How to Be A Great Podcast Guest (and Profit from Podcasts!)

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Well, hello, wonderful collective. I am so excited to introduce you to another very special guest. We
have coach, AJ Austin here today who I mean, you are, you do a lot, I feel like,

we’re going

to be talking about being an amazing podcast guest which is perfect because I think whether you have
your own podcast or not, we should be getting on other people’s podcasts. It’s such an incredible way
of sharing our audience. But I mean, I’d love you to just give us a bit of a background about everything
else that you do, because it’s not just the podcasting space that you you empower people with like
you’re a wonderful coach, with an amazing background. Do you want to just tell us a little bit about
yourself before we dive into the formalities,

or let me put on my cough drop.

You’re welcome for that.

I love it. It’s great. It’s like patent disrupt everyone’s paying attention now.

So I am a master life coach trainer, I trained and certified black women of faith around the world. So I
get it with the different time zone differences and jet lag. And everybody’s trying to catch up and be on
one accord live and replay but you’re in for a treat today, regardless of how you’re watching. Because
podcasting is the number one way during this time of civil and civic unrest, economic downturn
quarantine, it’s the best way to get the word out about what you do to help other people catch your
vision. So I’m excited to share how I’ve been able to do that successfully for myself and my clients
around the world.

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Oh, yeah, I can’t wait.

I know, I’m gonna have a million questions for you at the end. But I will let you take over and just share
all of your genius with us. And then I know we’ve got q&a at the end. So we can deep dive if there’s
any, any questions or lack of clarity, but I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. So I’m just going to pin your
screen now. So that you are the star of the show. And I’ll hand it over to you take it away, AJ,

thank you so much. So let me see if I can share my screen here.


trying to the last thing I was looking at.

So let’s see, hopefully, so this is not the presentation. But I know that this is what I was part of what I
was looking at. So let me get the presentation brought up.

So we’ll start from the beginning, cuz I know that’s what we all want to do.

Alright, so you want me to just dive in and start giving the good, mommy. Okay, cool. It’s all yours. So
hey, you guys, thank you for joining. And thank you again for the opportunity to be here and share with
the collective. I know you guys are all over the world, you have different types of things that you want to
do as it relates to marketing and sharing your business. And podcasting is one of the perfect ways to do
that. So I’ll share a little bit more about who I am, and what I’ll do what I do. But first, I want you to know
that today you’ll discover what to do after the podcast pitch is presented. So I’m assuming that if you’re
watching this, you already have the gig, if you will. But this is what to do after that invitation to appear
has been accepted from you as the interviewee and from the interviewer, just like we were able to do
here successfully on the east coast of the US all the way across the world in Australia. So we made it
work. And then once the interview is over what to do, I have three steps. One is called plan. So what
are prepare, plan prepare, they all start with PS I love the iterations. But as you prepare for going on
the podcast, doing the podcast, as we call that proceed, and then the final step is prosper. That’s what
people really are interested in. How do I make this work afterwards. So we’re going to talk about what
to do. This is a little about me, this is me in the studio here in Atlanta. One of my coaches invited me on
her podcast. And so she captured the picture of me talking and I’m so glad she did because it showed
me in action. Because when you’re in action doing these things, you kind of forget. And you’re in the
moment. So this is me flow and talking all things life coaching and growing your business and making
money. But I’ve been able to do that, as a professional podcast guest featured over 100 podcasts all

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over the world, live in studio and all the different types of podcasting there is and we’ll go over some of
those. And you’ll see some more screenshots of me in action. But I’ve been on a different podcast since

  1. I went in search for the first email Venkat to say, here’s your show, link. Here’s the time to join us.
    And it was a lady at my church who gave me that first opportunity to be on her podcast before I even
    knew what they were. And since then, I have booked over 100 Guest appearances. I’m a 16 time
    bestselling author, and I love talking all things entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, money
    making mindset manifestation, all the things it takes to be a successful podcaster and grow your
    business as well as a good coach and then throw another in there. There’s marketing. So here are just
    a few of the logos of places that I’ve been featured as what I call The perfect podcast partner, because
    while it’s easy for us during quarantine to decide, you know, we want to throw up a podcast, it takes
    commitment and consistency, but it also takes partnership. So you don’t necessarily have to be a
    podcast host. You can, you know, be featured like I have and partner with those hosts to make your
    appearance and their podcasts look really good. So women who rock quick success,

