$1,500 Life Coach Certification Scholarship [Apply]

Listen to $1,500 Life Coach Certification Scholarship on http://www.BlackLifeCoachRadio.com


Join us for the upcoming Future Black Life Coach 5 Day Bootcamp on

Monday, JANUARY 23-27, 2023



Ask Me About Our Partial Scholarships for The Black Woman Christian Life Coach Certification Self-Study System! ✨

(You’ll SAVE $1,500 OFF tuition to The Black Woman Christian Life Coach Certification Self-Study Training!!!)

{You’ll pay ONLY $1,497 for your complete training!}

[Regular Price: $2,997]

* FIRST to Say & Pay WINS!!! *

✨ Scholarship MUST be claimed within 24 hours of your receipt of payment link ✨

Details for what’s all included in The Black Woman Christian Life Coach Certification Self-Study Training (PLUS the $14,000 worth of BONUSES) is at http://www.blacklifecoachcertification.com

Ask for {and claim} your Partial Scholarship TODAY!!! 🥰

These are Black Life Coach Certification training tips from a Certified Black Life Coach and a Certified Black Life Coach Trainer on how I became a Black Certified Life Coach and how YOU can become a Certified Life Coach as a Black woman and grow your future business as a Black Woman Certified Life Coach; Hosted by a Black Life Coach Trainer who is the Owner and Founder of an online Black Life Coach Certification Training company for Black Life Coach training, Black Life Coaching, and Black Life Coaches (Think of Black Life Coaches like: Andrieka J Austin, Stephan Labossiere, Pastor R.C. Blake’s, Jr., Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Gaskins, Stormy Wellington, Angel Richardson, Tomiko Lowry Pugh, Marshawn Evans, Shanel Cooper Sykes, Dr. Sonja Stribling, and Sara Jakes Roberts, Courtney Sanders)

The International Center for Life Coach Certification, LLC offers an online 1 day Life Coach Certification training for Black women of faith, hosted by a Black Life Coach who is a Master Life Coach Trainer.

Open enrollment is going on NOW.

Visit http://www.blacklifecoachquiz.com and http://www.blacklifecoachcertification.com or Call 1-888-427-2013

Here are a few FREE resources to get you started:

FREE Quiz: http://www.blacklifecoachquiz.com

FREE Facebook Group: http://www.futureblacklifecoaches.com (get details on where to watch ‘Lady of L.E.G.A.C.Y’, a documentary-style film about how I, Master Black Women Christian Life Coach Certification Trainer, Dr. AJ Austin, sought education to break generational curses, but the dreaded five D’s of death, divorce, downsizing, dropping out of college, and dealing with homelessness tried to detail my destiny. It’s a story of strength, courage and wisdom…and the struggle to success!)

FREE YouTube Channel: http://www.blacklifecoachtv.com



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