Discover how a nerdy, small-town, low-income, former McDonald’s employee became the leading online Master Life Coach Trainer for black women who want to focus solely on increasing their income by helping others set goals, take action, and achieve results…in just one day!


From The Desk of Master Life Coach Trainer, Andrieka J. Austin

RE: How to use your natural gifts of listening to get PAID while helping others


Dear Future Black Woman Life Coach,

Did you know that black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States?

But 70% make less than $25,000 per year.

It’s true.

Here’s the problem: You (black woman) have often been told that you’re such a great listener and so easy to talk to.

You’ve probably even researched how to get paid using these skills, and decided (or been told) to become a Certified Life Coach.

You started ‘looking into it’, but it’s been several months now, and you’re still not any closer to a decision than when you first started researching.

Which means, you are on your way to becoming a part of the statistic of black women who never make the difference in the world you always knew you could make as a Life Coach.

Your dream of leaving a legacy (and the impact you could have on the world) may just go to the grave with you.

Lucky for you, there is a now a solution.

Let me introduce you to The Life Coach Self-Study System.

It’s an innovative, brand new, independent study course to help you (and hundreds of women around the world like you) become a Certified Life Coach in only eight hours, online, from the comfort of your home.

The Life Coach Self-Study System is catered to your learning style, featuring:

• A 45-page Life Coach Certification Training Handbook (with clickable links to previously recorded life coaching training session videos)

A coaching contract checklist

• Coaching session activity worksheets (for hosting successful life coaching sessions with your clients)

“There are so many self-paced online classes where the teacher seems so far away, but I didn’t have that experience with you [Coach AJ]. The uniqueness of you being there through the training process made everything okay. 

I thoroughly appreciated the handbook being in order of what to watch and when. If I was up late working on the program, I didn’t have to message you and wait for a response. I just followed the manual as it is. It just flowed and I thoroughly appreciate that.
So, for someone who is considering joining the Life Coach Certification Self-Study training program I would say, if you are ready then, you need to call Coach AJ. If you want to play, you need to go play with somebody else.” -Corinthia Dixie, Certified Life Coach

Full Access to The Life Coach Self-Study System, all Coursework, Videos, Community and more so You can Get Started Immediately!

Here is some of what you will discover:

• What life coaching really is
• What life coaching is not
• How to get started as a Life Coach
• Where to get started as a Life Coach
• How to market yourself as a Life Coach
• The skill of how to coach
• How to become a good Life Coach
• The proper professional practice and protocol of a Life Coach
• How to start your life coaching business (and discover where you want to take it)
• How to find a niche
• How to sell yourself as a new Life Coach
• The difference between coaching and other professions like counseling, therapy, ministry, etc.

• The top (20) most successful marketing hacks for Life Coaches (to help you reach your first coaching client and start growing your business instantly)

• An in-action $25,000 coaching program model to show you how money is really made as a successful Life Coach

  • Be the FIRST to know about upcoming events/trainings and new product releases for newly Certified Life Coaches – hosted by The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC and your Master Life Coach Trainer

• Receive an opportunity to join a year-long Mastermind of Coaches planning and growing their businesses to their first twenty-five-thousand dollars (all in a year or less!)

I’ve PACKED this course with video lessons, printed coursework, and exercises for you to complete at your own pace to ensure your success in learning and retaining what’s taught.

“I knew I needed help and I wanted to work with AJ. I knew that going to this class, I was going to get the training that I needed.  I was laid off of my corporate job, which led me to finding what I was supposed to be doing in life (and being able to put a tag on it). I was trying to determine how to get started as a Life Coach.  I knew it would help somebody else. I’ve been in other people-focused careers, but none of them gave me fulfillment like becoming a Certified Life Coach and helping people in their lives. 

As a result of going through her program I became a Certified Life Coach, completed my first self-published book (using her strategy!), and sold 350 copies (that’s $5,250) and several of those have made it to The Steve Harvey and Ellen Degeneres Shows! Thanks to Coach AJ, I also brought in a new $5,000 coaching client! AJ has been extremely helpful and instrumental in my success as a new Life Coach and self-published Author. She was the motivation I needed. Her process is set up to help you uncover your answers step-by-step.”

