Get More Clients OR Get a “Real Job”

People: “AJ, my friends/family think I need to get a “real job”…how can I get more clients so I can FINALLY run my business full-time?”

Me: “Here’s my 20-point client-getting strategy where clients/customers…


1. Find me in a Facebook group

2. See a social media post from me

3. See me on a Facebook LIVE or Periscope video

4. Friend/Fan/Follow me online

5. Private inbox chat

6. Visit my website at

7. Reads the ‘Boss Blogs’ on my site

8. Signs up for my weekly emails

9. Receives my FREE business tips

10. Listens to me on a podcast/in-studio radio interview

11. Hears me on a webinar, telesummit, or conference call

12. Sees my face on a video interview

13. Watches a video of me teach LIVE

14. Meets me at a special event

15. Sees me speak LIVE/in-person

16. Has a 1:1 phone chat with me

17. Purchases a product and/or program

18. Receives a gift/giveaway from me

19. Updates me on progress

20. Keeps purchasing

and…the cycle continues!


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