cleansing out the 60 Plus products that I used to offer. And people would come off and saying Where do I start? What do you start with getting certified life coach and and then I write a book, create that program make that money. And when you look up this time next year, you are going to be amazed at what God has done because you said yes. So real quick, any future goals or plans as a newly certified black woman, Christian life coach and also tell people where they can find you to find out what else you got going on or coming up. All right. So my future plans I gave myself about a two year ago to because I do still work a full time job. So I do, I would like my coaching business to be something that I do on a full time basis. So that is one of my personal goals going into the next couple of years, although I think I won’t get there sooner than the two years. But that’s one of the things I do want to develop the courses that I want to be able to offer to clients. So those are the two focus fields that I have right now. This you thing is kind of, you know, low ringing a little bit in my ear as a possibility as well. So I’d like to do some of those things branch off into some mentoring, possibly having some kind of purpose by design conference and things like that. So I have a lot of things kind of in my head. But I am one of those kinds of people just like yourself, God is always birthing something. And so I have to be careful that I don’t take on too much, and don’t have too many balls rolling at one time. So I’m done. That’s one of the goals that I’m working on personally. And so as I work on those goals, it’s helping me to really focus on my business. When I get too far to the left or too far to the right, I’m gonna bring it back and focus on you know, the here and the now. And so that’s a challenge for me, but I’m doing pretty good with it. And I think that’s why so much is able to be produced through purpose by design. But if you’re looking for me, you can find me on Facebook at purpose by design, life coaching. You can look me up as Andrea stone or purpose by design. Also on my Facebook page is my website. I just transferred over my domain name so in a couple of days it should show up as purpose by design who I know we could keep talking I know I want to listen more I wish we had more time I would put a book Double time. Oh no god did he knew. He said keep this concise and to the point. So that’s what we’re gonna do any final Tips Tools words of advice or wisdom for that coach this

Unknown 50:03
like, Girl you have inspired me you then said something they don’t drop they fall maybe throw it across the room. Maybe they sit here crying and wiping tears mouth wide open like me. What’s that one final thing and you’re gonna drop the mic and we’re gonna wrap this thing up that you would say to that future black woman, Christian life coach. Okay, my final thing is this, that from the foundation of the world, God had you on his mind. He knew he knew you will come to this. He knew Dr. AJ was gonna be obedient to what he said to do. And he knew you were gonna come across this program. And so I say to you that this is your moment again, this is your time to follow your passions and follow your dreams and follow your God designed Go ahead girl push the button get it I’m telling you it’s the best thing it’s the best thing Oh, code Oh my god. I love you so much. I love your spirit and your story and your yes I love to see the yes in the women of God that He is calling forth muted there. I don’t know if that was by accident. But if you can hear me I just want to say thank you thank you thank you thank you hopefully you guys can hear me zoom usually kicks me off the call can you hear me coach yep, I can oh so we’re gonna go ahead and wrap up because Zoom is trying to trip us out but no, we finished out so thank you for hanging in there. We had a mission to complete and I want to say well done. Thank you so much for saying yes I love your soldering. Your yes thank you for being one of our success stories. This is only the beginning we’ll definitely talk again. Our people will definitely hear from you and future success and those of your clients so just get ready get ready okay. All right. All right, Coach Thank you for having me. You are welcome and future black woman Christian certified life coaches head over to black life coach certification calm again www dot black life coach certification calm. We’ll meet you there you’ll see coach’s beautiful picture a testimonial and video on the page. And remember, there’s someone somewhere they are waiting. They are waiting on you to walk into your destiny so they can walk into theirs because when you impact one life, you impact generations. Go ahead and let your light shine and you give others permission to do the same. I’m Dr. AJ Austin. We’ll see you guys next time. God bless. Bye y’all. Bye bye.

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