they have a digital magazine that they featured me on as well. And it was all because I use the tip that
I’m going to share with you coming up, and how to make your podcast partnerships prosperous, and
how to profit from those. And I’ll tell you more about that. I’ve been featured on Atlanta business radio,
they have a live. It’s a studio in studio podcast, but they travel to events. So they actually set up booths
at conferences, and I missed that I missed those days, getting on the mic with headphones on. So I’ll
share some pictures from that experience with you as well. Cat builder network. They’re also here in
Atlanta, started by nonprofit founder and featuring successful entrepreneurs around the city. Then
there’s Empire radio, I got a random call one day like we want you on our show, it was like five minutes,
but it was one of the quickest, most succinct podcast interviews that I’ve ever done. And then ibns
radio, they are in studio radio show here in Atlanta by a good friend Ricardo rice, Dr. Ricardo rice. And
he was referred to me and connected with me through a coaching client. So that’s a bonus free tip, you
know, who do you know within your network of people you already serve? Who can kind of get you the
hook up and get you behind the scenes into these opportunities. Down at the bottom is she wrote a
book that podcast is featured on YouTube. It’s for women who wrote a book and want to come on and
talk about it. And that host is Lena, and then women about biz. They are a black owned. It’s an
entrepreneurial coaching type of a network as well. But she has a show and I did that years ago. And I
was very proud of that appearance as well. And then I did at one point have my own podcast is still up
on blogtalkradio. They’re about 30 different episodes. And I’m going to tell you how I use that podcast.
Even though I don’t personally get on there often and host anything, I still use it to my benefit today. So
we’ll talk about that in the prosper piece. Down at the bottom again, is chaos radio. That was one of the
best interviews that I’ve done this year so far. And that’s from Terri Lynn, she was my last my last live
event here in Atlanta, she volunteered as my event assistant. And she featured me on her podcast
based on what she saw me do at my last event speak and things like that. So let’s dive into three steps
that it takes to become what we call the perfect podcast partner what those partnerships look like. The
first secret that I want to share with you is that you need to prepare and it’s more than just decide that
you want to go on and talk you have to prepare for secret number one secret number two is proceed.
That’s when you actually show up on the show what you should be doing during that time. And then
secret number three is prosper. And so I’m going to share these tips with you. And if you could keep me
on time, I would greatly appreciate that like staring at my clock, we got about 20 more minutes left

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together. So the first step is prepare. Now this is going to be a list. I’m not sure if you allow screenshots.
But if you could screenshot these tips now, these are tips that come from the perfect podcast
partnership course. And it’s about 100 different tips that I share with people who are ready to build their
speaking career, their coaching career, and do like a virtual speaking, or book tour when they first write
their self published book. And so I borrowed some of these from that list. And that’s what I’ll be sharing
a little bit of with you and more about how you can get your hands on the full list coming up at the end.
So in order to prepare, you want to make sure number one at the show centers around your topic or
your target. For me, I talked to a lot of black women of faith but I also talked to a lot of women
entrepreneurs, I talk to people who want to make money in their business. So shows about women
empowerment and all the things I listed earlier mindset money manifestation marketing, etc. I can show
up on those shows. So make sure that the show is centered around your topic just like you guys here
today are all about building your business and hopefully making money so I think I’m in the right room

Another tip is to learn the hostess name before you get on their podcast. So I know that all the emails
that came through for this opportunity said cat team Cat Cat Cat Cat so I had no choice but to know
who was over this team and this operation. Okay, so before you get on the air, you want to be sure that
you can personally address the hostess by their first name. And you do that by finding a recent
episode. Now because this is a private mastermind of course you guys don’t have just episodes floating
around the internet. But when it comes to a traditional podcast or interview style, speaking opportunity,
you want to look for recent episodes listen to how it flowed, how the personality went, what the topic
was because the Gonna tell you how you can use that information to your advantage during the
podcast interview, buy their books, if they’re authors, just like I mentioned, I’m a sixth time author, a
best seller. That means that we have taken the time to sit still, and put all of the knowledge up here
onto paper to help someone else. So if you know what they write about, it makes the conversation flow
easy during your podcast interview as well. I had an author Come on my show a few years ago, her
name was Rochelle Carter, she sent me her book before the interview. And I read through it, so the
roles were reversed. I was reading her book so that I could know about her topic. And so I thought I
would skim through it, you know, look at the chapter summaries. But I got so involved with her book,
because it was so good. It was about how to write books. And so that really made the conversation
juicy. So if you find out that your podcast host has written books, get the book because it’ll open up
more during the conversation in your interview. As for questions beforehand, meaning, what questions
will they be asking you, when it comes to your live interview, you want to be prepared, not caught off
guard. I recently had a podcast interview, and we met up 10 minutes before the show, which is one of
our prosper tips to show up early to make sure that you know what questions will be asked if they don’t
see them in advance. And she asked me, you know, if the questions were Okay, can I ask you this?
Can I ask you that? I was very grateful for that. Because you want to be pleased and credible. You
want to show that you’re an expert, but you definitely don’t want to? Um, well, yeah. You know, and
kind of glaze off because you’re not you weren’t prepared for that question. And so if they don’t have
questions pre prepared, you can have questions. I have a list of 10 questions that if I’m going on to talk
about life coaching specifically, I send them 10 specific questions that I want to be asked. And so think
about what you want to share about your topic, you know, is it your story is that your customer
testimonials? Is it books that you’ve written is it programs that you have coming up, as in any event that

