You’re FIRED!

Well, not really! But…

Maybe one of your customers or clients might be after this post 👇

Someone recently posed a question asking for details on if I’ve ever FIRED a client, and here’s my response:

Never actually “fired”, but honored the contract, did my part and delivered as their Coach and then declined the request to continue any additional, next-level business building together (or never made an upsell offer to any additional more extensive programs to continue our work together once our time was up and my part was done).

If any “fired” clients are reading this…sorry! 😕

I have found it helpful to include a question in the initial client intake package about ‘what they would like for me to say or do,as their Business Coach, if/when I see them getting off track’.

In addition to this, I also check-in midway of the program to touch base for accountability (shows I’m still doing my part to ensure they are on track to get the desired results/outcomes).

So, at the end of the day, I’ve:

1. Set an example by delivering what I’ve promised (coaching, accountability, focus on the goal, and final take-aways for best results)

2. Left a traceable (usually email based track record covering the details of the initial work outcome, proof that work-at least on my end- has been delivered)

3. Given them a mirror-like reflect of what they have or have not done, resulting in my professional decision for us not to work together in the future

When I think about it…it kinda sounds like a relationship with a contract, a check-in process, and a cancellation policy!, lol ❤


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