4 Mistakes That Keep You BROKE In Business!

Are You BROKE in Your Business???…

If so, you’re PROBABLY making (at least ONE) of these 4 mistakes:

Mistake #1: Not Knowing When to Let Go…Identifying {and acknowledging} areas of personal and professional areas for improvement helps you get to (and stay in) a place of clarity and focus.

Mistake #2: Not Seeking Guidance…Get clear on what type of guidance you may need for your business. This process will allow you to discover your true strengths, see opportunities, and find peer-inspired success models for your journey.

Mistake #3: No Passion…Define your real passion and make no excuses! When you reveal your inner drive for the purpose, meaning, and the truth behind your business and life existence, you also begin to recognize the signs of passion for a cause that is true to you. Your true passion may only be an ‘aha’ away!

Mistake #4: No Funds…Have an established business investment plan and a good, clear idea of funding criteria and what you are willing to exchange for the financial support of your business. Be able to speak of your own investments first as you evaluate your NEXT steps for growth in your business. Seek additional resources help keep on-track to meet your financial goals!

These are the only 4 mistakes I see entrepreneurs make that keep them from making money in their businesses and my advice for going from BROKE to “unbroke”!

My Advice: Allow yourself to be honest and see things for what {and where} they are. Discover the benefits of recruiting a strong support team of wise counsel to get the helpful, professional insight you need to move your business closer to success. This will give you a clear idea on what next steps to take for the road ahead as you allow the inspiration to unfold for how to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN for you in your life and in your business!

Do any of these mistakes sound familiar?!…Share your comments below.



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