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you got going on, these could all be factored into the questions that you send as a part of your favorites
before the show get started. As you prepare to make your appearance. Ask if you can sell or give away
things. It’s always polite to get permission, don’t just assume you’re gonna go on a free podcast to
make money. It does definitely lead to lead to money if you set it up the right way. But it’s always
courteous to get the permission of the owner of that platform. For if it’s okay to mention something that
you’re selling or something you may want to give away to their audience in an effort to build your email
list and stay in touch with people who want to learn more from you. And then the way that podcasts are
popping up these days, the most common platforms are zoom, Facebook live an app called anchor that
I just used this week that I had no idea you could do it like that. There’s Google meat, there are college
shows, and then there are in studio appearances. And so Studios here in Atlanta are slowly opening
back. But we really don’t look good on camera or sound good on the mic with a mask on our face
protecting us these days. So lately, we’ve been in our home studios, I’m here in my closet, you can see
my fall and winter coats hanging on my door to

these are my sound barriers and make it sound better when it comes to my podcasting equipment. So
and I share that fact, that’s a fun fact, I presented with, twice this year since quarantine. And
Marcy who is my contact with fiber. She’s in New York. And she’s always amazed, like I forgot you were
sitting in your club. So when you are on camera, you get to show more of your personality. But there
are so many apps out there that give you either that call in audio feature, or the video feature. So I did
anchor this weekend. And I show a screenshot of that. And it was the host, their three hostesses and
their millennials. So they taught me about this new app that I had been using. But I had never recorded
a live podcast using that audio feature. And I thought it was the neatest thing. And so I’ll share with you
how to make sure you’re prepared for those different types of opportunities when they pop up new and
those that you’re familiar with. So before you jump on the podcast, make sure your Wi Fi signal is
strong, like I’m sitting here with my Wi Fi extender because I recorded my closet and it has to go
through the laundry room, the kitchen and the living room. You know, you want to make sure that Wi Fi
is gonna pull in to make sure your podcast interview comes through loud and clear. So Wi Fi, your
wired headphones. I have those here somewhere I just had him in earlier but I keep about three
different pair of headphones near me within reach. Also my wireless headphones or air pods earbuds.
And then make sure that the apps are downloaded like anchor Google meet, even zoom you have to
make sure you’re prepared on your laptop, desktop phone or tablet for how the podcast will come
through loud and clear. So when you’re ready on your end, that means you prepare for the interview.
That’s how you become a perfect podcast partner. And finally making sure that your environment is
quiet. have a chat with your friends not to call you you know if you’re going to stream from your phone,
a phone call usually interrupts that connection. So make sure you let them know you’re booked for the
next 30 minutes to an hour chat with the friends, family, and even your furry friends, because I’ve had it
where I have been interviewing with even a host and her dog will jump in her lap and start barking
because he wants to add to the conversation. And so you have to make sure that on your end, you’ve
taken care of all of that. And that’s one reason I sit in my closet, I live close to a main highway. So I
don’t want you to hear all the cars and the fire sirens in the hospital right upstream for me. So we need
to be focused in on this, what’s going on here. So when you secure that environment and makes the
sound quality better, you may hear my bracelets rattle because I’m a jewelry person, my earrings jingle.
It’s only bad when I’m on a wired mic and it keeps hitting the microphone. But the most noise here right

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now is fans and my white noise machine, I forgot to turn it off before I went live. But you probably can
barely hear it unless I get really quiet. But that’s a part of setting that environment to make sure you’re
ready to have your audio come through loud and clear whether you’re on video or audio only. And then
finally, have a backup plan. Sometimes technology fails on the host end and on your end. So if you
have a backup camera, a backup cell phone, a backup laptop to where you can be logged into that
platform with two devices. So that if the signal is lost, you can jump on the next one. That’s your
assurance for how to continue to be that perfect part by podcast guests because you are prepared. So I
invite you to take a screenshot of all these ways to prepare, because what we’re going to do next is get
into what actually happens on the podcast. And we call that the process. I’m going to pause I’m going to
see if there any questions about our prepare, or do you want to do q&a at the end only?

I’m happy to do it at the end. This is all making perfect sense. It’s fantastic. I

do dang good. Okay, so this is part one of three we’re moving along. This is that same day in the
podcast room, live studio, but I took it as an opportunity to get some photos, she was recording another
segment talking to someone else on the air. So I was snapping and walking the halls and doing my
private Facebook stories. So these are always to be a perfect podcast guest I was letting her do what
she needed to do. I was making her look good, make me look good. I did stories and Facebook Lives in
the hallway, talking about where I was I was in studio in Atlanta, talking about my topic, and promoting
the show that I was on, as well as promoting the coach who was interviewing me. So these are all
marketing opportunities for your podcast, and being the perfect partner. So getting into the different
types of podcasts while I was in studio for this picture. This was a call in radio show. She’s a minister.
She was a part of a coach collaborative that I was a part of, and I trained for for four and a half years,
and invited me to be on her show. And I was so excited that day, because I had actually forgotten about
this interview. I try not to double book I do at least one podcast interview a month, this month has been
so many more than that. But I’m excited. That’s how I got 100 you know, just saying yes to the
opportunities that made sense for me. And so that day, I forgot about it. And I reread the email she sent
me weeks ago. And it did not say that I had to get on video. So I was excited because I didn’t have to
go rushing through my hair and my makeup in my, you know, trying to make sure that my uniform was
together. But this was a college show. And you could also use that show to download for other things.
And I’m going to show you how I did that. This is me on chaos radio with a new podcast host. This was
her first show. And we were on zoom. So this is the type of podcast as well. This was a call in show she
wanted 60 seconds. This was a three minute podcast. Believe it or not. She gave me the topic. She
was losing her voice. This is the podcast host who’s losing our voice. She put a call out for podcast
guests who could hold it now for her while she recovered from laryngitis. And I did it and she loved it.
She let her husband listen to it. He loved it. They said we could listen to your voice all day long, AJ. And
so when she came to Atlanta, I forgot I think she came from Texas. She came to visit she had a job
assignment in Atlanta and we met up for coffee. So that was the online partnership that led to offline
partnership. And it was just a really good collaboration and so this was an audio calling feature. This
was linked in live you guys have you heard of LinkedIn live?

