From The Desk of Master Life Coach Trainer, Andrieka J. Austin

Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -

RE: How to use your natural gifts of listening to get PAID while helping others


Dear Future Black Woman Life Coach,

Did you know that black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States?

But 70% make less than $25,000 per year.

It’s true.

Here’s the problem: You (black woman) have often been told that you’re such a great listener and so easy to talk to.

You’ve probably even researched how to get paid using these skills, and decided (or been told) to become a Certified Life Coach.

You started ‘looking into it’, but it’s been several months now, and you’re still not any closer to a decision than when you first started researching.

Which means, you are on your way to becoming a part of the statistic of black women who never make the difference in the world you always knew you could make as a Life Coach.

Your dream of leaving a legacy (and the impact you could have on the world) may just go to the grave with you.

Lucky for you, there is a now a solution.

Let me introduce you to The Life Coach Self-Study System.

It’s an innovative, brand new, independent study course to help you (and hundreds of women around the world like you) become a Certified Life Coach in only eight hours, online, from the comfort of your home.

The Life Coach Self-Study System is catered to your learning style, featuring:

• A 45-page Life Coach Certification Training Handbook (with clickable links to previously recorded LIVE livestream life coaching training session videos)

A coaching contract checklist

• Coaching session activity worksheets (for hosting successful life coaching sessions with your clients)

Here is some of what you will discover:

• What life coaching really is (and what it is NOT)
• How to get started as a Life Coach
• Where to get started as a Life Coach
• How to market yourself as a Life Coach
• The skill of how to coach (and how to become a GOOD Life Coach)
• How to start your life coaching business -and discover where you want to take it!
How to find a niche
• The difference between coaching and other professions like counseling, therapy, ministry, etc.

• The top (20) most successful marketing hacks for Life Coaches (to help you reach your first coaching client and start growing your business instantly)

• An in-action $25,000 coaching program model to show you how money is really made as a successful Life Coach

Be the FIRST to know about upcoming events/trainings and new product releases for newly Certified Life Coaches – hosted by The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC and your Master Life Coach Trainer

• Receive an opportunity to join a six-month long Mentorship/Mastermind of Coaches planning and growing their businesses to their first twenty-five-thousand dollars (all in a year or less!)

I’ve PACKED this course with video lessons, printed coursework, and exercises for you to complete at your own pace to ensure your success in learning and retaining what’s taught.



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  • The Civic League of Greater Atlanta
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  • The Fulton County Public Library System
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)

I have invested a minimum of 10,327 hours into learning (deeply) about the Life Coach Certification and training process.


I have more than 223 hours of hosting LIVE in-person and livestream Life Coach Certification trainings.


I share this with you as a fifteen-time Author, Best-seller, Master Life Coach Trainer, Training and Development degree-holding, Life Coach graduate student.


I’m also a graduate of the Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell University and two-time award-winner of The Economic Empowerment award from Saving Our Children and Families and for the dedication to my profession from my Alma Mater, Mercer University.


I’ve completed six additional intensive online and offline Life Coach Certification training processes to learn as much as I possibly could for you.


I’m sharing this because it all has led me here, serving you on your next steps to becoming a professionally trained, skilled, qualified, Certified Life Coach.


I’m helping you avoid years of research.


I’m giving you what works NOW!

Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith - www.blacklifecoachtraining.comThe International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC is the truth and positively encourages you. If this [coaching] is the gift given to you then, this training with Dr. AJ will definitely let you see it, and guide you on the right path. This has been an amazing and eye opening training. It has been very informative and answered any questions I could have asked and beyond. I chose The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC for my Life Coach Certification training because Dr. AJ believes in me. I like her spiritual walk and her not being afraid to tell it like it is -without being disrespectful or judgmental. Dr. AJ has the knowledge, the experience and she pushed herself at one of the hardest times in her life. Furthermore, she’s written books, worked with some of the best in the industry, and she’s highly sought after. I count it a privilege that God connected me with Dr. AJ. My greatest takeaway from the training is to believe in myself and I can inspire others to believe in themselves. I have confidence and certainty in my ability so my clients and future clients will have the same.” -Alexis Taylor, Certified Life Coach


I’m Master Life Coach Trainer, Dr. Andrieka J. Austin, PhD.

Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -

You can call me, ‘Dr. AJ’.

As Founder of The Life Coach Self-Study System, I utilize my Bachelors degree in Training and Development and Masters in Life Coaching to specialize in the online Life Coach Certification process for African American women.

If you are trying to figure out what income source is best for you and allows you to use your natural gift of helping others, read on.

Many Black Women Have Questions About Getting Started as a Life Coach

– Allow My Story to Guide You!

It was April 14, 2008,

At the time, I was living in a transitional housing facility.

I’ll fill you in on the rest during the training, but here’s a bit of a hint…

But, I felt like I needed permission.

I had a burning desire for knowledge and a passion for helping others.

As a former Psychology major at Clark Atlanta University, I vowed to ‘help others while helping myself’ understand life and heal our way through it.

Thanks to the help of a friend, on April 27, 2013, I became an internationally recognized Certified Personal Life Coach.

I studied my notes from class, re-read the training manual, read tons of books, watched various DVDs and online videos, listened to countless cassette tapes, CDs, and audio books, attended any special event, conference, summit, panel, symposium, tele-conference, webinar, and seminar I could get access to or get my hands on.

What I learned, plus the framed certificate on my home-office wall gave me exactly what I needed to start my new journey as a Certified Life Coach.

My first coaching client was a nonprofit organization leader who’s now using the impact of her coaching sessions with me to advocate for social change in her community.

