Are you in need of help with your day-to-day business duties?

Could you use an extra set of hands, eyes, and ears to help you complete a few tasks?

Want to learn how to “duplicate yourself” by getting help {potentially without all the onboarding paperwork of hiring}?!

Well, you’re in luck!

I’ve teamed up with the University of West GA’s Recruitment Specialist to ask her your top most burning questions about getting interns for you and your business.

I will share the call and answers to your questions in my upcoming training for busy professionals [like you!] on how to create VIPs [Virtual Internship Programs]!

I’ve had interns in my business for YEARS! Two of my FAVs came from West GA πŸ’•

To show you how much I know my stuff, check out an article I wrote as an feature for ‘Eye of the Intern’ Career Development blog back-in-the-day at on what to look for in an ideal intern [I even share an intern horror story!]. Plus, my answers in #3,4, and 5 is pure truth

In the upcoming VIP training {and during the call}, I’m sharing with you

πŸ‘€ My VIP template for how to create ideal internships

πŸ‘€ A step-by-step guide on exactly HOW to delegate tasks

πŸ‘€ The upcoming call with a university college student intern Recruit Specialist [who spills the beans on what’s required of you {the employer}, what the students look for in ideal internships, how the process works, and more!

πŸ‘€ A BONUS interview with an intern I hosted with a self-proclaimed ‘Career Intern’ {who now works in government for the state of Georgia} who shares tips on what to look out for, where interns look for internships {and where they look} + how to have interns lining up BEGGING to intern with you!

The price for this training is $47 {price increases to $97 soon} ⏰.

This e-course takes place in your inbox {on your phone, pc, laptop, and/or tablet} shortly after you register!

It’s a 4-part hybrid course where you have unlimited access to everything you need to create your own virtual internship program via your phone, PC, laptop, and/or tablet!

Throughout the course {via the audio sessions/call, checklist, and pdf} you will discover:

  • What is an internship, exactly?
  • The NEW term for finding interns {“explorential learning” opportunities}
  • How to guide and evaluate your interns and their talent{s}
  • When the BEST time is to recruit and bring on interns
  • Exactly HOW to write up your job descriptions to attract the RIGHT interns to you
  • How the internship process works with colleges
  • What the requirements and deadlines are {if any} when recruiting an intern
  • The work-study share program option
  • The timetable for hiring a newly recruited intern {from start to finish}
  • What students look for in an ideal internship
  • How long a business owner can use an intern’s services {or if it matters!}
  • If you {as the employer} have to report to The Department of Labor
  • School guidelines {and possible restrictions} for hiring interns
  • How to recruit quality interns who ant experience {and not just the pay}
  • How to recruit interns that you can help with their college credit
  • And finally, how to get started {next steps}, etc. for hiring your first or next intern

So, if you’re looking to bring on interns soon and want to know the inside scoop on how to make the MAGIC happen, click on the button below and get signed up!

See you in class 😎.

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