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way to get approval because I want to go live don’t live on LinkedIn. But this podcast host reached out
to me to say I see you do so many Facebook Lives on other podcasts. Have you done LinkedIn live? If
not, let me show you how it works. So this is me and him. I’m in my bathroom with this one. Okay, that
was before my Wi Fi extender came in the mail. So I had to get the best signal I could and my
bathroom is closest to the living room okay. And it has the best light in the house. So I want to set in the
bathroom recorded this live on LinkedIn as one of my podcasts. I can’t see this But hopefully you guys
can behind you. This is that same show chaos radio. This is what it looks like when you get that pre
marketing collateral to share on your social channels and telling people that you’re going to be featured
just like I’ve been sharing with about this opportunity today. And so it just makes it look a lot more
professional. Now, if, if the host doesn’t send you this, you can have one of these designed by
someone on And it’ll just make the whole appearance look a lot more put together. This is a
summit that I did. I’m not sure if you recognize some of these faces, but Suzanne Evans was there. I
can’t remember all the other people. But I’m there in the corner, I just realized my picture is not even on
this screenshot. But I’m there in the bottom right hand corner. This was a summit that we recorded
before was actually live. That’s considered podcasting as well, because we got a copy of the recording.
I was glad that this was recorded ahead of time, because I actually was in the hospital preparing for
surgery, the day that this aired. So I laid on the hospital bed listening to my recording with this summit.
But we’re so thankful for the opportunity and having already had recorded it. So sometimes the type
depending on the type of podcast it is, everything is not live, a lot of it is pre recorded in that opportunity
was, this is me live in a podcast studio here in Atlanta on camera. It was like a four minute segment.
But it went on to do great things on YouTube. I was video number 20 on her guests of interviewing
authors. And so me and one of my private coaching clients actually drove out to her studio and met up
in her office space to record this segment of the podcast. That’s me, previewing the book, you see, kind
of to the side. And that’s me and another studio here in Atlanta. So all of these were the video, the
visual type of podcasting that you can use audio and video for, and I’ll show you how to make sure you
get the best out of any podcast that you do to make sure that you’re sharing that information in multiple
ways. This was me featured on the show called leadership gland that was part of that in studio
opportunity here in Atlanta as well. And then this is a screenshot of what I just did this weekend where
we were recording me and the other the hostesses of the show. And that was anchor, that’s how it
looked to record just audio only. But I also did that tip of having that backup audio, so I featured it on
another live stream platform as it was going on. So if you have questions about preparing, or the
podcast types, go ahead and put them in the chat. Get ready, because we’re coming up on tip two in
the process of three, four, proceed. So proceed means you’ve already accepted the invitation. The
hostess has you in their calendar. Now it’s almost Showtime, show up 10 minutes early, just like a job
interview, you know, 10 to 15 minutes early to chat to ask questions about the flow of the show what’s
expected of you and the really WUSA, it’s to get into the energy of the show. A lot of us are running
around using the bathroom, trying to get our last sip of water, have a cough drop in our mouth like you
see me have. So this is that pre prep time to help you get all of that taken care of, excuse me, allow the
hostess during the show to talk more than you do if it’s an interview opportunity. And you do this by
asking them questions specifically related to your interview or talk topic. So just like I’m telling you guys,
go ahead and put your questions and comments in the chat. This is your opportunity to add to that
conversation. But when you’re on someone else’s platform, if it’s an interview versus a presentation
style, like we’re doing the day, make sure you don’t out top the host, you know, give them a chance to
ask a question or add to the discussion like you’ve seen me do saying, keep me up on time. Would you

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like to do questions right now, there’s a flow to the show. And there’s also a common courtesy type of
Okay, this is your environment. How does this run I’m following the leader. And then that’s how you
start to form that perfect partnership.

