Overcoming Overwhelm in Your Business!


FEELING OVERWHELMED in your business?!…


I understand.

Here’s a tip:

It helps me when I focus on ONE thing each day and do my best to tackle it before sundown {or 6pm when my workday officially ends–whichever comes first!}.

I also {like many entrepreneurs} like to “race against the clock” when trying to meet a deadline or get things done, so…

I {literally} will set the timer on my phone to do so!

Even during my favorite tv show’s commercial breaks [a great time for quick 2 minute tasks!], I try to work on bits and pieces of my business or whatever project I’m trying to attack that day.

And little-by-little, when I look up…it’s SO much closer to getting done {and I’m not stressing out as much to eventually meet the timer/deadline I was originally racing up against}!

Just a few tips I thought I’d share.

Hope this helps 😃

#HappyWorkday ☕

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