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The Editor-In-Chief for Prosperity Magazine reached out to me for a feature in their monthly ‘Life Coach Corner’, and here are my answers to the article feature questions…

What type of life coach are you? I am a Certified Master Personal Life Coach and a Master Life Coach Certification Trainer for Black women of faith

How long have you been a life coach? I have been a Life Coach for 8.5 years

What is your purpose as a life coach? My purpose as a Life Coach is to help Black women of faith become Certified Life Coaches who can confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards!

What type of coaching services do you offer for your clients? I offer a 1 day Life Coach Certification Training home-study course for Black women of faith, Business  and a Mastermind/Mentorship program for Black women Certified Life Coaches.

What distinguishes you from other coaches? What distinguishes me from other Coaches is my story of how I went from dealing with homelessness, dropping out of college, the downsizing of my corporate career, and the death of my mom happening on the same day my divorce became final. My story, along with my style of how I dedicated a decade to discovering this new ministry and movement called ‘life coaching’ to using my degree as a Trainer and my Doctorate in Christian Psychology with how I deliver my trainings specifically to those whose skin, story, struggles, and ideas of success look like mine is how I stand out. 

How did you gain clarity and learn to be an effective leader in your field of coaching? I gained clarity and learned to be an effective leader by using my years of combined leadership roles in my community, church, and corporate culture. I partnered with and served under the leadership of my first million-dollar mentor (who also certified me as a Life Coach and Master Life Coach) for 4 years; answering and receiving hundreds of sales calls, addressing frequently asked questions about the life coaching ministry during these calls and on LIVE video for a group of hundreds of Coaches. Throughout the years, it became clearer that my heart, soul, and spirit were connected to serving future generations of leaders in this space.

What made you tap into your courage, strength and passion to build your life coaching practice? What made me tap into my courage, strength, and passion to build my life coaching practice started with the meaning of my name, Andrieka, which is Greek for ‘strong and courageous’. This, combined with my lifelong passion and goal to successfully financially support myself by creating my own career was an agreement I made with my 10 year old self who never saw or heard of anything outside of the traditional roles of doctor, teacher, lawyer…or extreme poverty mentally manifested. Using all of this as the motivation behind what I do is the reason my life coaching practice continues to grow and sustain itself (and my lifestyle) successfully from year-to-year. 

How do you obtain your work/life balance? I obtain my work/life balance by defining the terms for myself, starting with a weekly schedule that serves me and my coaching clients best. Self-care is stays top-of-mind throughout my work week, along with good vegetarian eating and what I call “happy hobbies” (like podcasting [listening to and making guest appearances on], couponing, reading, and thrift store  shopping). My work is scheduled around my life (not the other way around). I work to live. I do what I love and I LOVE what I do.

What truly drives you as a coach? What truly drives me as a Coach is knowing that I am called to coach. Coaching is an ingrained part of my calling and purpose to serve out here on earth. I am meant to speak, share, train, and inspire through the work I do as a Coach. I often re-visit my work and goals (this helps stay in alignment with that drive/calling). I also check in with and check on my coaching clients frequently to confirm that the drive is still there. Ultimately, my drive comes from knowing that this is where I belong, and I’m doing what I’ve been called by God to do. Serving in my purpose is what helps me stand out as a committed Coach who’s here for the long haul.

What does the future hold for you as a life coach and your coaching practice?
The future vision lines up with the work I’ve been able to do up to this point by building an online brand and establish a virtual Life Coach Certification Training program for Black women of faith. We will continue to add to (by doubling and soon tripling) our growing roster of nearly 200 Black Women Certified Life Coaches around the world who also own their own certification trainings. 

What is the best way for our readers to find you for your services? Readers can find me online and find out more about my services in my coaching community at 

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