LaQuellis “Pixie Lee” McGee, Certified Life Coach, Author


I’ve also had the opportunity to serve, support, and share the stage with other coaching greats like Lisa Nichols, Stormy Wellington, Brandy Harvey, Tony Gaskins, Suzanne Evans, Lisa Sasevich, and Marie Forleo.


Above: Lisa Nichols, Stormy Wellington, Brandy Harvey, Tony Gaskins

My Corporate Clients Include:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • The Bronner Business Institute (BBI)
  • The Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • The Civic League of Greater Atlanta
  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens

I have invested a minimum of 10,327 hours into learning (deeply) about the Life Coach Certification and training process.

I have more than 223 hours of hosting LIVE in-person and livestream Life Coach Certification trainings.

I share this with you as a fifteen-time Author, Best-seller, Master Life Coach Trainer, Training and Development degree-holding, Life Coaching degree graduate student.

I’m also a graduate of the Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell University and two-time award-winner of The Economic Empowerment award from Saving Our Children and Families and for the dedication to my profession from my Alma Mater, Mercer University.

I’ve completed six additional intensive online and offline Life Coach Certification training processes to learn as much as I possibly could for you.

I’m sharing this because it all has led me here, serving you on your next steps to becoming a professionally trained, skilled, qualified, Certified Life Coach.

I’m helping you avoid years of research.

I’m giving you what works NOW!


Who Am I (and Why do Coaches Around The World Know Me, Love My System, and Trust It for Their Own Success)?


I’m Master Life Coach Trainer, Andrieka J. Austin.

You can call me, ‘Coach AJ’.

As Founder of The Life Coach Self-Study System, I utilize my Bachelors degree in Training and Development and Masters in Life Coaching to specialize in the online Life Coach Certification process for African American women.

If you are trying to figure out what income source is best for you and allows you to use your natural gift of helping others, read on.

Many Black Women Have Questions About Getting Started as a Life Coach

– Allow My Story to Guide You!

It was April 14, 2008,

I found myself at the courthouse in downtown Decatur, GA attending a divorce trial that would make a five-year marriage final…mine!

I signed on the dotted line, making it official.

As I walked down the hallway, headed toward the elevator, I pushed the “Down” button.

Once inside the the elevator, the doors began to close and I saw my now ex-husband for the last time.

My phone rang.

As I descended down to the lobby floor, I took a chance on getting a cell phone signal inside the elevator, and I answered.

I’m glad I did, because it was my cousin calling to tell me that my mom had just passed away.

Weeks later, while living in a transitional housing facility, my corporate job down-sized. 

I’ll fill you in on the rest during the training, but here’s a bit of a hint…

I spent the next few years getting my life together, and here’s how I did it.

I decided to take control of my destiny.

But, I felt like I needed permission.

I had a burning desire for knowledge and a passion for helping others.

As a former Psychology major at Clark Atlanta University, I vowed to ‘help others while helping myself’ understand life and heal our way through it.

April 27, 2013, I became an internationally recognized Certified Personal Life Coach.

I studied my notes from class, re-read the training manual, read tons of books, watched various DVDs and online videos, listened to countless cassette tapes, CDs, and audio books, attended any special event, conference, summit, panel, symposium, tele-conference, webinar, and seminar I could get access to or get my hands on.

What I learned, plus the framed certificate on my home-office wall gave me exactly what I needed to start my new journey as a Certified Life Coach.

My first coaching client was a nonprofit organization leader who’s now using the impact of her coaching sessions with me to advocate for social change in her community.