And then demonstrate your skills if you’re a coach, show the hostess how coaching works, ask them
questions related to your specific coaching industry. Regardless of what type of entrepreneur you are,
be able to demonstrate your skills on the show. That’s why they invited you on to show your expertise.
You don’t necessarily want to sail or take over the show. But definitely show that you know what you’re
talking about in your specific industry. Show them that you read their books and that you listen to
previous episodes. That’s why I said if you find out their name by listening to a recent episode and you
find out they wrote a book, go get the book. This is all to use for when you show up. So a way that I did
that on my anchor interview this weekend was I found out that the two ladies that hosts the show lived
here in Atlanta, so we were able to talk about their college and mentioned how we were breathing the
same air at the moment and it made it more relatable. It started to bond that friendship because that’s
what it is. It’s a conversation between friends. That’s how I look at it when I am Join these podcasts,
interviews, and then share stories with your talking and teaching points versus trying to teach during the
podcast. If it’s not a presentation don’t present, if it’s a podcast interview, be interviewed. And you also
ask questions as well. So make sure that the stories you share are relevant. Just like the stories that
I’ve been sharing with you about my experience in and out of the studios. Have your top three top
points on a note card or a document kind of like you see here, I’ve been prepping for you guys for the
last few days, making sure that we talk about the most relevant things when it comes to being the
perfect part podcast partner, because that’ll keep you on point and hopefully keep you on time. And that
way, you don’t have to worry about running out of things to say not knowing what you want to say, or
saying too much. And then finally, cancellations. There are certain things that come up. Like I
mentioned, I had surgery, during the live recordings of the or during the live presentations of the
summit’s. Um, find out what happens in the event that you have to have a cancellation or if your show
is cancelled for any reason on the host, and what is their process or procedure some people get
offended. years ago, when I first got into podcasting, I canceled twice one was because of the surgery.
And then I think I felt not quite ready the first time that I cancelled. And the hostess response was, um,
she was hesitant to rebook with me because I had canceled twice. And so you know, I told her the
reasons behind canceling. So next time I seen her live in person, she re invited me on the show,
because she really wanted to know, the information that I had to share with our audience. But just out
of a common courtesy, you know, you have to let them know I’m not available, I apologize. Can we
reschedule? Or if you’re really, really good partner, if you’re looking for future partnerships with them,
say Is it okay if I refer a colleague to you who could cover this topic as well and make your show shine
even better. And usually people are open to that. That’s how I got the digital magazine cover of that first
podcast that I mentioned women who rock with success, because I would send her other people in my
stead. So and I never canceled on her. But I just wanted to add to her show, I would just send people
who I knew what make a great guest for her. And to show her gratitude, she put me on her magazine
cover. So if you ever have to cancel, make sure you have a backup plan, but also let the host know
because you know, we’re human we live life, and they understand things happen. But if you do it the
right way, that partnership can continue beyond just that short time together. This is my client Ray. He
has recently done over 20 interviews since we’ve been working together. This is him getting on that

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same show I was on on LinkedIn live, he tagged me in his Facebook comments. This is him on another
show that I did. And when it came time for the hostess to say ha Who else do you know, they will make
a great guest I say well, my client Ray and here he is on YouTube guest number 40. I think I was like
38 or 39. So Ray came shortly after me. So during our time of working together, he booked in those 20
interviews with my help. He became a best seller. He wrote his first book called Connect LIKE A BOSS
where he showed up and talked about his book. He did all those tips that I’ve shared with you plus
those that I share in the perfect podcast partner course. And he was really, really excited to see his
book start to sell like hotcakes because he got out and started spreading the word via podcast and
using the tips that I shared with him. And then of course, he started to bring in new clients. That was his
favorite part, he would email me saying I have a strategy call today I booked my first client I’m about to
send over the proposal I’m sending over my contracts now. So he shared with me every step of the
process, because he implemented these tips and started to see them work. So that is Ray. So this is
our final tip. If you have any questions about what I just shared about proceeding, make sure you go
ahead and put them in the comments because I want to answer those in the chat. As we start to wrap
up here, peeking at my clock here. How are we on time,

it’s just going half past now. But we started a little bit after so we’re all good. As long as you’re all good,
we’re all good.

So I’m gonna wrap it up with this last tip of prosper. When it comes to the show being complete, you
want to immediately as soon as soon as your show is available, download your own copy of your show.
Firstly, we’re going to request it from the host or the hostess. Maybe they share it on the show notes
page or the podcast sales or copy page. Download the episode onto your computer because shows
disappear. people decide to stop doing podcasts and so your episode may get erased. Or you may
have the problem that I’ve had because I’ve done so many podcasts and some of them are from years
ago. With the updates to modern technology, those old episodes won’t play they don’t catch on but if
you have your own copy, you get to share that with others in different ways. I mentioned referring other
good guests to the show and ask the host if they’re looking for other guests because again, you’ll stand
out as a great partner and then share the links to the episode that you do after the recording is live in
like Facebook group. So for me, I’m in a lot Life Coaching Facebook groups. And when they ask, you
know, for advice on certain topics, I get to literally put a link to a recent podcast or facebook live
interview that I’ve done addressing that topic in more detail without having to try to spell it all out in the

And then you can also start your own podcasts. They’re all free platforms. I currently use blogtalk radio
because it was super easy when I started back in 2014. With my own podcast, and you can use it to
upload your podcast interviews all of those episodes, add it to your own podcast channel. Because this
is considered your free digital speaker reel. This is really your podcast reel. And so if you want people
to hear the work that you’ve done, you can send them the link to your podcast featuring all the places
that you’ve been featured and interviewed on podcasts. If the show has a logo like those use those you
saw me show earlier, use that as seen on those are those as seen on logos. You can use those on

