“80% of people believe they have a book in them…but most of them will never write it!” — {Don’t let that be YOU!}…

So, You Want to Be a Writer…

As women in the coaching industry, we don’t have much free time or room to add another tedious task to our already abundant list of things to do as we help change the world, one coaching client at-a-time.

But, if you’re anything like the lady coaches I meet and train, you can always use a new method for increasing your impact in the lives of your [current and future] coaching clients, you want to increase your influence as a leader + authority in the coaching industry, and immediately increase your income in your coaching company.

If you have ever considered writing a book, landing more speaking opportunities, and/or creating partnerships with other coaches and clients by growing your email list…then, this course is for you!20180408_135658

This course reveals the most important steps to writing {and selling} your first (or next) coaching book; in 24 hours or less + it guides you through how to quickly and effectively:

  • Discover your reasons for writing your book
  • Stay motivated and committed to the book writing process
  • Create an accountability process to see your book project through from start to finish
  • Decide on “hot topics” + what your future readers /coaching clients want you to share your expert insight on
  • Get press to help make your book popular {before it’s even complete!}14088542_10209052785189603_6709037396154916793_n
  • Make money beyond simply selling your book
  • Decide what’s next for you as an Author and how to have a profitable career as writer and thought-leader in the coaching industry

My story…

I remember the journey of writing my FIRST book, The Journey Girl Guide to Teen Self-Empowerment; Girlfriendly Tips, Tools, and Tidbits.

3D Model 2It was definitely a long journey, but it also led to GREAT results with me reaching teen girls as far as the United Kingdom!

If you’re like me and many other women entrepreneurs, you are extremely passionate about your purpose as a Coach, and you want to use what you know to help you make more money in your coaching business by writing your first {or next} book, speaking about your book, and landing more coaching clients via your email list of interested potential new clients.

You KNOW you have a book inside you, and you’ve DREAMED of sharing your message with the world!

You’ve BEEN wanting {and waiting} to write your first (or next) book, but you’re simply waiting to “find the time” to write, and you’re seeking the FASTEST way to get your book out.

I have just the thing for you!



{a NEW audio course that’s now available!}

 This course features a PROVEN 7-step process that I successfully completed while writing my first book, The Journey Girl Guide, and my most recent book Secrets of a Socialprenista {The Pink Print}, which features the top 8 mistakes women entrepreneurs make that keep them broke, stuck, and struggling in their business + gives inspiration for the journey!


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Claim YOUR spot in this phenomenal book writing course and get your book out there!

This course is only $1,497 and features 3 hours of straight-forward writing guidance + 21 days of book marketing guidance for help with getting your book out of your head, onto paper, and into the hands of those {future clients} who need it MOST.

This course is designed just for the coach on-the-go {YOU!} who wants to build her credibility as THE go-to expert and claim her space in the coaching industry by writing her FIRST (or next) book and sharing her knowledge and expertise [in a way that leads to additional NEW !

Space is limited to only a few select women entrepreneurs who are SUPER SERIOUS about building a better business brand through writing and speaking.

“When you COMMIT to writing your book, it only takes between 16-24 hours!”
-Dr. Angela Lauria [The Author Incubator]




In #WriteNow, you will learn:

  • How I wrote my latest book in less than 24 hours!
  • Exactly HOW you can write YOUR first (or next) book in 24 hours or less!
  • The TOP 3 things you MUST do BEFORE you even start writing.
  • How to get the media’s attention to feature your new book {before it’s even written!}
  • How to MAKE MONEY with your book before you even finish writing it!


If this sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, be sure to…

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Listen, I Know…

  • You are extremely passionate about what you do!
  • You KNOW you have a book inside you.
  • Use what you know to make more money in your business by writing and speaking

#WriteNow is one of the FASTEST ways to get your book out using these 7 PROVEN steps!}

Only $1,497

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P.s. – After you successfully COMPLETE your book through, #WriteNow, you will have a instant access to the #WrteNow Marketing Magic 21-day challenge to help you make your first several hundred dollars in book sales, using unique marketing opportunities. 

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