“What you have exposed me to is absolutely amazing! It’s a fountain of information, and it’s FUEL for me to go forward. You’ve helped me to clarify my identity, my narrative, and the shift I want to create in the world as a (PAID) professional Speaker. Your exercises mad it apparent to me that I’m now able to lean in to what I want (and am able) to do.”

-Kem (Alpharetta, GA

“What I enjoyed most about your training that you spoke to us in a language that we could all understand. You were very engaging with the audience – connecting and making sure that everybody that wanted to had a say-so. Your subject matter is thorough (you covered a lot in a short period of time.” 

-Sandy (Atlanta, GA)

“You added value and gave actual information! It wasn’t a waste of time, and not fluff (like other events I’ve been to – and sold at!). Coming to your event was worthwhile, and I received good, tangible, practical information, content, and action (that I can use). This event was worth my time today”

-Attorney (Speaker’s Event Attendee)

“I like that your event was interactive and that you modeled examples and gave tangibles of what is possible and ‘The Holy Grail’ of being a (PAID) professional Speaker.”

-Educator (Speaker’s Event Attendee)

“I appreciate the information and I liked that there were real-life examples (an actual Speaker’s application form). It felt right in a lot of moments.”

-Event Attendee (The Alpharetta Library)

“It was very engaging and enlightening concerning the very big deal of the world of speaking engagements. You gave us steps, made it simple, asked us questions, and showed us how to answer them in a very simple format (as a (PAID) professional Speaker). I appreciate you being able to show how this huge thing can be compressed into a couple of different things to point the finger back to us (as future paid Speakers). I thought that was awesome!”

-Attendee (#SpeakUp LIVE Event)

“I received alot more than ‘How to Become A (PAID) Professional Speaker’ during this event.”

-Speaker’s Event Attendee (Atlanta, GA)

“I picked up tips. One of the things that struck me about what you shared during the LIVE event was how to be current as a professional Speaker”

-Wayne (Author and Speaker’s Event Attendee)

“This event was informative and provided a road map that let’s you know the work effort required and the mindset needed for someone who wants to become a (PAID) professional Speaker”

-Kaufi (Alpharetta, GA)

“You are very real – as you stand here before us (as you could’ve done this event virtually). You are living proof that you crafted this pathway and that it’s working. That is the credibility I seek as I try to dip my toe into this arena. Well done!”

-K. Seesink (Fulton County, Georgia)

“My feedback and what I would share with others about this event for Speakers to GO FOR IT and just do it (without judgement or fear)! It was motivating. It’s insight and affirmation to help you face your doubts, fears, and thoughts where I needed clarity. You are very knowledgeable. I will share your information. I believe in promoting you and the work that you do for #SpeakUp. Thank you for the challenge to stay disciplined and focused on defining who we are as a Speaker (in a few characters) plus getting practice speaking in from of our target audience and building our credibility, history, and examples of our work as future paid Speakers. Knowing my talk topic that “pops” and  embodies who we are as a Speaker is my next steps on this journey. It was motivating. My expectation today was met.”

-Group Event Attendees


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