Transcribed by
your website. If you have a special page on your website like I do with all your podcast features or your
interview features. You can add that you can also put these on your speaker one sheets with clickable
links to podcast episodes showing them you in action, you can use this to get other podcasts episodes
like let me show you recent episodes I’ve done here’s the link to it. And then as a way to make money.
If you choose to feature these, let me show you how I do it. So I upload all of the podcast episodes to a
cloud folder like Google Drive. When clients hire me to boost their speaking engagements, boost their
virtual business tours, boost their virtual speaking or book launches online, they get to listen to as many
episodes as they would like because they’re all in one Google file folder. So I add that to a current
training and coaching program I have for people who want to book, more podcasts like Radiohead. And
so people who hire me as their speaker coach, this is how they start to get familiar with how to get on
podcasts, how to tell their story, how to engage, how to make it a conversational piece and how to keep
getting invited back. Because I’m invited back almost every time I do a podcast, I get the invitation to
come back. And then finally you can have your podcast transcribed, you can put it in the form of an
ebook, a blog post, you can share it with your email list. But these all are considered show notes.
Sometimes the podcast host will do the show notes for you. And you can just share a copy of that with
your tribe, your email, newsletters, social media and things like that. But those show notes would go
really well with the audio or the video of your actual interview. And then finally, if you convert audio or
video, you can also upload it to YouTube. And use platforms and apps that allow you to chop the
episodes up. So if you wanted to share just 60 seconds of a 30 minute clip, then you could do that for
30 days, one minute a day for 30 days showing your entire podcast interview that becomes your social
media content. And that’s how you use it to start prospering letting other people know that you speak
and showing an example of how you speak and then finally These are just a few bonus tips that you
may want to screenshot I’ll run through these really quick never use a speakerphone so if you do use
your phone don’t put it on speaker because it messes up the audio. Because if you’re speaking to one
person for you guys here today, I’ve just been talking to you. One person Yeah, you. So never say the
year it dates the material. Notice I’ve been talking about the current goings ons of the year. Y’all know
what year we’re talking about, right? So you never want to save the year because it dates the
information or the material. Have a glass of water I have some type of orange drink here that’s been
keeping me hydrated. I got a bottle of water as well. But you want to breathe and sip. Throughout the
time have your contracts available, I usually have a cough drop, absorbing or dissolving in my water
just for when it’s q&a time you guys will see me sit more on camera. And then focus on one thing not all
of your titles don’t talk about how you’re a babysitter or a life coach or real estate agent. You do forex
and not say that per episode. Just talk about that one topic and title that you’re there to focus on. And
finally, stick with your own personality and personality style. If you’re a bubbly like me just full of energy
without caffeine. be that person if you’re if you curse, like a sailor regularly, be that person get the
permission from the podcast hosts. Can I curse? Can we talk religion, you know, even if you have an
accent, I don’t have an accent or I can’t hear it. Most of you guys don’t know that. I’m from Douglasville,
Georgia, because that was Georgia talks like this and you probably came to understand me. But if that
needed to come out on air, I give myself permission to do that. So if you have an accent that you’ve
been a bear embarrassed about or you only talk a certain way around certain people, be who you are
on and off camera, your hostess, or your hosts will definitely appreciate that and their guests will
connect better with you as well. So This, I’ll take a pause. Because this all goes into the perfect podcast
partner course. And it is an audio course, it only makes sense. And before I wrap up, I will share really
quickly that in the course, we dive into the 50 plus tips that I share with clients like Ray that helps them

Transcribed by
bring in money in their business, I give you tips for how to prepare to proceed and to prosper, the
prosper part is a lot more in depth, it’s a lot of fun to see how podcasts can pay off. And it’s just that one
thing that can bring you closer to where you want to be with marketing your business online and offline
in different ways you can use it. So you can either choose to learn it from me or learn it the hard way
and do 100 episodes yourself and see how far you get on your own. by trial and error. The regular price
is usually 197. But I’m giving a hookup for today’s event only for only $97. That is that event price. And
you can find out more information at perfect podcast I’ll leave that up while we do our q&a.
And then if you want to wrap up from there, just let me know I’m following your lead.


Thank you so much. There is so many. It’s funny, I’ve done podcast episodes, and I’m going oh my
goodness, there are so many things I just didn’t even think to do so I’m really grateful you wiki. It’s
funny how some of them can be so like when you say them. I’m like, yep, that makes perfect sense. So
logical, and yet it doesn’t enter our minds.


one thing that jumped out at you that you hadn’t thought of before. I like to think that I’m like creators.
Don’t tell me

for sure. I never even actually thought to think like to actually ask the host like, you know it like, do you
cuss on the show like, gee, are you okay with religion or politics? Like those kind of things so that I can
actually feel calm? So I even remember having one episode where I remember, I think they swore and I
was like, Oh, is this one of those shows? Okay, cool. But like you show up slightly differently if you just
know what the boundaries are. So I think that is such a clever idea. And I never thought to prepare my
own questions, either. If they don’t have any for me, I was like, Okay,

I’m just gonna show up. Yeah, it

is. And one of my mentors. He was big on in studio TV appearances. And I said, well, podcasting is the
modern day radio. And Facebook Lives is modern day, and studio TV. But he gave the idea here are 10
questions to send before because that shows show producers that you’re prepared is ready. And they
don’t have to work as hard trying to guess what your industry is, or what is a good conversational piece
for your interview. So it definitely shows that you can take initiative and help their job run easier. So
that’s what I did came from.

