Are You Doing The WORK?…

Are You DOING the W-O-R-K?!…

My experience with business and life coaching clients has shown (and helped me to understand) that there are two different perspectives to determining who will be successful (or not) in business.

Some clear revelation on this area led me to focus on what is NEEDED to make the coaching process work.

First, you have to be willing. Next, consider the effects. More importantly, know that your time is limited.

Here’s what you should consider before embarking on the business coaching journey…

Are You Willing?

First, be honest with yourself and know if you are willing to do the work involved in a business coaching relationship -OR- if you are more “fond” of and simply enjoy the sound/idea of “having a Business Coach“? If this is making you feel some type of way, then be sure that you are willing to invest the same amount of work and effort as your coach (and then some). Speaking from a Coach’s perspective, it is NO JOKE being a Business Coach!


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Consider the Effects

Next, consider the mental and spiritual effects of the business and life coaching process. A good coach goes through an entire mental adaptation before, during, and after each coaching session. She has to be in a place of complete mental clarity and focus.
A coach is mentally dealing with each client before the start of each session. She strategizes on what to work with the client on, and how to do this most effectively based on the initial interview and intake process. She takes notes of previous conversations and past sessions with the client and works out the details for the benefits of each session.
There is also a  spiritual aspect to the coaching process. One coaching friend of mine has an entire spiritual process where she cannot hug or contact certain clients as a result of spirit/energy transfers. She will not eat the food, use the restrooms, or drink the water while in certain environments with clients. She believes that if she allows herself to do this, it is a universal sign of “comfort”, and a certain barrier of respect is then broken. Deep stuff, I know.

You PAID for this!

As the client, remember, you have PAID for your Coach to give you her UNDIVIDED attention (and the same is  asked of you) to listen, to focus-in on what is being said, and to provide feedback and valuable insight to help you through the coaching process of achieving your previously stated business and life goals.

This means no phone. Cell phones are off. No internet access (i.e., facebook check-ins, emails, texts, etc.). No kids, spouse, or other outside interruptions. This is YOUR time to get your life and business together. You get one hour per session. Be sure you use that time together wisely and make it count!

Your Time is Limited!

Finally, just know that your sessions and time together are limited to only a few weeks. Get your money’s worth, and DO THE WORK! See the progress. Get results. Now, I understand that “life happens” and things “come up”, that could potentially get in the way, but this is where you have to decide what is most important to you, and DO THAT! After all, it is what you SAY you want 🙂


Before you consider hiring or working with a Business/Life Coach, be SURE that you are willing to do the work, you have considered the effects, remember that you PAID for this, and that your time together is LIMITED!




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