“The support and advice on how we can be a better person uplifted my spirit”

-J. Button


“Super social atmosphere and learning environment along with useful topics and encouragement”

-J. Jackson


“Helpful encouragement, thought provoking topics and the necessary feedback I needed, plus a space to refocus my business and get to the next level”

-T. Riley, Sr.


“Encouraging, hope for when you’re facing obstacles, and a support group…for real”

-E. Burdick


“Brought forth enlightenment and much needed change in my business mindset”

-P. Small


“Building Kingdom-minded businesses”

-F. Garcia



“Shout out to coach AJ for providing wisdom and coaching insight in a dilemma that I was having. She asked the tough questions that forced me to reassess my situation which also made me realize I needed to do more homework. She was available and willing to walk me through some things and make me see them from a different perspective of which I didn’t initially consider. I’m new to being a life coach and starting my own life coaching practice so I still have a lot to learn. This reminded me that every coach needs a coach. I’m glad coach AJ was there when I needed her.

Thanks again Coach AJ. You saved me a lot of embarrassment and heartache and for that I’m grateful!”

-Montray Ashley, Life Coach


The Champ Is Here! I have for years been on the “verge” of realizing my purpose. It took one class, one conversation with Coach AJ for me to obtain my breakthrough! I’m on my path to realizing all that God has for me! This lady is the real deal! When she says she loves sharing what she has learned, she means it!! I pray you take the time to meet Coach AJ! Your life will be changed and inspired! Thanks Coach AJ and may God continue to shower His Favor on your life and all those assigned to you.”

Blessings and Love,
Michelle Jeffries Rhodes, Life Coach

“It has been already said, but worth repeating. I am very proud of the direction you are taking so many young people. Thank you for being the inspiration in many lives. An anointing is there to touch hearts and feel your compassion to see others succeed. You have been a conduit in my obedience. Again, I will always be grateful. Thank you”

-Dorthy Turpin, Life Coach


“Thank you so much AJ for being a great inspiration for women. You have reignited my passion for what I do and how to do more! My mind is racing with ideas. Keep up the good work!”

-Lisa McClean, DIVA

“AJ is a woman who inspires me to build a better me through my entrepreneurial spirit. Thank you AJ! If you don’t know about AJ, I encourage you to follow @messagingmagic!”

-Elaya Walker, Creative


“I was intimidated to speak and share my story. As a result of working with AJ, I have planned out, designed, and recorded my signature story/speech and now I know the perfect audience for it! I decided to work with AJ because she understood my anxiety and exemplified the patience and the loving shove I needed to do the work and make my professional dreams a reality. If another woman entrepreneur asked me about working with AJ, I would say, be ready to work, think, and visualize hard and dig deep because she’s going to lovingly force you into your greatness. Thank you AJ for allowing God to use you to bring out the BEST in me. You’ve brought out things in me I never knew existed. I can’t wait to see the rest of me!”

-Lashandra Dupree

“Before AJ, I was unable to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. I thought it would take me over a year to write my book. AJ’s proven, tactical, easy-to-follow process helped me navigate the writing process quickly, and I recommend it to anyone with a dream of writing a book to share their story.”

-Joy Regulus

“AJ gave me the tools to move forward. She (and her programs) will help you align with next-level thinking. I received great advice from her course and superb instruction and motivation from AJ. She has the time, talent, heart, patience, passion, expertise, and experience for helping entrepreneurs get to the next level. She is proof-positive.”

-Elvira Daniels, Virtual Assistant


“AJ is an utmost professional. Her passion for what she does shines through in every aspect of her work. Since knowing AJ, I have grown in my own truth, authenticity, and have become even more savvy with how I choose to operate my business. You will not find a more genuine and sincere Speaker, Author, Trainer, or Coach.”

-Shantha Wetterhan