Here’s What She Had To Say:

“Before Dr. AJ, I had too many ideas and no direction. I now have a clear process for filtering my ideas and getting to the root of my issues to overcome being stagnant in business. I trust her advice and guidance. I appreciate her style, honesty, and NO EXCUSES accountability process. I am improving my services and creating partnerships for funding our social mission. If you are a woman in business who wants to increase your impact, influence, and income, and are considering investing in Dr. AJ as your Business Coach, do it. She taught me things about myself that I didn’t know. I am a believer in her services!”

Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -

Kascia Lipford
Beyond The Front Porch

Later, I branched out to offer a live weekly workshop and group coaching program for women entrepreneurs in my hometown.

Here’s what students had to say:

“If you want a clear path for your life or business, Dr. AJ is the expert to help you do it! Before meeting up with Dr. AJ, I was stuck and unsure of my life purpose and business mission. As a result of working with Dr. AJ, I have achieved more for my business in the first three weeks than I could have ever done in 6 months on my own! Working with Dr. AJ is an enlightening experience. She has a clear plan of action, the right experience and background. Plus, she was an excellent fit for what I was trying to achieve in my business.”

Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -

Dawn Keene, MA Sustainability

“I knew I was READY for another level in my business but was not sure how to get there. I have watched Dr. AJ’s success over the years with other professionals, and I trust her totally. I highly recommend her dedication, and unique ability to bring out the best in each of her clients. Working with Dr. AJ is learning from the best!”

Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -


As my life coaching company grew, I also became a well-known and recognized Speaker in my hometown.Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -

People who heard me speak loved the confidence I had in myself and my coaching business and began asking me how they too could become a Certified Life Coach.

I became an affiliate and a four-year training partner with the same life coach certification training company that certified me.

This led to me training one-hundred and ten Certified Life Coaches all over North America and The Cayman Islands.

Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -

This is a recent testimonial video clip for the Life Coach Certification Self-Study Course from one of our recent graduates and newly Certified Life Coach, Corinthia Dixie (Click Play)

The online Life Coach Certification Self-Study System is where I share my Signature Coaching Curriculum with you, filled with all of your coaching essentials.

It’s the most efficient and effective way for you, as a Black woman of faith, to become a Certified Life Coach online in one day and learn from a Master Life Coach Trainer who looks like you and resonates with where you are on your new journey to becoming a Life Coach.

“I retained more than I thought I might have! We were taught that our clients know what they want. I got the tools to help me feel  confident to coach a client – knowing what questions to ask knowing when (and how) to listen, and repeat the process. I’m thinking of other people (like family and friends) who I can refer that will also benefit from this training and would want to get on board. Dr. AJ does an excellent job. My biggest takeaway was that I can affect people in a positive way and enhance their lives – like I’ve always wanted to do. The training provided me with all the direction to use when I needed


Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -

-Coach Vendelyn Byrd, Certified Life Coach


“Dr. AJ is fun! I’m very into authenticity. What drew me to this training was watching Dr. AJ on Facebook LIVE. She gets her message across and is down-to-earth. That’s what we need. It’s interactive. It serves all learning types and that’s super helpful. The amount of knowledge that you gain about yourself and how to draw things out of people…and the structure…I felt like I was in my element! I could not have gained this level of confidence in myself and my skills as a newly Certified Life Coach on my own. I now feel like I run a structured, professional coaching organization.”


Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -

-Djenane “Dj” Childs, M.Ed., Certified Life Coach

“I knew it was time for me stop over-thinking my decision to move forward and become a Certified, qualified, professional Life Coach – someone is waiting for my training! I recommend this Life Coach Certification Training to others for them to get the credentials to be more than a “sister/friend”, build confidence, and learn the right way to life coach!! I truly enjoyed the training and it was a blessing to be able to re-review the Handbook and move at my own pace. I chose The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC for my Life Coach Certification training because I was impressed with the “realness” of Dr. AJ, and her initial presentation was excellent and engaging.”

Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -

-Michelle Green, Certified Life Coach



Now, Future Certified Life Coach…Are YOU ready?I sure hope so, because I’ve compacted my knowledge of how I’ve successfully grown my own coaching company, and now I want to help you start building your coaching business.


That’s why I’ve designed The Life Coach Self-Study System as a credible, respected online Life Coach Certification training that is encouraging, empowering, and engaging for today’s entrepreneurial black woman of faith who has a heart to minister by serving other people as a Certified Life Coach.


But, don’t just take my word for it.




“I was led down the coaching path, but there were so many options. I watched Dr. AJ and I liked that she offers a one-day intensive training online -where you’re taught a concept and given the tools to go put the information into practice. It’s more than just theory and information overload. She gives you proven scripts for exactly how to reach new coaching clients online and offline. Learning technique and questioning is a valuable part of this training. I’ve used it and have received an overwhelming response of people interested in working with me. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my new-found skills as a Certified Life Coach. It was very valuable. Now, I have a chance to show real growth and  practice the skills. It’s one thing to hear about or about or read about things. I feel fulfilled, and that’s one of the most valuable pieces of this training. It was a good experience and I’m happy to tell others about it!”


Black Life Coach Certification Training for Black Women of Faith -


-Sia Knight
Certified Life Coach



This is an module-based online Life Coach Certification training that comes with a 45-page Life Coach Certification Training Handbook and access to links of previously recorded LIVE livestream video training sessions in action.

“It’s so informational. It’s hard to stop watching the videos once you start, you really get into it.” -Sharika Dixon, Certified Life Coach