Here’s What She Had To Say:

“Before AJ, I had too many ideas and no direction. I now have a clear process for filtering my ideas and getting to the root of my issues to overcome being stagnant in business. I trust her advice and guidance. I appreciate her style, honesty, and NO EXCUSES accountability process. I am improving my services and creating partnerships for funding our social mission. If you are a woman in business who wants to increase your impact, influence, and income, and are considering investing in AJ as your Business Coach, do it. She taught me things about myself that I didn’t know. I am a believer in her services!”

Kascia Lipford
Beyond The Front Porch

Later, I branched out to offer a live weekly workshop and group coaching program for women entrepreneurs in my hometown.

Here’s what students had to say:

“If you want a clear path for your life or business, AJ is the expert to help you do it! Before meeting up with AJ, I was stuck and unsure of my life purpose and business mission. As a result of working with AJ, I have achieved more for my business in the first three weeks than I could have ever done in 6 months on my own! Working with AJ is an enlightening experience. She has a clear plan of action, the right experience and background. Plus, she was an excellent fit for what I was trying to achieve in my business.”

Dawn Keene, MA Sustainability

“I knew I was READY for another level in my business but was not sure how to get there. I have watched AJ’s success over the years with other professionals, and I trust her totally. I highly recommend her dedication, and unique ability to bring out the best in each of her clients. Working with AJ is learning from the best!”

Patty Wenck

Patty Wenck, Wenck Travels

I then became a well-known and recognized Speaker in my hometown, thanks to recommendations from my coaching clients.

People who heard me speak loved the confidence I had in myself and my coaching business and began asking me how they too could become a Certified Life Coach.

I became an affiliate and a four-year training partner with the same organization that certified me.

Years later, I was offered partnership in the same Life Coach company that Certified me.

This led to me training one-hundred and ten Certified Life Coaches all over North America and The Cayman Islands.

The company downsized, which left me unemployed and facing homelessness…again!

But, by special request of my online and offline friends who had seen me train, coach, and teach online, and still wanted to become Certified Life Coaches who earn additional income for their families, I was encouraged to start my own Life Coach Certification training program online for black women around the world.

At the time of this writing, I’ve invested several hundreds of hours of LIVE in-person and LIVESTREAM Life Coach Certification training, and have officially trained and certified 130 Life Coaches worldwide, with 98 percent being African American women (the other 2% being Latina American) under my own Life Coach Certification training company, The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC.

This is where YOU come in!

My training company currently offers a 1-day (8 hour) Life Coach Self-Study course that breaks the dynamics of how to:


2. C.O.A.C.H 


(Here’s our last SOLD OUT (in-person) Life Coach Certification Training in Atlanta, GA)


“There are so many self-paced online classes where the teacher seems so far away, but I didn’t have that experience with you [Coach AJ]. The uniqueness of you being there through the training process made everything okay. 

I thoroughly appreciated the handbook being in order of what to watch and when. If I was up late working on the program, I didn’t have to message you and wait for a response. I just followed the manual as it is. It just flowed and I thoroughly appreciate that.
So, for someone who is considering joining the Life Coach Certification Self-Study training program I would say, if you are ready then, you need to call Coach AJ. If you want to play, you need to go play with somebody else.”


The online Life Coach Certification Self-Study System is where I share my signature coaching curriculum with you, filled with all of your coaching essentials.

It’s the most efficient and effective way for you, as a Black woman of faith, to become a Certified Life Coach online in one day and learn from a Master Life Coach Trainer who looks like you and resonates with where you are on your new journey to becoming a Life Coach.

Here’s what our most recent students had to say:

“Definitely take this course. It’s convenient, and the price is not bad at all. I learned alot about myself and others through this process. My favorite part of the training was the one-on-one coaching sessions, demonstrating the material, and the training videos.  This training is an investment in yourself. Coach AJ is very encouraging and definitely the person you want to also coach you.”

