Secrets of A Socialprenista {The PINK Print}

features the TOP 8 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke, Stuck, and Struggling in Their Business and inspiration for the journey. This is the woman entrepreneur’s guide to the most important key to getting things done. It walks through the process of how to celebrate success and obstacles, plus how you can do more of what you love with more time in your day.

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This book provides creative ideas on ‘getting out there’ and being seen as you get unstuck from what has been holding you back. If you have the desire to create a clearer path to your success and a genuine interest in gaining more insight on how to live a life you love, this book is for you. There is a secret to owning a business that lets you shine and have more money to invest and grow. The pink-print provided within these pages is a step-by step process that guarantees to help you get clear, get focused, and be accountable in your life and in business as you increase your impact, influence, and income!

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The Reviews…

“Essential Read: Secrets of A Socialprenista: The Pink Print – The Top 8 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke, Stuck, and Struggling in Their Business by Andrieka J. Austin”

Why The Lioness of Africa {LoA} loves it….

In her book, Andrieka takes a very pragmatic approach to guiding women entrepreneurs who feel like they are not fulfilling their potential, by tackling some of the stumbling blocks that are keeping them back. She has a very accessible writing style that sets out very clear strategies and actions for dealing with the challenges that inevitably face women entrepreneurs, as they try to find a balance in their personal and business building lives. This is an enjoyable and practical read for any woman entrepreneur who feels a little stuck on her journey and needs to refocus and recharge. — Melanie Hawken, founder and CEO of Lionesses of Africa

“I loved, loved, loved every word/page of this book, especially the inspiration and affirmation checklist! These packed pages of informational gems are filled with personal examples and resources that speak directly to the reader. The Pink Print is a bonus, offering the solution to all 8 common mistakes women entrepreneurs make that keep them broke, stuck, and struggling in their business. I have read many books offering advice to entrepreneurs and this one nails it! It sets itself apart by offering a plethora of information and hint of spirituality that makes it different and a very unique read. In sum, this is where success strategies meet Spirit!

Andrieka J. Austin bw
Andrieka J. Austin               [Photo Credit]: C. Tuggle
Jamye BarnesPink Pineapple Interiors

Great book! It’s very motivational, and it touched on many of the things aspiring (and established) women entrepreneurs (like me) deal with. This book gave a GREAT PINK Print full of immediate ACTION steps and encouragement to help me bring my ideas to lifeshare my story, and begin a NEW direction in my business to help others in a major way!”

-Keshia Sanders, Certified Life Coach



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