I FORCED Myself To Do This…

I FORCED myself to do this…

In 2017 I joined a co-work space in my hometown just to have a place to go to WRITE MY BOOK!! 👀

It was a few minutes up the street from my house but I PAID, got dressed, and went WEEKLY for accountability.

As you can see, I still got off track with office conversations and photoshoots {but I got the book DONE}! 📸 🤣

I’m currently working on another book about how Black women small business owners can find and secure debt-free non-traditional funding for their next big project, program, or idea 💡.

The book covers a range of funding options and outlines my proven process of securing and received over $30,000 in grants, scholarships, fellowships, subsidies, pitch competitions, contests, giveaways, and paid partnerships in under 9 months.

I’m thinking about bundling BOTH books together!

Wanna learn more?

Talk to me in the comments 👇🏾


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