-Tenesia Meadows, Certified Life Coach

“I retained more than I thought I might have! We were taught that our clients know what they want. I got the tools to help me feel  confident to coach a client – knowing what questions to ask knowing when (and how) to listen, and repeat the process. I’m thinking of other people (like family and friends) who I can refer that will also benefit from this training and would want to get on board. AJ does an excellent job. My biggest takeaway was that I can affect people in a positive way and enhance their lives – like I’ve always wanted to do. The training provided me with all the direction to use when I needed


-Coach Vendelyn Byrd, Certified Life Coach


“AJ is fun! I’m very into authenticity. What drew me to this training was watching Coach AJ on Facebook LIVE. She gets her message across and is down-to-earth. That’s what we need. It’s interactive. It serves all learning types, and that’s super helpful. The amount of knowledge that you gain about yourself, and how to draw things out of people, and the structure. I felt like I was in my element. I could not have gained this level of confidence in myself and my skills as a newly Certified Life Coach on my own. I now feel like I run a structured, professional coaching organization.”

-Djenane “Dj” Childs, M.Ed., Certified Life Coach


I’ve compacted my knowledge of how I’ve successfully grown my own coaching company and now I want to help you start building your coaching business.

That’s why I’ve designed The Life Coach Self-Study System as a credible, respected online Life Coach Certification training that is encouraging, empowering, and engaging for today’s entrepreneurial black woman who has a heart to minister by serving other people as a Certified Life Coach.

But, don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what newly Certified Life Coach and Podcast Host, Sia Knight had to say after taking the 1-day online Life Coach Certification Training:

“I was led down the coaching path, but there were so many options. I watched Coach AJ and I liked that she offers a one-day intensive training online -where you’re taught a concept and given the tools to go put the information into practice. It’s more than just theory and information overload. She gives you proven scripts for exactly how to reach new coaching clients online and offline. Learning technique and questioning is a valuable part of this training. I’ve used it and have received an overwhelming response of people interested in working with me. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my new-found skills as a Certified Life Coach. It was very valuable. Now, I have a chance to show real growth and  practice the skills. It’s one thing to hear about or about or read about things. I feel fulfilled, and that’s one of the most valuable pieces of this training. It was a good experience and I’m happy to tell others about it!”

Sia Knight
Certified Life Coach

Here is Everything You Will Receive in The Life Coach Self-Study System:

This is an module-based online Life Coach Certification training that comes with a 45-page Life Coach Certification Training Handbook and access to links of previously recorded video training sessions in action.

The entire Life Coach Certification Self-Study System (handbook with video links, marketing, and money-making strategies) will be delivered to your email inbox instantly for you to download and get started getting certified right away.

Your DIGITAL copy of your Life Coach Certification certificate will be emailed to you upon your successful completion of The Life Coach Certification Self-Study System assessment (featured during the training modules).

As a BONUS you’ll get:

• Access to a private Facebook group of other Certified Life Coaches (who went through the same Life Coach Certification Training as you!) for feedback, accountability, support, and help along your journey to building a successful coaching practice

• A list of 25 recommended readings for Life Coaches, personally selected just for you by the Founder of The Life Coach Self-Study System and your Master Life Coach Trainer (that’s me!)

• Recordings of the top fifty (50) Frequently Asked Questions of new Life Coaches around the world on exactly what your next steps are as a newly Certified Life Coach (that’s you!), once your training is complete

• A private pre-recorded livestream one-on-one life coaching session featuring the Founder of The Life Coach Certification Self-Study System and a soon-to-be Certified Life Coach

• A list of 88 areas of specializations to help you pick a niche as a newly Certified Life Coach

• Your very own ‘Certified Life Coach’ custom t-shirt (featuring your very own personalized coaching number)


The investment for this training will increase to $997 soon,

But, right now it’s just $699.

