From Homeless to Helping Entrepreneurs

It took me 15 years to complete college, but…I did it!

b.w 2016 Unsung Heroing Award and Profile Picture10 years ago I was homeless, sleeping in my car and on the floors and couches of family and friends. I’m now a homeowner.

This month 8 years ago, I was walking out of divorce court and received a call that my mother had just passed. I now have spiritual mothers.

My corporate job was downsized. I’m now an 11 year small business owner.

Thanks to the goodwill of the people who saw the gift, the anointing, and the potential to BELIEVE in me and to PRAY with me that I went from a homeless, divorced, college drop out without a mother who was unsure of my future…to a hopeful, happy, heart full entrepreneur who now helps women be the BOSS in building their businesses.

I realize that when I impact ONE life, I impact generations.

Whether she’s a single-mother or a single-again woman seeking financial and economic stability through business ownership, I…we impact lives!

Her children and her children’s children will SOMEhow benefit from the work we do today.

It’s because of people like DeQuanda Sanders having a vision and building great organizations like Saving Our Children And Families, Inc. that we are doing just that.

Because of you and the work you do, we CAN and we will continue to help ONE person at-a-time and continue to have a positive impact on generations to come.

And to those who came before us, THANK YOU!

I am honored, blessed, grateful, and humbled to accept this ‘Unsung Heroine Award’, as I believe that your mission and your vision will NEVER be as important to you than the lives you impact.

Thank you.



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