A Black Woman Life Coach Success Story


My success story started January 2020 after taking the previous 3 years of my knowledge, skills, and experience from hosting collaborative live events around my subject matter (life coach certification) to build my own brand of Life Coach Certification Training for Black women of faith;

conducting (3) seperate [free] interest groups/information sessions (online and offline) from about 50 people who represented my ideal target audience,

then bringing my training online and hosting it live with 2-5 (paid) people (at $600 each) via a monthly livestream (Zoom) for the first 3 sessions (90 days) to capture video, audio, and written content for the course handbook, plus video testimonials and course feedback.

By day 120 (and $4,800 later), I paid a Marketing Mentor $997 and he inspired the idea to “get off my feet” and stop having to show up live for each (8 hour) training in order to make money.

This inspired the idea for me to chop up the video content from those previous recordings, add in notes from the focus group feedback sessions and launch (start selling) the beta version of The Black Life Coach Certification Training Self-Study System (home study course).

We just hit 18 months as a new online brand and 12 months since the release of the home study course. So far, I have 167 Certified Life Coaches on my training roster (the last 70+ went through my online home study course beta launch),

and my most recent PayPal statement (from working about 10 hours per week consistently in my business – semi-passively) is $61, 074.38 đź’•


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