The average book sells about 250 copies in its lifetime {most are sold to the author’s friends and family!}

“95% of the books in Barnes & Noble sell LESS than 1,000 copies” -Dean Graziosi

There are far more book failures than successes…due to a lack of marketing.

Perhaps you’ve written a book and have been discouraged with the results it received — Follow the process in the program below, and W A T C H your book takeoff!

The #WriteNow ‘Marketing Magic’ Book Money-Making Challenge is THE 21-day book marketing challenge to help you establish yourself as an Author of Influence!

You will receive daily tips delivered right to your inbox to help you market and gain exposure for your book {most Authors DON’T know about these, and other Book Coaches could not share their own experience with these creative ways to help you get your book out there!}

Don’t be the Author who misses out on becoming a well-known best-seller!

Master Book Marketer, Book Publicity Expert, Business Coach, and Best-selling Author, Andrieka “Coach AJA” Austin will share with you her exact way to help you promote, share, and market your book like a business professional.

Getting the word out [and making money from your book sales] will never be a problem once you apply each daily tip to your book!

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This 21-day challenge is the money-making portion of a three-part course:

  • Part I is the #WriteNow mini-masterclass that teaches new Authors how to start writing their first self-published book this year.
  • Part II is #WriteNow, and helps you establish a system to make SURE you complete the book in a reasonable amount of time.

This final part {the 21-day challenge} which you qualify for teaches you how to start making money before (or after) you hit ‘publish’!

‘Marketing Magic” is your preparation station for your customized book marketing and publicity plan with:

Day 1: Interview Questions
Day 2: Promotional Wording
Day 3: Book Pre-purchases
Day 4: Book Blurb
Day 5: Videos
Day 6: Book Press Release
Day 7: Podcasts
Day 8: Social Media
Day 9: Business Cards
Day 10: Local Bookstores
Day 11: Support Groups
Day 12: Organizations
Day 13: Local Libraries
Day 14: Resource Centers
Day 15: High Schools
Day 16: Colleges / Unuversities
Day 17: TV
Day 18: College / University Bookstores
Day 19: Amazon Author Central
Day 20: Pre-Launch
Day 21: Book Launch Party

And…two BONUS Days! #ItsASurprise💕


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“I don’t trust alot of advice. If I had just been on my own, I would have stopped. I would have said, “You know what, forget this”. Having a Coach has really helped me out with that. Having somebody to hold me accountable has been really what I need (the secret sauce). I had all the knowledge for the book inside of me. Also, outside of just the book, I was given ideas to help keep me in my lane (so I didn’t go off and want to do something I’m not ready for yet). Also, to have somebody who’s been down this path is what I loved about working with Coach AJ; because she’s done it, many times, for years. .She didn’t just coach, but she also helped with tactics and strategies to help me get to places I haven’t gone. I trust I trust her advice. I feel really good about where I am. It’s spot on, hitting targets. Coach AJ has been infinitely helpful, particularly with the writing the book. I would still be on Chapter One if it wasn’t a complete method. It has been good (during the COVID-19 Quarantine and all!)


Dive in to exactly how to draft [and start writing] your first book THIS year

Discover 11 crucial parts of every self-published book

Get a template for how to craft [and effectively share] your personal story

Learn how to establish your credibility and be seen as a writer in your industry

Hear when and how to hire a Ghostwriter, Editor, and Publisher to help you launch your book

And so much more!

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