Success is…

cropped-the-bom-golden-logo3.jpgDear Entrepreneur,

Success is…

That feeling you get when you can cover the bill for lunch or dinner with a friend {knowing it happened because YOU sold a product or service YOU created and are PROUD of! – especially when that same friend told you to go get a “real” job by hinting around it in her own little subtle way!} – don’t be mad at her, vengeance is MINE saith the lordt!

When a bill comes in the mail you can hop online or in the car to take care of it and pay it right away {and it’s not taking away from any other area financially}

Always having a full tank of gas and the freedom to drive your favorite car anywhere you desire any time you please

Structuring your day so that you’re free to PLAY and do things that bring you joy {and your day’s not only filled with all work and no play}

Listening to your heart and what fills SATISFYING to your soul and spirit about what feels right for YOU {not based on everyone else’s opinions or plans for you}

Continuing to keep moving forward in business for yourself, knowing that it aint gone be easy

Reaching the peak of the mountain top in one area and running back down the mountain to do it all over again in another area {because you know you can!}

Being willing to LET IT ALL GO because things don’t define you {you’ve been here before and you made it out alive – this time has GOT to be better!} 💕

Taking a moment to absorb the FEELING of having served with your whole heart {and being rewarded generously financially for it}

Realizing you’ve poured it ALL out and you have nothing else in you left to give {you did your part in the relationship} – you left it all ‘out there’ on the field, and you’re preparing to fill your cup back up!

SUCCESS = Whatever I have to work with, I MAKE it work!

Success is NOT…

-Lying to and deceiving people
-Bragging about what you GOT
-Talkin about how much money you make
-Talkin about how GREAT you are
-Expecting a pat on the back for the work you’ve done
-Waiting for the phone to ring, your name to be called, or permission to be great {it’s knowing your lineage, your heritage, your blood line, your history, who’s name you carry {first and last, married and maiden!}, the dues and the price that was ALREADY paid by those who came before you [your RICH ancestry and phenomenal DNA!] – it’s who’s granddaughter you are from history untold – it’s the NAME {and the responsibility you carry!

Now, how would YOU define success? Comment below 👇




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