The International Center for Life Coach Training LLC is the truth and positively encourages you that if this [coaching] is the gift given to you, this training with Coach AJ will definitely let you see it and guide you in the right path. I chose The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC for your Life Coach Certification training because Coach AJ believes in me. I like her spiritual walk, and her not being afraid to ‘tell it like it is’ (without being disrespectful or judgmental). Coach AJ has the knowledge, the experience, and she pushed herself at one of the hardest times in her life. Furthermore, she’s written books, worked with some of the best in the industry, she’s highly sought after. I count it a privilege that God connected me with Coach AJ. The greatest takeaway from training is belief in myself and that I can inspire others to believe in themselves. I see myself helping others as a Certified Life Coach by encouraging and inspiring my clients that they all they need is already within them, they just need guidance to themselves. Obtaining a Life Coach Certification to me means I have been trained and being mentored by someone in the industry with experience and who is at the level of a Master Trainer. I have confidence and certainty in my ability so my clients and future clients will have the same.” -Alexis Taylor, Certified Life Coach

Here Is My Certified Life Coach In a Day Guarantee:

Enroll today, go through the course, and watch how your coaching skills, knowledge, and your relationship with your ability to help others in their life skyrocket! When it does, you’ll start seeing an increase in your money and how growing your life coaching company can work for you. My guarantee to you is that the day you complete this online Life Coach Certification Training, you will have the exact life coaching skills and tools you need to help boost your confidence, secure your first coaching client (and get them to return), and successfully make your first few thousand dollars as a newly Certified Life Coach (and be well on your way to making your first $25K as a Certified Life Coach).

It’s Time…

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing as an uncertified risk taker helping people get breakthroughs in their lives…for free! (or worse, do nothing at all and never get the Life Coach Certification YOU KNOW YOU NEED); you know where that will lead… is that really where you want to go? I say you take new action and get NEW RESULTS! Join The Life Coach Certification Self-Study Course now. Finally gain the confidence as a newly Certified Life Coach that you’ve been wanting for a while now. Here’s what to do now…Click the APPLY NOW button below, enter your info to APPLY…and…That’s it!

I designed The Life Coach Self-Study System as a respected, credible online Life Coach Certification Training that is informative and proven.


“Such GREAT interaction, from the comfort of my home!”

-Teryi Staffrord, Certified Life Coach

Invest in your future success as a Life Coach

Here is a Break-Down of Everything You will Discover:

• I’m sharing my 45-page Life Coach Certification Training Handbook filled with coaching activities that help guide you through a successful life coaching session with each of your clients

A guide for what to include in your coaching contract to help you present your coaching business professionally and serve your clients to the highest of the coaching industry’s legal standards

Printable worksheets for you and your coaching clients to have breakthroughs and aha moments throughout your time working together


You will Also Discover:

• How (and where) to get started as a Life Coach
• How to market yourself and successfully sell your life coaching services based on who you want to help with your life coaching business
• How to professionally start your life coaching business and discover where you want to grow it to

• You’ll also be the first-to-know about our ongoing continuing education and opportunities (like Boss of Me University which features your plan to help you make your first $25K as a newly Certified Life Coach) and stay connected with the ICLCT life coaching community in upcoming trainings, events, and new product releases

Here are a few of our new Coaches!

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When You Join Us Today

• You’ll be granted instant access to our private Certified Coach Community for frequent feedback, accountability, and support to help you build a successful coaching business

• You’ll receive your 25 recommended readings for new Certified Life Coaches

• You’ll learn my unique answers to the top fifty (50) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of new Life Coaches around the world – asked by our newly Certified Life Coaches 

• Come behind-the-scenes during a previously-recorded life coaching session in action via livestream (featuring the Founder of The Life Coach Certification Self-Study System)

• Receive help with how to pick a niche as a new Life Coach

Your own custom t-shirt

  • The NEW eaudio program, ‘The LIFE C.O.A.C.H’ [Revisited] – How to Become A Professionally Trained, Skilled, Qualified, Certified Life Coach Online… In A Day!

The Investment will increase to $997 soon.

Right now I’m offering The Life Coach Self-Study System for only $699.


Coach AJ
Queen of Online Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith
Master Life Coach Trainer

P.S. – Let me be blunt: If you pass on this offer, a year from today, will you be a Certified Life Coach with a quality education and deep dive into the life coaching industry who’s building a successful coaching company with the help of a few fellow Certified Life Coaches? Probably not!

