How Church Helped My Business!

I had just sat down alone at a table to take part in the event, when a nice lady approached me and asked if she could sit with me.13015653_10208077120518596_1687713149074469246_n

Of course, I said “Yes”.

As we began to get acquainted, the conversation somehow shifted to life, choices, and happiness.

I soon discovered (via what I now call a ‘Coaching Confessional’) that she was unhappily married and longing in her heart to be with a longtime friend, ex-boyfriend, and sweetheart from days long ago.

She went on to share with me the details of her marriage versus the old (yet still desired) relationship and what she would “give” to rekindle the flame.

The deeper we got into our conversation (missing out on most of the festivities of the event we were supposed to be attending and participating in), the more she shared and the more questions I asked (for clarity {and nosey} purposes, of course!).

It seems she told me EVERYTHING during her confessional.

Then, she said she had to leave the event early.

As she was packing to go, I saw her pull something from her purse and began to write as if she was leaving me a note before slipping out to say “Thanks”, it was nice connecting with you!”.

I remember seeing her writing and thinking to myself, Dear Lord, if this nice lady is writing me a check, I’m going to cry!‘–and sure enough, just as the Pastor was delivering his word to the audience and my new friend slipped away, she slid a small, square, folded piece of paper over to me as she got up to leave.

I waited until she was out of sight and unfolded the paper, and to my surprise — and confirming what I was praying — she had left me with a check for our quick session, showing me her sign of gratitude for our conversation/coaching confessional session while sitting at a table together at this event.

This was the first, but not the only time that something like this has happened to me simply from having a conversation with a stranger (or a group of strangers!) where I’ve unexpectedly been offered money in exchange for

  • sharing my gifts
  • giving a listening ear
  • asking questions
  • giving my (unbiased) point-of-view,
  • sharing opinion
  • giving expert advice

when prompted.

My “aha moment” that I could make it as a coach was at this event for leaders at my church.

This particular event (among others) shifted my perspective on coaching and conversations that have empowered me to engage with others more as a coach and conversationalist.

It also taught me how valuable people view my work, by being willing to happily pay me for it.

And, for that I am forever grateful.

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