“Thank you for sharing so much of your wisdom and helping me get out of the darkness to see that this reality is possible and doable, as long as we take the excuses away so I thank you for that.” -Sandy

“Working with AJ has been fantastic! We’ve been working for two years planning a symposium for professionals across the United States (we had 117 colleagues join us), and AJ was able to lead us through a workshop on how to create a very specific message to connect to our donors and members while engaging them in how to help support our mission.”

-Melissa Dietrich, Associate Director of Longwood Gardens (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

“I would be exhausted, overwhelmed, frazzled, you name it if it wasn’t for AJ . I consider her ‘the Speaker’s left brain’. She knows how to anticipate exactly what you need, and she is there. What I love about AJ is that she helps you manage, and is there the whole time to help make your event is successful. I love that she “gets it” (the whole event/speaking/Speaker thing). I recommend her through the roof! Thank you AJ. You made the biggest difference in my business. What you offer is priceless. Hire her. Price shouldn’t even be an issue. The girl is good.”

-Marquessa Pettway, Professional Speaker

“AJ, you have a God-given talent’ your enthusiasm, sincerity, infomation skill, energy, actress-like delivery is comforting.” -MJD, Author of 150 books and audios

“It’s everything I hoped for, and more. It’s support that shows I’m not in it by myself.”

“The support and advice on how we can be a better person uplifted my spirit”

-J. Button

“Super social atmosphere and learning environment along with useful topics and encouragement”

-J. Jackson

“Helpful encouragement, thought provoking topics and the necessary feedback I needed, plus a space to refocus my business and get to the next level”

-T. Riley, Sr.

“Encouraging, hope for when you’re facing obstacles, and a support group…for real”

-E. Burdick

“Brought forth enlightenment and much needed change in my business mindset”

-P. Small

“Building Kingdom-minded businesses”

-F. Garcia

“Shout out to coach AJ for providing wisdom and coaching insight in a dilemma that I was having. She asked the tough questions that forced me to reassess my situation which also made me realize I needed to do more homework. She was available and willing to walk me through some things and make me see them from a different perspective of which I didn’t initially consider. I’m new to being a life coach and starting my own life coaching practice so I still have a lot to learn. This reminded me that every coach needs a coach. I’m glad coach AJ was there when I needed her.

Thanks again Coach AJ. You saved me a lot of embarrassment and heartache and for that I’m grateful!”

-Montray Ashley, Life Coach


“The Champ Is Here! I have for years been on the “verge” of realizing my purpose. It took one class, one conversation with Coach AJ for me to obtain my breakthrough! I’m on my path to realizing all that God has for me! This lady is the real deal! When she says she loves sharing what she has learned, she means it!! I pray you take the time to meet Coach AJ! Your life will be changed and inspired! Thanks Coach AJ and may God continue to shower His Favor on your life and all those assigned to you.”

Blessings and Love,
Michelle Jeffries Rhodes, Life Coach

“It has been already said, but worth repeating. I am very proud of the direction you are taking so many young people. Thank you for being the inspiration in many lives. An anointing is there to touch hearts and feel your compassion to see others succeed. You have been a conduit in my obedience. Again, I will always be grateful. Thank you”

-Dorthy Turpin, Life Coach