Growing A Thriving Practice

I’m currently working my way through the online course for women entrepreneurs from Cornell University and Bank of America.

Here is the topic of discussion in a digital marketing session:

Create a post in which you share the some of the insights you gained.

What resources did you use for your research, and why?

Were there any surprises?

Did you recognize opportunities to segment your customers so you can narrow your focus?

What major questions about your customers or competitors remain unanswered?

Here’s my answer:

When I first started in business, in 2005, serving a completely new and different market tAndrieka J. Austin - But as Bloghan I do now, I noticed a trend.

Women around the world were seeking me out for help with growing their own business – based on the success they’d seen me have with my own.

I decided to reach out (and research) the market by sending an email survey to 1,500+ women in business, staring with my hometown of Douglasville, GA and in partnership with the local Chamber of Commerce.

I figured that this would be the best place to start the conversation with my target audience of women in business.

The surprise was that those surveyed were completely open to sharing with me (a fairly newcomer in the business community) their top struggles in their business, and I recognized the opportunity to serve this segment of a growing market.

The major questions about my customers or competitors that still remain unanswered is, “Out of the group of women I’ve (and my competitors) served, over the years, how many actually put to use what we taught them?

And, how many of them are still in business and growing thriving practices?”



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