Coach AJ Austin, Master Life Coach Certification Trainer

It was April 2008 when a divorce and the death of her mom happened on the same day. Native Douglasville Resident, Andrieka “AJ” Austin is now the Author of 15 books, and a bestselling Master Life Coach Trainer.

Recently featured as a Guest Speaker and Host of a FREE mini book writing workshop for the Douglas County Writers Guild and throughout multiple Atlanta (Fulton County) Public Library Programs, she guides small business owners (who are also writers, storytellers, and speakers) through how to get their ideas for their next book or presentation out of their heads and onto paper.

AJ got her inspiration to start writing right her first Life Coaching business-based book, Secrets of a Socialprenista (now available in audio) here in her hometown of Douglasville, GA by collaborating with several of the members of the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce.

She has also been seen speaking at the area’s B2B (Business-to-Business), First Friday’s Networking event, The Bronner Business Institute (BBI) at Word of Faith Cathedral, and the Build Your Own Business (BYOB) Program for entrepreneurs at Destiny World Church – among other city-wide women’s empowerment and small business-based events (you can catch the replays of her events via Facebook LIVE on her page).

Ms. Austin grew up in Douglasville’s low-income housing in Douglass Village Apartments. Despite these odds, she soon realized  that poverty is a mindset, and self-empowerment is the key to turning obstacles into opportunities (both in life and in business).

It also helps to use the power of your story. She shares what she calls the “dirty details” and parts of her personal story in her book, Messaging MAGIC! [How to Convert Conversations to Clients. Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards!] – a book for women small business owners seeking to increase their impact, influence, and income by $25,000 or more.

She received over $100,000 in scholarships to complete her degree specializing in training and development from the local campus of Mercer University, soon-after enlisting in a movement to train and certify life coaches around the world live and via livestream. She is the best in her field as a world-class Certified Life Coach.

AJ leads and facilitates the Life Coach Certification process for those wishing to use their own personal life experience, along with the training manual and materials to add additional streams of income to their current revenue by becoming an internationally recognized Certified Life Coach [and learning how to share their story as a professionally paid speaker and self-published Author].

Her latest book, The Life Coach, breaks down the 1-day Life Coach Certification process for the Life Coach Certification trainings she hosts monthly via livestream in partnership with multi-million dollar ministry division of a Life Coach Training company here in the Atlanta area.

Having experienced homelessness, job down-sizing, and dropping out of college, her story has impacted hundreds of thousands through online and offline symposiums, panels, conferences, workshops, private trainings, coaching, and mentoring.

She’s a business owner with clients and partners around the world, and a best-selling Author of several empowering books and audio training programs for entrepreneurs. Her books and training materials and coaching programs are distributed in The Cayman Islands, Vietnam, The United Kingdom, Australia, and all across North America.

You can find out more about AJ’s work and connect with her online at

Andrieka “AJ” Austin is ‘The Messenger’, an award-winning Master Life Coach Trainer, Professional Speaker, and 15x Author and Founder of

As a graduate of the Bank of American Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell University, a 3x certified Coach through Fast Coach Training, New Skills Academy, and Tony Gaskins Academy; Ms. Austin helps women small business owner confidently convert conversations to clients, cash, checks, and credit cards through her best-selling online coaching community!

AJ knows the struggle-to-success story of starting, sustaining, and scaling a business {she went from homelessness, divorce, and the the death of her mother — on the same day!}.

Click to read all “the dirty details” in her 13th best-selling book, ‘Messaging MAGIC‘ [How to Confidently Convert Conversations to Clients, Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards!]


Listen LIVE at Boss Of Me Radio [on blogtalk]

Find her Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter at @messagingmagic

Twitter at @messagingmagic


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