(If you’re not a Black woman, this masterclass is not for you).

Dr. AJ Austin, Grants for Black Women

‘The Getting Grants Game Plan’ 

Get funding (like grants and scholarships) for your Black woman-owned small business.

If you are interested in applying for business-based grant funding in 2022-2023 this event is vital.

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Funding opportunities are everywhere online and offline.

Grants, scholarships, competitions, contests, and giveaways should all be a part of your long-term business funding game plan.

This allows you to source business funding (outside of your personal network of friends and family).

Finding the right funding opportunities that meet your desired business budget goals can be exhausting, overwhelming, and feel like you’re taking on another part-time job! Even if you have a team of people looking into this for you!

You need a Grant Application Process [G.A.P], if you…

✨ Want to Know What to Do Before Submitting Your Next Business Grant Application 

✨ Are Not Sure Why You Should Still Apply (even if you think you don’t qualify)

✨ Never Heard Why It’s Important to Scan Your Grant Application Before You Hit “Submit”

Get PAID to Build Your Business.

If you’ve never applied for grants before, this will be a great opportunity to learn where (and how to) start finding funding (and avoid the TOP mistakes many small business owners make when applying for unique opportunities.

The information you’re about to receive could potentially save you THOUSANDS of dollars in your day-to-day business operation expenses) — even if you’ve tried applying to grants and have never received funding before

I have some ideas you can use to help take your business profits to the next level!

Dt. AJ Austin, The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLCThe Grant Master

Hi, I’m Dr. AJ Austin, Founder of The International Center for Life Coach Training, LLC, receiver of over $1MM in grants, scholarships, subsidies, contests, competitions, fellowships, and paid partnerships — and currently awaiting receipt of over $175,000 in post-pandemic grant applications, specifically for being a Black woman-owned small business with a powerful story that Grantors LOVE– which you NEED…if you want to win too!

The #1 most powerful reason you should believe what I say: I’m one of you!

Reason #2 is my more than three decades of receiving FREE funding to help me live a luxury lifestyle!

Reason #3 I have helped myself and my clients get results (and I have testimonials of people implementing the information I share)…to the tune of $30K in grants and scholarships received –in only a few short months!

Receiving non-traditional business funding opportunities like grants, scholarships, and contest prizes has allowed me to grow my Black woman-owned small business rapidly since the pandemic.

I went from being awarded my first $89 in funding at 9 years old and being a featured story on CNN — all the way up to today, where I’ve now received ongoing subsidies, scholarships, programming, grants, stipends, contest, and competitions!

Knowing how (and where) to apply for grants is the key to achieving funding success for your Black woman-owned small business.

I’ve definitely fine-tuned a process that can work for you!

Come Learn tips and tools to complete a successful grant application process.

I will share my in-depth proven process of writing effective, competitive grant applications (that WIN), with a step by step approach using real-life examples.

Let me teach you The Grant Game.

Come learn how to share your business vision in a way that qualifies you and your Black Woman-Owned small business to be considered for grants (plus, what NOT to do before submitting your next grant application!).
During this event, you’ll 

Find out about online and offline business resources (like grants, giveaways, scholarships, and other kinds of debt-free business funding) available to you for your small business! 

Together, in an intimate small group setting, you’ll discover how you can add G.A.S — and fill the gap in your Grant Application Process by learning: 

  • The 60 Business Expenses Grants Cover
  • 27 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Every Grant Application
  • Types of Grants NOT to Apply for
  • The 5 Stages of Business
  • How Traditional Business Funding Works Against Minorities
  • Why You Don’t Need a Grant Writer (or a Long Grant Proposal)

What to expect during our time together:

  • Find out where to look, how to apply, and what to look out for throughout the Grant Life Cycle (using The Grants Application Toolkit)
  • Get a list of over $24,000 grants, scholarships, contests, and competitions I’ve WON (and see if you qualify!)
  • Hear my (25) reasons to apply for other unique grant-based opportunities
  • Uncover my 5 tips for avoiding grant / scholarship SCAMS
  • See behind-the-scenes) grant-winning application answers
  • Access 3 (FREE) community resources to help you cut your BIGGEST home office expenses
  • Learn the 8 best steps to creating a Grant Application Strategy


You’ll receive my Grant Game Guarantee, along with how you can get one-on-one attention on your Grant Application Strategy!

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PAYPAL: aj@thebossof.me

CASH APP: $drajaustin

Venmo: @drajaustin

Zelle: 770-744-4475

Still reading? Good.

This means you’re serious about getting grants for your Black woman-owned small business, so…let me GIFT you with:

A BONUS Masterclass where you’ll uncover

  • The 3 SECRETS to finding free funding for your Black business 
  • The (11) types of business funding alternatives that are available versus traditional bank loans (that most minorities will never be approved for) 
  • Examples of over $24,000 in scholarships, contests, competitions, grants, sponsorships and more that I have received, and YOU might qualify for
  • See how many grants to (realistically) expect to win as a minority woman-owned business.
  • Plus, hear the testimonials and success stories of grant seekers just like you!
  • Find out why people usually don’t get approved for these unique, debt-free, non-traditional business funding opportunities (including the 14 you’re about to find out about in this book)!





Learning the top SECRETS to how (and what it takes) to win free money (and get more of what you need for your business through grant-based funding)


PAYPAL: aj@thebossof.me

CASH APP: $drajaustin

Venmo: @drajaustin

Zelle: 770-744-4475

Discover what grant funding may be available to your small business and get some tips and advice on how to produce a compelling and well-written grant application.


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This workshop is designed for Black business women who are interested in or brand new to the business grant application for their product-based and/or service-based (for profit or non-profit) organization.


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If your business is underfunded, you need capital, and/or you require a helping hand in your business…

Take a chance on yourself and apply:

  • The (5) Stages of Businesses That Qualify for Grants
  • Some Grants You Should NOT Apply for
  • The #1 Reason To Apply for Business Grants 
  • Receiving $24K In Grants & Scholarships Has Allowed Me to Do Well As A Business
  • Grants Writing Fundamentals 
  • Successful Small-Business Grant Application Submission Strategies
  • Before You Apply for Grants…
  • You Don’t Need to Hire A Grant Writer 
  • How to Apply for A Business Application (and Actually WIN)
  • Award-Winning Grant Application Answers Revealed
  • Before You Seek A Business Grant 
  • Learn How to Apply for Business Grants 
  • Business Grant Applications for Beginners
  • Ask A Grant Winner 
  • Where to Start (10) ‘Must Do’s’ for Applying for Business Grants for Your Black Woman-Owned Small Business
  • Business Grant Applications for Black Women Small Business Owners
  • Getting Started with Business Grants
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