Transcribed by
Yeah. So I did have a question around. It was interesting. You were saying talk about that kind of focus
on that one thing, don’t give all your titles, maybe delegate to that interview. And I think that’s so
important. I talk a lot about this in, in my program, we’re sort of working on our backstories and making
sure it’s relevant to our audience. I’d love to know like, do you have any tips around? Because I think
one of the most difficult things is like, so tell us about yourself? And why do I start like, what is your
approach to that? And is that something that you’ve kind of worked on? And you keep practicing? Like,
I’d love to know, some insight into that?

Absolutely. So one book I wrote, it’s down here somewhere probably fall apart if I pulled it up, but it’s
called messaging magic. I have so many edits that I’m making to it as well. But it’s been out a couple of
years, it was booked number 14 of the 16 that I’ve written. And it talks about how to convert confidently
convert conversations to clients, cash checks and credit cards. And one way you do that is by telling
the same story over and over again, that connects with people. I didn’t do that story on this podcast,
because that’s not what we were here to talk about. But the 32nd version of that story is that my mom
died the same day that my divorce became final. But that led me to being right here with you today
sharing the tips that I share about podcasting.

Hmm, yeah, I love that people get people get very worried about repetition. Because Because we hear
ourselves, say the same things over and over. And I’m like, Oh, no, like I’m a broken record, like on
people, that we forget that they’re not hearing our story every time so often people are hearing it for the
very first time.

They’re hearing it for the first time. They don’t know you, they need to hear it to connect, because they’ll
find a little bit of themselves in you. They do want to know who you are, why they should care. Why
should they trust you and if they hear your story and connect with one piece of it. My favorite part of my
story to tell while I do get tired of telling the same story I like to pause to say how can a death in a
divorce. And I like to watch the heads turn and I like that part. So I look forward to that. And that
encourages me to keep telling the same

story. No, I love that. Thank you for sharing that.

Yeah. I’ve

got a question from Charlotte. And I’ll try and frame it. So it fits sort of, I guess the framework of what
we talked about today, but she was like I don’t know if you can answer this but as a podcast host How
do I find people to have as my guest and I guess the way I see us flipping it is also like what attracts us
to other people’s podcast, how are you discovering them? and deciding?

Transcribed by
And it’s three parts because think about how we met you remember?

Mm hmm. Yeah, we were in we were in the we’re in the guests find a guest via guest podcast group on

Yeah. So we’re in a mutual group. Mm hmm. You put out a find the guest Mm hmm. I saw that one of
your topics, which is podcasting. And you literally gave me the title, topic, how to be a great podcast
guest and I just made it sound

good, perfect podcast., you know,

so we were in the same group, you put out a call I answered, because the shows that I look for are
topics that I know I can speak confidently about and be an expert. So those are the ones and then I
started to do research on what is this about? What is the application process? Do I feel like sitting here
and filling out an application? How do I get on this person’s calendar? Do I need to send them an
email? But then also when you it goes into the pitching? You know why? Let me flip it to you. Why did
you choose me? Why am I here tonight? What did you What made you say? Yeah, let me bring her on.
It sounds like she’ll be a good fit.

Yeah, I love house. I like that you were specific, you actually followed my instructions with the pitch, you
would not believe how you’re talking about knowing people’s names. I had people that didn’t even use
my name. They just said hello. And I was like, well, and they copied and pasted something that
obviously sent to like 20 other people, and did not check any of the boxes where I was like, I need to
know this, I need to know it because I need to know this. So that definitely made a big difference. I was
like I like this woman. She’s great. And obviously the there was alignment with with the topic as well,
because you’re able to just go Yes, I can fill this gap as well. So

yes, and that’s what we dive into deeper in the perfect podcast partner. I’ll give one tip away for free.
People love the sound of their own name. So if I say hey, cat, and if your emails are coming from Team
cat, I can say Hey, how are you in the team, or hopefully, you know, to make us to stroke our egos. It’s
like, hopefully, I’m talking to the right person on your team, even if we’re talking directly to the host, you
know. And so there’s a way to kind of start buttering the host up to be like, I’m your girl, like, give me
this opportunity, I know what I’m talking about. So when you can tie in the topics that the host is looking
for, plus what you speak on, plus use that that way to get in to start communicating, building that
partnership, then it goes deeper into chances of you booking the gig, if you will. Yeah,

Transcribed by
I love it. And I think like what we can see is it’s basically it works in reverse. Like it works both ways.
what someone is looking for, I’m looking for a guest or if I’m looking to go on a podcast, it starts with
relationships, it starts with just put yourself where the either the guest or the host is hanging out and
start building a relationship with it. And when it’s whether it’s you pitching to be on their podcast, or
them actually wanting guests to go or whatever that is, it’s it’s all comes down to connection and being.

And when you know their name, when you’ve listened to those recent episodes, when you’ve seen it,
they’ve written books, and you go buy a book if a payment comes through with your name on it. And
they also can relate the name to the email pitch you just sent them. They’re like, Oh, well, she’s
investing in my products, or Oh, she’s supporting what I do, maybe. So it goes back into that buttering
up, stroking the ego. And also know that when your pitches receive, they instantly go to your social
media channels, your website, they’re looking for clients you’ve worked with, they’re looking for where
you’ve spoken before, even for people that I invite to my own private mastermind, I say, please send
me a sample of you speaking. And I’m glad I do that, because I find out, you know, who has accents
and isn’t too thick for me to, you know, allow enough time for us to really dive into the, the topic, or I find
out who’s really preachy because we don’t want to preach or a sermon on you know, a mastermind call.
So it’s it goes into the speaker style. And that’s what host start to look for as soon as you reach out for
those opportunities.