You’ll still be “researching”, investigating training companies, and watching other Coaches do (and excel in making money from) what you know in your heart you too have been called to do as a Certified Life Coach.

Let’s face it. What you need is encouragement, empowerment, and engagement. You also need a working blue-print from another black woman who is successful and showing you what comes next, after your 9-to-5, and giving you a working model of exactly how to get paid to be who you already are as someone who is a good listener, easy to talk to, and who people are already looking for!

Get this training and gain immediate access to the proper education you need for becoming a professionally trained, skilled, qualified, Certified Life Coach.

Wouldn’t you like to learn in a way that directly relates to you and where you are in life and learn how to tie in your natural gifts and talents to stand out in the life coaching industry, while teaching you the latest (and necessary) modern-day models and methods of successful life coaching?

“You owe it to your clients to obtain the necessary knowledge to guide them.” -Belinda B., Coach

P.P.S. – Here are some frequently asked questions

Doesn’t what I’ve been through in my life (my story/testimony) alone qualify me to coach?

Your life experience alone doesn’t qualify you to coach others.

That usually turns into giving advice and sharing your opinion from more of a mentor or a girlfriend’s perspective (not listening and asking good questions that lead your clients to breakthroughs, like professionally trained, skilled, qualified, Certified Life Coaches do).

Don’t just adopt the title of “Coach” and hope for the best (even if you believe you’ve been coaching all your life).

I was afraid to call myself a Coach without having the proper education and skills behind the craft. I mean, think about it — this is someone else’s LIFE you’ll be helping out with.

Care enough to invest in yourself, your business, and your future coaching clients and you’ll no longer have to guess or google your way through if you’re “doing it right”.

“Though you might have some natural abilities, it is better to understand formally the tools and techniques you can support your client with”

-S. Ummat

Can’t I just copy and paste what I see other Coaches do online?

Many uncertified, unskilled, and untrained people are calling themselves Coaches.

Research shows this leads to lawsuits.

You don’t want to be stuck with the financial responsibilities of legal proceedings, and the weight of having a lifelong stain on your reputation as a Coach.

It makes a world of difference when you’re certified.

Becoming a Certified Life Coach adds credibility and professionalism to what you do.

Don’t you want to belong to (and engage with) an active community of Coaches who are also applying the same skills and techniques you’ve learned?

It costs too much.

It’s easy to find free, cheap information on the internet (trust me, I’ve been through several of those so-called ‘trainings’, so you won’t have to).

I know you don’t want to feel like ‘just a number’ in yet another, inadequate online training that will leave you feeling like you still need more training. You want to feel seen, heard, acknowledged, cared for, and supported on your journey to building your own coaching brand, right?

While there’s no need to depend on cut-rate courses, there’s also no need to pay thousands of dollars to other privately owned organizations and businesses like the ICF (which, “No”, by the way – we are not affiliated with or accredited through since accreditation is only for colleges, universities, and post-secondary educational institutions and does not exist in the life coaching industry yet).

Investing weeks, months, or even the next few years of your life studying to become a Life Coach is not a requirement. Neither is certification.

But, wouldn’t you rather spend the day learning from someone who studies the industry (from its foundation to now) – and can relay it back to you – and how it applies to your life coaching business – all at a fraction of the cost of her $100,000 university training?

The biggest benefit of becoming a Certified Life Coach is that your time and money freedom is endless.

Why wouldn’t you want access to ongoing trainings, LIVE events, information, and resources for new Coaches to help you grow your business?

You need a Coach who looks like you, an African American woman, who’s story relates to yours (overcoming the struggle to success), who owns and is building her own coaching empire (so, you know your seed is going into good ground, and being invested back into your community) and supporting future up-and-coming women in business.

You deserve a modern-day, relevant approach to coaching (using social media and up-to-date technology) to reach and serve your future coaching clients.

