“I was invited to listen to AJ on one of her Periscopes and couple of weeks ago and absolutely enjoyed listening to her. In fact, I couldn’t wait to hear the Periscope tweet to see if she was the once scoping again. Then I found out that she was going to be a guest speaking at a networking event and I immediately registered to attend. Yes, she is even more awesome in person than on social media. About a week later she contacted me to let me know that she enjoyed the gift I gave her from the networking event and asked if we could connect so that she could experience some more of the product. We connected and hit it off, in fact, it was during our impromptu session that I asked for her 60 minute ask AJ session. We meet 2 hours later and the next thing I know was that I had my foundation for my book. Wow, talking about AWESOME!”

Thanks so much,

Demitra Bryant, International Travel Women Retreat Coach