Yeah, I love that. One of the other tips that I really loved was actually about being proactive and
requesting like files and then using them to be able to promote and attract more opportunities. What is
your process as far as the the asking for permission? I mean, obviously, if they’ve given you the file,
that’s one thing. What do you ask them? What are you okay with me sharing like, what, what is that
conversation around?

Or do you just everything I share is my own intellectual property. So it’s not like I’m looking at their book
and copy and pasting and then going to present on their podcast, it’s my stuff that took my sleep at four
in the morning, getting up to do a presentation,

you know,

and so everything that I teach, and that’s why I tell the same story, because I know it’s my story. And a
lot of stuff that I share is already in my book. So it’s my own intellectual property. So if I’m on your
podcast recording all my time with my content, you know, it’s fair game, just like anyone who goes to
listen to the podcast episode can download those and use it as um, you know, like a Cited Reference or
something to add as their resource and things like that. Most people will not offer to send you a copy of
the podcast because they want people to Go to their network through their channels so that their views
can go up and their show listens can go up. But most places that record podcasts has the download

Transcribed by
feature. That’s also why I say to have a backup streaming platform, so that you secure your own copy
of your intellectual intellectual property, because it’s only fair that you can use their podcast as an
example of where you’ve spoken because you’ve spoken for free.

Yeah, yeah, no, you can ask them.

And then you can look on those apps, because they’ll have that download feature. But the main
concern, like I said, the older the episode gets, sometimes it stops playing. And so you want to secure
that episode as soon as you can. So if you’re like me, I have a running schedule of the appearances
that I make. And I check it off every time I get to download a copy. So if it’s on YouTube, you can get it
download, share it on your channel, there’s ways to do it, but it’s all its business. This isn’t this is the
way of business you know, so you got to make it work for yourself.

Yeah, so true. Okay, one final question for you I for people that it’s going to be their very first podcast
interview, and they’re

terrified. Yes. Any

tips as far as staying calm? Making sure you don’t ramble? I know when I’m nervous. I can just like my
answers get longer and longer. And I don’t know how to stop.

Going to have that that note card, I have this cute little unicorn set of note cards.

cards, right? Yeah,

no cards. Um, you know, the three topics, because you can just glance down at them. So like it helps. It
helps me to see my own presentation tonight, because I can get deep into a topic and forget the rest of
the stuff I’m supposed to cover. So you will be nervous, but it helps to also have that drink beside you
to calm you remember to breathe, and to listen, if you listen, it becomes a conversation, just like any
conversation, you have to listen to what people are saying to you in order for you to respond. So if
you’re listening to what that host is asking you, then it makes it easier for your nerves to calm down and
come on into the conversation. So my very first podcast, that’s all I did, I was so quiet, because there
were other people there was like a panel, which I was thankful for. So I get to listen to what they said.
And what I just want to add to what she said, you know, yeah, and so it’s a it’s a roundtable discussion.
So if you can find a panel to where you’re not the main spotlight, and then slowly bring it into that one

Transcribed by
on one interview conversation, then that may help you to start building your confidence and being in the
spotlight on podcast oil.

Yeah. I love that. Oh, thank you so much for today. This has been wonderful. We’ve we’ve had the
perfect podcast up on the screen. Plus they’ll have it all linkable under the videos and
everything. Is there anything else that you want us to know that you want to share before we wrap it


Absolutely. So perfect podcast partner will let you know that this was created just for you. The last slide
was I was going to share how to I want to

Oh, sorry, I just want to share.

Let me see. I’m like that’s all just keeping me on track. So

that was the q&a portion. And I just want to leave you guys with this. Remember that there is someone
somewhere, they are waiting on you to walk in your destiny as a podcaster. So they can walk into
theirs. Because when you impact one life, you impact generations. When you let your light shine, you
give others permission to do the same. So I look forward to those of you who will be joining me and
perfect podcast partner calm, you get that $97 discount during the season only. Or if you’re watching
the replay because I know you send your people or re players and just mention tonight’s presentation
and I can honor that price as well. And definitely get your questions answered in depth just like we’ve
had a chance to do here. Okay, thank you for the opportunity to be here with you and your people. And
feel free to get my information if anyone else has any additional questions that we didn’t get a chance
to get through live or when they watch it on the replay as well. Absolutely.

And I’ll show you out on social and make sure you’re tagged and everything so people can find you in
all the different locations to that I love that advice that you just shared at the end. I think that is it’s so
true. We definitely get up in our heads sometimes and feel like we’re not worthy. We don’t have a story
worth telling or like maybe I’m not interesting enough but like you said everyone has the power to really
make an impact and change the world and getting on podcast is one of the the most powerful and easy
ways that we can actually do it. So I hope plenty of people take you up on your wonderful author. Thank
you for being so generous. And hopefully our paths

cross again soon. Thank

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