Because You’re WORTH It!…

I was among a phenomenal group of established and aspiring women entrepreneurs recently, and THIS topic came up…

How Do I Know {and Communicate} My Worth?…


In an effort to assist these ladies, and help other entrepreneurs out there, here are 6 “Ez” Ways to ‘Know {and communicate} Your Worth’.

Your worth is based on:

1. Education – the time you have spent/invested in formal education and certification, training, reading, researching, and coaching

2. Experience – your professional and personal journey, what it has taught you, and how that translates to your knowledge, skills, and abilities

3. Enthusiasm – how passionate you are about your gift / industry, and the joy/excitement you bring to what you do!

4. Engaging Encounters – with past and potential clients by being involved, updating them, keeping them “in the know”, and following up with them throughout the process of working with you

5. Expectations – the results clients expect (or ones you guarantee) you give to give via your products and/or services, plus your own


6. Emotions – your feelings about money…

Side Note on good emotions: I LOVE the confidence I feel when I have

  • money my account
  • gas in my car
  • bills paid up {months in advance!}
  • food in the fridge
  • and when I can still go shopping for WHATEVER else I need, want, desire, and CHOOSE with C-O-N-F-D-E-N-C-E that my check card will go through, and that little point of purchase machine screen will read “APPROVED!”

Now, THAT is a GREAT feeling!!]


bademotions – fear of

  • where your next payment or deposit is coming from
  • how the bills are going to get paid
  • how you are going to afford to put gas in your car
  • how you’re going to eat
  • how to get the money up to buy things you need (forget “affording” what you want and deserve!).


Let’s Recap…

6 Ez Ways to Know {and communicate} Your Worth are:




Engaging Encounters



I came up with each of these all on my own! They are Ez to remember and communicate. However, you have to BELIEVE with confidence that this is WHY you charge what you do for your business’ products/services. Because you’re WORTH it!

What are YOUR thoughts on better ways to KNOW your WORTH?!…

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