Do you think it would be helpful to glean information in-action from someone who is extremely knowledgeable about growing a coaching company in the 21st century as an African American woman, has helped build global coaching brands, and can fill a book with what she knows about the life coach training and certification process (and has done that multiple times – this year) – and will be truthful (and in integrity) about what it takes to “make it” and how to stand out in this industry, plus, she’s also “in the trenches” with you, growing her coaching company daily (right alongside you) – and has mapped out a plan for how she did it, and shares her answers with you?

Doesn’t the idea of getting Certified and practicing those skills right away sound like the perfect plan to get the ball rolling and move on with your life while growing your coaching company?

If you’re tired of constantly thinking, “I know I’m called to help others. I know I can help others – if only I had the right training on how to coach – or how to be a good, effective Coach and coach correctly by knowing what techniques to use. If only I had that piece of paper, proving that I am Certified and know how to coach and help my clients (and get them to keep coming back)”

If you no longer want to keep letting time pass you by while you continue seeing others be successful Life Coaches, but you’re not (and you feel like you’re missing out)…

If you’re frustrated with helping people have breakthroughs in their lives – for free – and you’re ready to get paid to help people, and you’re invested in bettering yourself, building your brand, and starting your life coaching business…

This Life Coach Certification Self-Study Program is for you.


See you in class!

Here’s an Interview with a New Certified Life Coach!

God has put people in place to help you to where you need to go. When I really started thinking about Life Coach Certification and how it would enhance me and my skills on my corporate job, and benefit my work as a Minister, I closed my eyes and submitted my application for one of the trainings that was coming up. 

The training wasn’t expensive. It was very valuable. You receive instructions and a training manual (with questions to ask). It worked well and was very cohesive. Everything went great. The co-coaching component was really good.

I like Coach AJ’s training style, her personality, her story (which confirmed my decision), and her approach is practical and straight-to-the-point. She’s very knowledgeable about the life coaching industry. I appreciate that she continues to learn. She knows her craft. She knows this stuff like the back of her hand. She’s a walking training manual. She has submitted under leadership and trained, and that kind of humility is a great trait to have in a Trainer. She is where I’m trying to be. 

God has put people in place to help me to where I need to go. AJ came in to help bring my idea for coaching out of me. I chose this training because I wanted to do something for myself, and I’m thoroughly satisfied. I’ve made an attempt at business before and needed a Coach. This time, I didn’t have to figure things out alone and on my own.

Now, I want to help others set goals and get results. We are in the ‘people business’, and the biggest mindset shift for me was learning the big difference and dividing the line between coaching and counseling and how to walk alongside your clients. Coaching is the thing for me.

My biggest takeaway is the achievement of having completed this training and walking away with a certificate. I am in the process of building a new business and leaving a legacy behind.

Make this decision for you, your progression and development as a black woman, a future business owner.”

Camille N. Wesley, Certified Life Coach

P.P.S – Here are 5 Benefits of Registering for The Life Coach Self-Study System vs an in-person training…

5.  Social Distancing (no touching or sitting on hotel chairs sat on by countless bottoms or drinking “free” tasteless hotel tea, water, or coffee from small glasses or cups touched on and drank from by thousands of germ-filled hands) – No extra/excess mouth, nose body or butt moisture 

4. No packing for travel and spending thousands on hotel/Air BnB, flight, gas/ground transportation like an Uber/Taxi/Shuttle (or extra wear-and-tear on your car), tips, incidentals, taxes/fees, lugging and checking and paying for baggage, (bad) food 3x per day, snacks, sporadic shopping (maybe that’s just me!), VIP upgraded seating, after-hour drinks, or running late due to traffic (I speak from experience!)

3. Wear your PJs to class (and no one will judge you!). Learn in your own environment in a way that’s comfortable and convenient for you!

2. Class is online 24/7 so that you can start, stop, and pick up where you left off without missing a beat – and you’re NEVER waiting on a specific training day or date – waiting on other people to register for the class or possible training class cancellations due to low registration

1. Learn your way at your own speed (and you’ll never feel left behind) + accept your invitation to the online community of Coaches waiting to connect with you!